What do you think of these names for my characters?

What do you think of these names for my characters? Topic: What do you think of these names for my characters?
June 16, 2019 / By Cate
Question: Hi! I want to write a story and I having doubt to decide the names of two of the characters. The protagonist, a charming boy, and a girl with a more old-sounding name. For the boy, I thought of Matthew or Oliver, and for the girl, Mary Audrey or Sophie Anne. What do you think? Suggestions!!
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Annabell Annabell | 5 days ago
I would name the characters what seems right, write and work on the story and see if the names "stick." Sometimes, I'll be halfway through a book and say "Wow, this name is just hard to say over and over!" or discover that two names are too similar and get confusing. To directly answer your question, I think Mary Audrey would be a little hard to say too often, it doesn't roll off the tongue or fit a very good rhythm. Also, think about the names you're giving them and if that would easily lead to nicknames. I know very few boys named Matthew that don't go by "Matt" and the one Oliver I know goes by Ollie. A good resource for me was The Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Even if you don't like thinking about what a name means, there are good essays by authors on how they chose THEIR character names. Good luck!
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Annabell Originally Answered: I need names for 2 characters?
when i don't get the right names for my characters straight away i begin to look at their parents; what kind of people were they and what would they be likely to name their child? you can google fashionable names for years, so do a little research and you'll find the right name. good luck. x

Winslow Winslow
Definitely have Matthew for the guy!! Mary Audrey??? Weird combination. How about Mary Anne instead? Sophie is a good name too, but not with Anne added in the end. It just makes it sound...out of place?
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Shamer Shamer
Its a very common thing among young writers to come here asking "How do you like my names?" Everyone is worried about having just the right name - usually names of the cute guys in school or someone they have a crush on. That isnt the way to do it. Naming characters isnt the place to start. Many authors are well into their books before they choose names. I once changed the name of a lead character after the book was done and I decided the name I was using didnt suit her. The cool thing is that in Word, it's just search and replace and in one second her name is different. Dont dwell so much on names - worry more about character analysis. A charming guy and a girl with a more old fashioned sounding name isnt much of a character analysis. Often the more you know about your characters, the more likely it will be that the basically "name themselves". Pax - C
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Nevin Nevin
I like Matthew for a boy... that name sounds very trusting. For a girl, something a little more common like Mary Elizabeth or Mary Ann. Mary is obviously a good start, but you just need something a little more old-fashioned for the second name. Please mention me in the "thank you" section of your book. Ha ha.
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Nevin Originally Answered: Names for my characters?
Since we love The Cure, how about Robert James Smith, Simon Gallup, lol tolhurst, Perry Bamonte, Jason Cooper, and Roger O'Donnell...don't forget Charlotte sometimes and the mysterious M for Mary Robwrt's wife. I'm here in LA seeing two Cure concerts at The Pantages....front row for both shows. I'm the only one wearing red!!! I'll send pictures from the show. Good luck with your story.

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