Obama haters: What will he do that is so bad, and what makes you think he will do that?

Obama haters: What will he do that is so bad, and what makes you think he will do that? Topic: Obama haters: What will he do that is so bad, and what makes you think he will do that?
July 20, 2019 / By Cearra
Question: Please cite your sources if you have them Barely anyone has cited sources, I would greatly appreciate if you would do so!
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Annetta Annetta | 8 days ago
the majority of people, probably including yourself, had not heard of Mr. Obama until he ran for president. i have been doing a lot of research on him to see what are his roots. i do not trust main stream media for information as the media is not longer a trusted source. to underestimate Mr. Obama is dangerous. he well knows what he is doing and has had the goal of being president since he was young, according to one of his teachers in his early education. i found that his roots explain his position on issues and he is a very intellegent and determined man. he has allied himself with those he feels best represent his views and can help him achieve these goals. Obama's Roots The word is that Barack Obama is a mainstream politician who sometimes attracts fringe leftists. The record tells a different story — that he has sought out radicals. What does that say of his agenda? It's natural to be skeptical of excessive claims about Obama's radical associations. After all, there are so many. But one bears attention — because it helped him get his start in politics. In 1996, he won an Illinois state senate seat on a "fusion" ticket of the Democratic Party and leftist group called the "New Party." The New Party, founded in 1992 with 7,000 members at its peak, had been an explicitly anti-capitalist party of ex-Communists, socialists and activists from ACORN, the hard-left group that's constantly in trouble over voter fraud. The New Party didn't ask for Obama's association; he asked for the New Party's endorsement. the New Party didn't give its support and campaign volunteers to just anyone. Obama actually had to audition for it. According to a September-October 1995 update on the New Party-aligned Chicago Democratic Socialists of America Web site. That raises questions about what was in the New Party platform that drew in Obama. Maybe its own statements saying it was formed "to break the stranglehold that corporate money and corporate media have over the political process." Sound familiar? One of the few things Obama reveals in his vague "change" agenda are plans to punish corporations. He rails against "corporate profits" and even worked in a condemnation of them in his first defense of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. So there's little doubt he shares a lot of what the New Party believes. The New Party also has advocated a bill of rights for children, a shorter work week, a universal "social" wage and military spending cuts. These will undermine parental rights, lower competitiveness, lard up welfare and make the U.S. less secure. All are echoed in Obama's proposals. They are the hardest battle cries of the left. Obama should come clean on why he sought these radicals' support and, better still, disclose just how he intends to pay them back. http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles... The New Party is an umbrella organization for grassroots political groups working to break the stranglehold that corporate money and corporate media have over our political process. http://www.newparty.org/ the New Party quickly declined. Several chapters — initially, those chapters not connected with ACORN — disaffiliated. Perhaps the only and certainly the most successful surviving local chapter, known as Progressive Dane, remains active and relevant in Dane County, Wisconsin ACORN http://www.acorn.org/ Progressive Dane Infiltrates Democratic Party http://www.waxingamerica.com/2007/01/progressive_dan_1.html Progressive Dane Gaining Power In City, County http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/0222-05.htm Barack Obama, he is a product of the Chicago Political Machine. Politics as usual instead of a candidate for change. amazing it is by DREW GRIFFIN, Investegative reporter for CNN, who usually is a baised,loyal supporter. these facts are never brought up now. The media will mostly continue to give Obama a free ride. the liberal media only saves the hard-nosed investigative reporting -- and editorializing -- for his detractors! legitimate questions regarding Obama, his past, his associates, Black Liberation Theology, his Muslim ties, all go untouched and unacknowledged. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3Ned5TQoW4&eurl=http://www.audacityofhypocrisy.com/2008/06/09/the-dirty-politics-that-started-obamas-political-career/ 'Obama played hardball in first Chicago campaign.' By Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston May 30, 2008 http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/05/29/obamas.first.campaign/index.html Operation Board Games http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE0ALOqpsfM&feature=related http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/blagojevich/index.html Timeline: 'Operation Board Games' http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/rezko/989635,CST-NWS-timeline05.article
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Annetta Originally Answered: WHich one of these Obama "accomplishments" makes Obama the "Greatest President Ever" as Obamabot libs claim?
