regulating child play. all i got is "do your homework first?"?

regulating child play. all i got is "do your homework first?"? Topic: regulating child play. all i got is "do your homework first?"?
June 16, 2019 / By Cateline
Question: my neighbors have kids who get along very well with my siblings. i've made it very clear that no one is granted fun time until homework is done. They are all 7 and under so they need watching and attention. The kids never want to go home, and I don't want to be a meanie, so I suggest that their parents may want them home. Unfortunately the parents always support the children's plea to stay longer. Do you have any ideas on playing rules(that keep things and people from being broken) and times I can set up that would be fair to everybody?
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Annabella Annabella | 6 days ago
Well, in my neighborhood, the kids all go visit one another to play afterschool. All the parents in the neighborhood are comfortable with just telling the neighbor kids "Go home now" when they want the kids to go away. And all the kids listen. My Daughter will go to the neighbors and sometimes the Mom will say, "Come back at 4:30" or whatever and it is no problem. Another time, the neighbor kid will be here, and I'll say, "You need to go now, we are going to eat dinner". What is the problem? Just tell the kids "Its time for you to leave now, Jimmy has to finish his homework. Come back in one hour". Then lead them to the door and send them on their way. Their parents will just have to deal with it.
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You're the parent. Take the TV away. Teach them things that are fun to do when they are outside. Mandate that homework must be done. If that means BEFORE DINNER, then so be it. It should definitely mean BEFORE TV. They should have to EARN the privilege of watching TV or talking on the phone or being on the computer. Their main focus should be doing well in school. They don't need you to be a friend or playmate. They need the guidance of a parent.

Winston Winston
i think kids can call u w/e names according to the way u approch them. if u r nice to them and treat them in a fun and fare way.then w/e request u have for them may not be a problem. and also explain to them that its wat u want them to do or thier parents want them to do. well i dont have much to say. gooooood luck.
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Shamir Shamir
Pray about all your needs Christ will meet them. Who better to calm your children than the One who knew you before you took your first breath? : ) God bless.
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Newt Newt
Talk to the parents, and explain your homework-first rule. (Of course, you might want to rethink that, as kids generally need some wind-down time after school, but you know them best)... the after-school program we run where I work has homework time, but first, we spend 45 minutes having a snack, telling jokes, and just getting everyone into the right headspace. They all still get their homework done, and still have time for a game before going home @ 5. Kids this young shouldn't have a significant amount of homework, so perhaps you can be a bit flexible (depending on what kind of timeline you're on, of course). Why does homework have to be done immediately? But, do talk to the parents about whatever routine you're setting. And, if you're not babysitting these neighbour kids, is there any particular reason why you have to let them in the house until it's fun time? good luck!
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Kirby Kirby
Wait a minute! Do you mean to tell me that some parents don't let their children play on school days? Are you Kidding me???? What happened to Kids being Kids? Our children have to sit in a class for 7 hours a day. Let the children play after school, then have homework time after dinner. I can't imagine the evening life for some parents when their children haven't had sufficient time to release all their energy.
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The Internet is a valuable resource and it must be left alone. The Internet has plenty of competition, especially for end users, who can either get service over the hard wire of their local telephone service, a cable-TV network, or wireless access. In that competitive environment, the FCC has no business dictating the management of private networks. o_O

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