What do you think is wrong with this girl?

What do you think is wrong with this girl? Topic: What do you think is wrong with this girl?
July 20, 2019 / By Cayley
Question: I have this college friend who always has to have someone accompanying her. Like for example, every morning - and I do mean EVERY morning - before our class, I have to give her a missed call on her cellphone to let her know that I'll be at the campus gate in a few moments. And then we meet up at the gate and walk to class together. Even when I'm running late, because I take the public transportation, and haven't called her yet, she won't go ahead to class unless it's almost time or when she's found someone else to accompany her. At another time I asked her to print a research paper that we had done by pair. Considering that I was out of ink and that she could have done it at her house or at the dorm, she had to wait till the next day to ask me if I could go with her to the computer shop and have the paper printed. I'm getting pissed with each passing day. And talking to her about it may not be a good option. Come to think of it, I've never really seen her alone, save for those times she walks by herself to the gate or when she heads home. Sometimes she even asks if I can walk with her to her dorm and wait for her to get her things before taking the public transportation together. I've left her a couple of times. I mean, since she always reminds me an hour before our class through text messaging to miss call her when I;m near school, sometimes I go to school earlier that usual on purpose and go someplace on campus that's relatively far from the gate. Then before or right after she text messages to remind me, I just tell her that I'm already in school and on my way to class. And sometimes she even text messages back asking if I'm already in class and if she should leave the dorm already! DUH! I'm getting really frustrated with her. What am I supposed to do? And just to add, we're both psychology majors.
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Annemae Annemae | 5 days ago
sounds like the kind of person who went to college because she had the grades for it not because she was ready for life on her own. she needs to grow up and adjust to adult life. sounds like she looks up to you. you might be annoyed but i'm sure she thinks you're like her best friend.
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Annemae Originally Answered: Is there something wrong with me? (Teenage girl, btw)?
i dont know whats wrong, but obviiously something is if this isnt how you always were...... you could be depressed or something, so i would see a doctor or other professional who can figure out whats going on with you. good luck, hope you feel betttterr!

Wymond Wymond
This girl needs you as her friend, so be patient with her Ask God to help you with her. She has insecurity . And with your friendship, you can lead her to know who she is and what her purpose in life is. You say you are both psycology majors and this didnt instantly come to you????? Sounds like you can each grow and I DO NOT MEAN THAT AS A PUT DOWN< AS WE ALL NEED TO GROW... and to learn the true benefits of knowing who you are. Its not ever in a psychology textbook. Most of that stuff is bullonie. Has enuff humanism, mixed with a few principles from Gods word, tho they dont call it that, and it adds to much confusion The only way to know fully who you are is to know who you are in Christ, and waht His purpose and high calling are for you. ONce you do, you will truly be able to underatnd ppl better, and how to help them, as well as understanding yourself What we need is Gods wisdom and knowledge, and thats only in the Holy Bible. God created us and says He loves us all the same, and that we are given His esteem of us and its awesome. WE dont need the esteem of the world or of self. WE need accept only His esteem of us and its huge. Then , we can begin to give the things that God gives to us to the world. Each person is given a calling, a purpose and a meaning to their life, as we serve Him. Once we know that, we are unstoppable. Till then, we grasp at straws trying to find our hope or our help in so many diffrent places. I went to counceling a few times after a divorce and was shocked to hear many things they said. One even told me I didnt have to forgive my ex. Thats not what God says. THey had some few good things, and as I studied the Bible more and more, I was surprized to see just how much comes from the word of God, tho not identified as that, and changed in a way that makes it error. IF we have GOds wisdom and Gods power, we can do anything at all. GOd says His ppl are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Knowledge in Christ, is power, not knowledge in the world, nor knowledge in all the science/religion stuff out there. God says to check everything according to HIs word, and if sciene/knowledge doesnt line up with it, it is false and to flee. Not my words, but Gods, tho I have found them to be very very true. You friend needs someone with her all the time, becasue she is insecure on her own. Help her to find who she is in Christ, and your problems will be solved with her. Ask God to help you . You may be the only friend she has. Be her mentor. WE all need someone. She frustrates you because she is sfrustrated. she is crying for help, as someone who wants to be a councelor, will you be the ONE to help her??? Just ask yourself and then God that question. answers will come.
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Shawn Shawn
It's funny that she is a Psych. Major. I don't know what culture the young lady is from but there are a few who instill a real fear in their young females of being taken advantage of or killed if they are alone. Could she be from one of these? It could be a phobia or real fear of her own making. I believe in caution..but this sounds like something more.
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Nigel Nigel
hmmmm i honestly have had some friends like that nand i try to avoid them and put thier other friends in my situation so they can be clingy to THEM but i 've noticed there WAS something wrong with those friends one of them, her parents have been fighting for years and are getting divorced. just even though it annoys you, dont let that anger out on her , because it must suck to feel as insecure as her, even though it annoys some one independant like you. just try to have a serisou sit down chat with her one day or think of other suddel ways to solve the problem. good luck!!!!!
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Nigel Originally Answered: I like a girl but something went wrong and now she doesn't want to talk at all?
The exact same thing happened to me. All I did was ask a girl out, and now she treats me like I am some kind of pedophile rapist. I wish I knew how to solve your problem, but I'm sure that you had the right idea asking her what the problem is. I guess an idea would be to ask her friends about why she's being this way. Of course, in my predicament the girl I asked out friends would never give answers to a proclaimed pedophile rapist such that i am said to be.

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