URGENT! How many starbucks are in Manhattan?

URGENT! How many starbucks are in Manhattan? Topic: URGENT! How many starbucks are in Manhattan?
July 20, 2019 / By Catriona
Question: I've been looking around and i need to know how many are in Manhattan in 2012 for an essay.. please post link to where you found the info!
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Best Answers: URGENT! How many starbucks are in Manhattan?

Annelisa Annelisa | 4 days ago
There's no way to find out because there are new one's topping out. There's interest video you should check out. This is not current and it's properly more than 171 Starbucks.
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Annelisa Originally Answered: New York city, Manhattan things and Hotel Pennsylvania, Manhattan, what is the nearest cafe that open at 7 am?
The closest cafe is The Europa Cafe. The address is 11 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001. It opens at 7am and closes at 4pm and it's only 500ft away from Hotel Pennsylvania! Hotel Pennsylvania is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET for Penn Station (train station and subway station). When I say right across the street, I mean it. The reason is because Hotel Penn was built for Penn Station (actually built for the original Penn Station which was built in 1910 and demolished in 1964). The fee to the Circle Line Cruise ranges from $44 to $200, depending where the tour is going. The entrance fee for The Central Park Zoo is $10. The Bronx Zoo fee for general admission is $15. The fee for Madam Tussuad's' is $35, but there are special sales if you buy online. All of these prices are for adults, and any additional information can be found at their websites. The taxi fee from Hotel Penn to The Empire Sate Building should be very low considering the Empire State Building is a VERY short distance away. You could walk there 5 minutes. If you are going out alone in Manhattan after 9, it's not too dangerous, but stay aware of you surroundings. The type of clothes I would bring would be shorts and a tee shirt, but bring a long sleeve shirt, pants, and a light jacket because there are some chilly nights in NYC. Here are some interesting facts about Hotel Pennsylvania that you might like to know since you're staying there: It was built in 1919 by McKim, Mead & White. They also designed The NYC Municipal building, original Penn Station, which used to stand in what is now Madison Garden, and many other US national landmarks. The hotel's architecture is in the Neo-Renaissance style. Glen Miller, the famous band leader, wrote the song Pennsylvania 6-5000 about the hotel. Glenn Miller also stayed and preformed in the hotel for his Honeymoon, and numerous other times. Hotel Pennsylvania for the last 90 years has been the worlds most popular hotel after serving over 3 million guests! The hotel has also just recently one an award for being the "greenest" hotel in Manhattan. Unfortunately the Hotel is being threatened for demolition so enjoy the hotel while you can. Please go to the Save The Hotel website at http://savethehotel.org/. The website also has a myspace and a facebook page. If you would like to add them on myspace, their URL is http://www.myspace.com/savethehotel. On facebook, just search Save Hotel Pennsylvania. PLEASE HELP AND SAVE THE PAST Also, PLEASE email me and tell me how your stay at Hotel Pennsylvania was! I would love to hear about it!
Annelisa Originally Answered: New York city, Manhattan things and Hotel Pennsylvania, Manhattan, what is the nearest cafe that open at 7 am?
1) There are cafes all over the place there, just walk around and you'll find one. Most of them will be open by 7 - there are many hungry New Yorkers who have to go to work, after all!! There are cafes on the streets, there are cafes in Penn Station, and so forth. 2) Penn Station is across the street from Hotel Pennsylvania - you can get Amtrak, NJ Transit, the Long Island Rail Road, and the subway. Also nearby are Metro North and PATH trains. 3) I consider taxis to be expensive; I prefer to take the subway and buses. The subway is often faster than a taxi anyway. The minimum fare is $2.50, which is what you'd be charged if you got in the cab and got out as soon as it started moving. Between 8 PM and 6 AM, add 50 cents for a $3 minimum fare. Here's the fare table: http://www.nyc.gov/html/tlc/html/passenger/taxicab_rate.shtml 4) Hotel Pennsylvania to the Empire State Building is probably about $5 by taxi. It's also free to walk two long blocks, which should take about five minutes. The hotel is at 33rd St/7th Avenue. The Empire State Building is near 33rd St/5th Avenue. Just walk, you might even get there faster. 5) Penn Station is right across the street from the hotel - that has the 1/2/3/A/C/E subways. Other nearby subways are the N/Q/R/W/7/S/B/D/F/V. You can get anywhere very easily from those. 6) A very basic lunch meal will probably cost you between $3 and $10, depending on what you get. If you go to a sit-down restaurant with menus and table service, expect to pay more. 7) In May, you can expect most days to have temperatures in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit (maybe between 15 and 25 C?), and overnight a little cooler, in the 50s and 60s (between 10 and 20 C?). A jacket will be a good idea, but also have clothes that you can wear if it gets hot, in the 80s (86F = 30C) or even near 90F. 8) In many parts of Manhattan, the streets are still very busy after 9 PM, and I feel very safe. You'll be fine. Some parts get a little quieter, however. That said, those parts aren't places that tourists visit as often. 9) http://www.circleline42.com/ http://www.circleline.com/entry.ihtml?site=2 http://www.centralparkzoo.com http://www.bronxzoo.com http://www.madametussauds.com/NewYork/ 10) Useful information - I don't know where to start, there's so much!! I'll add stuff as I think of it. 11) Getting a taxi is fairly easy. Stand at the curb, and look for a yellow cab that has the number at the top lit up, but with the "OFF DUTY" light turned off. Look at the cab, and signal it by raising your arm. That said, I suggest using the subway - it's MUCH less expensive, and it's often faster. It's how the natives get from place to place. It will take some practice, but once you get accustomed to it, it's easy.