How in the hell do you find time to even use Enzyte when you're here whining about President Obama every five minutes??

Wynne Wynne
If you know anything about history, you are aware that Obama does not. He is confused and/or misinformed on many, many topics from oil exploration and to dealing with the terrorists in the 1993 WTC bombing. His politics are not "new." His welfare policy is right out of the 1930s. His economic policies are those of Jimmy Carter, the worst president ever in the history of the nation. Obama is a Harvard trained lawyer who cannot practice law because he cannot speak without a teleprompter. Without a prepared statement, he stumbles and stutters and talks in circles. He hangs around radical Marxists, including Wright, Ayers, Born, Rezko, et all. And yet he denies any knowledge of their politics. Do we want someone that dense in the White House? BO is economically illiterate. If you know anything about economics --and few Americans do -- you know that his policies will drive the nation immediately into a recession and ultimately into a depression. BO talks about how the "government" is going to "take care" of things and "kick in" to social programs. The "government" is tax dollars -- YOUR tax dollars -- but most people are too uninformed or uneducated to understand that. BO abides the Rodney King School of Diplomacy, which believes that a trip to DisneyWorld and a pack of Life Savers are going to make it all nice with the terrorists, dictators and tyrants. BO is a Marxist. If you know anything about Socialism and Marxism, you know this to be a fact. Obama is the candiate for the uneducated, the unrealistic, the ignorant and those who expect to be driving around in an Escalade for free two days after BO is inaugurated. Dreamers, all. This is why Hollywood is so hot on BO -- few of them have a clue. I don't need to cite "sources" for factual information you can access most anywhere. I also don't need "sources" for common sense. Those who support BO are the ones who need sources. It is foolish and naive to believe that just because a speechwriter wrote it and BO speaks it that it is true or factual. He's a moron and frankly, anybody educated person realizes this.
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Shayne Shayne
He will raise taxes on everyone not just the rich because in order to fund all his new programs he talks about the government is going to need lots and lots of money! I also dont like his foreign policy of doing nothing except meeting with terrorist organizations! I dont like the fact that he is the most liberal senator (socialist), he is so far left he cant even see the center!. He just votes on whatever satisfies his own party! I dont like the fact that he didnt start wearing the American Flag pin on his chest until some questioned his patriotism! I just dont think Obama is the WRIGHT president. McCain 08!!!
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Nimrod Nimrod
No lengthy political experience, middle eastern funds to outspend everyone else, his associations to the terrorists of the Weather Underground, his support for Palestine, lack of military experience, and on and on. This is all COMMON knowledge, you don't have to supply sources to know these things. Do some reading about his background, cocaine, pot, surrounding himself with convicted felons, etc. Oh and how about his racist Rev. Wright?? http://newsbusters.org/blogs/warner-todd-huston/2008/03/16/contrary-claims-obama-very-close-racist-preacher-wright Obama's lack of appeal is that he is not a strong candidate. A few years of law school and one year in politics does not give you the credentials to run one of the most powerful countries in the world during an economic crisis. Common sense tells you that. He will sharply increase taxes to pay for all of his government programs (so I hope you don't mind taking even less money home from your paycheck), he will burden small business, who knows how he will handle foreign affairs, especially in regard to our relationship with Isreal. If you want to be a sheep then be a sheep and jump on the Obama band wagon, but you sound like you might really want to learn more. Remember, Obama is a lawyer, a master at manipulation. You can read all of his stances on his web site and then interpret them for yourselves. If you know why the US became successful (capitalism) then you will see that he more of a socialist/communist in his political thinking. The most disturbing proposal is that he wants to practically leave us open for military attack and the #1 job of any president is to PROTECT this country militarily. Here is your source, Obama's mouth.. enjoy this frightening video & tell me how safe you would feel: http://msunderestimated.com/2008/03/01/obamas-plans-for-our-military-video/
