How to get better grades in School?

How to get better grades in School? Topic: How to get better grades in School?
June 16, 2019 / By Cath
Question: Is there any way i can do better in school? i go to a private school and i am now entering the 8th grade This is my last year at my private school so i want to make the best of it including my grades My private school has really high standards and i want to get good grades so i can make my parents proud and happy and so i can be happy too. Like i said my private school has really high standards and i am just an average person who gets C's nd maybe B's and D's i want to change that. please help^^
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Annabelle Annabelle | 7 days ago
-don't procastinate -be organized -have a positive attitude -finish your homework before you do anything else -study for tests and exams -take good notes -join sports, clubs, activites -be involved with your school -pay attention to teacher's lectures -don't slack off on your schoolwork -have a good night sleep -eat a good breakfast -keep a schedule, like a to-do list -when you get a big project, start working on it -don't wait until the last minute to do your assignment -don't talk back to teachers -have a calendar with important dates -keep a planner, to keep track of assignment, in your backpack -once in a while, take a break and have some fun.
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Annabelle Originally Answered: Low high school grades, is Med school an option still ?
You can do whatever you want to do, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your grades at the moment may cause you to spend a few extra years in college. You should work on bringing your grades up as much as possible while you're still in school. Join some clubs related to what you're wanting to major in-- science math-- extracirriculars are SO important when applying to colleges. Most colleges will accept students with a not-so-perfect GPA if they show that they took part in some good academic activities outside of class. I know someone who goes to Georgia Tech (one of the best engineering schools in the world) who didn't do so well in high school, but he had some impressive extracirriculars and a very well written essay. He did attend a community college for a year or so beforehand.Once you leave high school, you should go to a community college to get your GPA up. Good luck on your academic adventures!:)

Winthrop Winthrop
A big part to getting A's is commitment. You have to really try your best and engage in your classes even if you don't like a particular course. The whole key to A's, however, is knowing the material down to a science. Depending on how well of a memory you have, it'll take longer or shorter for you to retain info, but paying attention in class helps a bunch. Basically, you can be ace anything if you can actually teach it back to someone or recite it. So basically pay attention, do ALL assignments, and really get the material down.
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Shamus Shamus
Well, as you know you need to make sure you study and do all your homework. But if this is what you have been doing and these are you marks, then you may want to look for a tutor. Speak with the teachers that you are having trouble in their class and they should be able to direct you to a tutoring program within the school. If your school does not have one you may want to talk with a teacher to start one because I'm sure you are not the only one in your school who has trouble in one subject or another. Since you didn't mention a particular subject, I can't give much more advise, but keep your head up and study, study, study!
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Newton Newton
just make sure u take notes and study. if u don't understand something ask a friend,parent,someone that does understand it,or ask the teacher. and if your going though any promlems ask the teacher or your mother and father if anymore questions just ask. sincerly nicle smith
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Newton Originally Answered: Better school grades!?
I had the same problem. Here' some tips : Always pay attention to the teacher. Making eye-contact is a good way of knowing that you're listening to them. Ask questions it may seem awkward but in the end it'll help you a lot. Don't sit my your friends, it may seem tempting but they're a big distraction. Study! When you get home set a homework time. I plan on studying/ work 3 hours a night. If studying is hard for you treat yourself after you finished. Hope i helped. :) Good luck.

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