Wyatt Wyatt
My friend, there are more than 250 to 300 Starbucks outlets all over Manhattan. From there Battery all the way up to the northern end of Manhattan. The majority of the outlets are centered in Midtown, Manhattan. Good luck
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Shaw Shaw
If I was once in a single on my own then whatever is incorrect. There will have to be as a minimum one employee there. Anyway i do not go by myself. I handiest go to meet someone that needs to meet there. Otherwise i'd no longer patronize the place. That being mentioned I consider it would no longer be any one-of-a-kind than every other location that I may match by myself. Nothing so distinctive about Starbucks that i would need to do whatever special if there on my own than another situation by myself.
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Shaw Originally Answered: What location can I visit in Manhattan for a school project?
Maybe you could head down to Chinatown and show how people from China have moved here but are trying to hold on to their culture and traditional ways of life while at the same time becoming somewhat Americanized. You can take pictures of Buddhist temples, a dim sum meal (where strangers sit together at big tables and the staff bring around various dishes for you to sample), stores selling bright red paper lanterns, grocery stores selling Chinese herbs and roots, etc. Or you could try neighborhoods that were traditionally havens for artists and musicians (like Williamsburg in Brooklyn or Alphabet City in the Village) that are slowly becoming upscale and forcing artists out. You could take pictures of CBGB's, which is now closed. Or maybe a community garden that is now right next to a Starbuck's. That kind of thing. Or how about traveling the subways and taking pictures of various street performers? The theme could be showing all the different ways that musicians, singers, actors, dancers, etc. do to make it in NY. (Off hand, I know there's a little jazz trio that plays at the Columbus Circle entrance of Central Park, and there's always a different act in the subway station at Times Square.) If you can, get out to City Island in the Bronx. It's a really cool fishing village, basically. You can rent boats for the day, lots of great seafood restaurants (everything from very upscale and expensive, to outdoor casual spots where you eat on picnic benches outside while seagulls come around and scoop up the leftovers). Ooh! Or how about showcasing NY as the site of some famous movie scenes? (Lots of places you could visit that were featured in The Bronx Tale, When Harry Met Sally, Sex and the City, Sleepless in Seattle (the ending at The Empire State Building), Crooklyn, Fame, etc.

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