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Korbin Korbin
Hate is apretty strong term, we "hate" his set of values, his lies, his anti-American postions. We do not hate "Obama" the person, as a group. What will he "do" that will be so bad? 1. Tax and spend across the board, refer to his Detroit speech 2. Liberal judge appointments that further weaken the court system, especially the supreme court 3. He lacks character as it relates to knowing when and where to apply American military power. He flip flops on every issue, fails to vote on half the issue. 4. The New York Times calls him a "split personality" candidate, see the New York times. 5. He is a closet Muslim, he knows more about Islam than He does Christianity 6. He is a liar, see "59 laundry list" from yesterday. 7. He is a con artist, he lied about his church, he lied about taking federal election funds, he basically has NO credibility. 8. He cannot unite America since he is a militant black nationalist mentored by a nut (Jeremiah Wright) who was mentored by a nut (Louis Farrakhan). He is unstable, spiritually speaking, 9. His wife is a racist, see her theisis and her friends, she worships Louis Farrakhan's wife 10. In general, what has he done for America as a senator? Nothing. He is telling everyone everything to get elected. See http://theobamafile.com/
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Indigo Indigo
From Obama's own site he supports stem cell research (means he supports abortion),and he supports partial birth abortion. He belongs to a Black Liberation Church (a marxist, racist church) yes he said he denounces the church but it was awful convient to denounce them just as they were becomming a threat to his campaign. http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/arti... He has less than one year experance working with the senate and none as a governor or even a mayor. Why should I think he has a clue as to what he is doing? He wants to see all kids in public or private schools. The public schools in this nation are beyond redemption! There is no hope with the no child left behind laws. Why? Because the teachers have their hands tied. I MUST teach the test and only the test! That doesn't educate our children. It only teaches them to take a TEST!
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Everett Everett
Well, my sources are information on TV and information I've seen on websites, I can't find all of them for you. Anyway, to start off: -Obama was born in Hawaii, yes, but he was raised in Indonesia. His step-dad's parents are muslim extremists (the people he grew up with), as is his half brother. Who's to say that he, too, is not? -He believes in making taxes skyrocket for anyone who makes $100k a year or more and plans on taxing stocks, savings accounts, retirement funds, 401k's, and basically any other type of account. -He wants illegal aliens to be able to get full citizenship, even though they have done nothing short of criminal activity. -One of Obama's best friends was the leader of an American Hippie Terrorist group. He still talks to him today. He talks to a guy who was the leader of a terrorist group. That's one red flag right there. -He is anti-Israeli. -He sat through countless weeks and hours listening to a preacher bash the white race. -His wife has hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, but her salary is in the high six figures. -His wife has said that she has never been proud to be an American until her hubby ran for office. The only reason she is proud now is because she thinks that first lady is an incredibly powerful job and she, like her husband, is power hungry. -Obama's speeches do not give any information whatsoever. He rambles on forever and never gives any specifics. -No one knows anything about Michelle Obama except for the fact she dresses nicely. People like her for her fashion, not what she can do as first lady. -Obama's appearance is mediocre and not what a Presidential hopeful should dress like. His actions suggest a midlife crisis. Those are just the reasons I can think of why I don't want Obama to be my president.
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Everett Originally Answered: Are some posters here hopelessly stuck on stupid or what? What makes them think that Obama is a Socialist?
I hate answering questions where there are "arguments" made by people speaking different languages. So, let me provide basic Econ 101, so the words will be defined the way economist define them, not the way altra-conservative Mark Levin does, or those who listen to other talk show commentators, or read from right-winged webpages. Communism -- Government ownership of all the economic resources, especially of ownership, production, and distribution of private property, business, and means of creating economic capital. (In this system, the government may allow elections, but most examples in history have been dictatorships -- hardly no political freedom.) Socialism - Government owns the key industries of a nation, but still allows private property. Government can be either a dictatorship, limited monarchy, or democracy. Examples of this form exist throughout Europe, including England and France (although there is often a movement toward privitation during conservative governments). Under "socialism" there is a difference between "economic freeedom" and "political freedom." Common people under socialist systems have a little MORE economic freedom, because they won't have to worry about high costs of some essentials for life, like their education, utilities, health care, or retirement. Government provides basic services at reduced costs, whereas capitalist would expect more profit. Capitalist under socialism (those with wealth) get a little LESS economic freedom, because they cannot invest in, or make money from ownership of education, utliities, health care, or other 'industries" owned by the socialist government. But, as far as political freedom, say in England, or France, THAT is not effected by a socialist government. There are multiple parties and free elections in these countries. There IS another choice: The USA, because of it's fear of both Communism and Socialism, has a MIXED ECONOMY. When the government owns "education", or a utility, it does't forbid competition from private education, or private utilities. So, we have BOTH private owned electric companies, and some city/public owned electric companies. We have public hospitals and private hospitals in a Mixed Economy. In the USA, the turn we have taken since the New Deal of FDR was to "regulate" private industry, rather than own it. This regulation often "levels the playing field" such as when government sets a minimum wage, or mandates air-bags for all cars produced. But, ultra-conservatives equate REGULATION with socialism, or even communism. But, they are not the same. Ultra-conservatives equate environmental laws, and safety laws, or laws to help students go to school, as being socialism. Ulta-Conservatives, support PURE Capitalism, under the control of the "invisible hand" of Adam Smith, who wrote "Wealth of Nations." But, even Adam Smith did not favor unregulated capitalism. He also wrote that capitalism needs to be regulated by compassion, and concern for the community. Under Pure Capitalism (which our country never has been), there would be no laws controlling what a rich man could do with his property, or money. No zoning laws, no banking laws, we'd get something like all the fraud and scandals of the unregulated "sub-prime" housing loans. Recently read where $300,000,000 of money supposed put into escrow for burial plans has been lost by the key holder of that equity. It was unregulated, and thus stolen by those who were trusted to hold it to pay for funerals. That's the result of an unregulated market. Absolute power, leads to absolute corruption. A mixed-economy, reduces corruption, if the "regulators" are not in the pockets of the producers, or capitalist exploiting the market. So, when Obama suggests an alternative "single payer" insurance plan to help Americans pay for health problems, or doctor visits, conservatives yell "Socialism" when actually, at worse it's "mixed economy" whereby government plans compete with private plans. The "single payer health insurance plans" that I've studied, use private insurance to manage health care, but UNDER government REGULATION. Again, big difference between socialist ownership, and government regulation. If the "people", the electorate, can "regulate" then that actually gives us MORE political power and MORE economic power, than under capitalism, where only the rich can make key production decisions. It is capitalism, UNRegulated, that brings us $4.00+ a gallon gas. If capitalist owned our water utilities, we'd be paying $4.00 a gallon for water. Aren't we glad that most water utilities, are government owned? A "thinking" voter, will weigh the consequences of continued profit making by capitalist, without regulation, against the interests of the public. Sometimes the public interests should take precedence over private profit. IN SUMMARY: Obama and the Democratic Party supports a Mixed Economy, not Socialism. In a mixed-economy, you do not have to fear loss of political freedom. But, under Unregulated capitalism, you do have to fear losing your life, and property to terrible forces of the market, as millions may be losing their homes as we speak. And Unregulated capitalism doesn't care if millions cannot drive their cars, because market forces have put gasoline into the realm of luxury, not a necessity. When market forces gett out of wack, Democrats are willing to regulate them, whereas George Bush and John McCain have not, and will not, being in pockets of conservaitve capitalists. Regulation, I repeat is not socialism, when done inside a long-established Mix-Economy that the USA has prospered under.

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