How to deal with overprotective and paranoid parents? please take time to read?

How to deal with overprotective and paranoid parents? please take time to read? Topic: How to deal with overprotective and paranoid parents? please take time to read?
June 16, 2019 / By Cecilia
Question: My dad is so overprotective. I am in high school, and he has put parental controls (on MY laptop that I PAYED for) for google images, youtube, aol mail, facebook, any other social networking site, any adult content (and no, i dont mean porn, i am simply talking about mature subjects like the current war or gay and lesbian rights which i can obviously handle, im 15) All of my friends know my dad as the paranoid parent who is way too over protective. I honestly cant take it anymore. He put this fool proof (k9 web protection) thing and i cant get past it no matter what i tried. My social life has made a significan and very noticeable decline ever since he discovered k9 web protection (against facebook which is my entire social life right there) also, i wanted to go to this party that benefited charity. he wouldnt let me go because he didnt know the person running it. he is SO paranoid. he still makes my "play dates" (yes he still calls them play dates)and doesnt let me make my own arangements. he has to know the phone number of the parents of whomever i am with at the time. Oh and if i do need to go on facebook (to ask a friend about homework) or any other news story/mature topic website he makes me go on the home computer and sits there and watches me. even when i need to go to the home computer to print something he needs to watch me. oh and i can only have 1 sleepover per weekend. thats it. im not allowed to hang out with my best friend who i have had since PRESCHOOL. me and her are practically sisters and i love her to death. but he thinks she is a bad influence on me because her MOTHER smokes. i honestly cant take it. PLEASE HELP!
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Anngela Anngela | 10 days ago
I really don't know what to tell you. All you can do is have a talk with your father. Tell him that you are growing up and need to have some freedom. How else are you going to learn to make mistakes? What does your mom say about how your dad is? Make him understand that you are a responsible person. Hopefully with a talk he can budge a bit. Start off with something small at first and hopefully he lets you do more things.
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Anngela Originally Answered: Why are parents so overprotective?
The thing is, even if you were a Saint for your entire life, your parents are still going to be over protective. You have to understand that they aren't this way because of your actions, whether good or bad. In this case, they will overlook the fact that your responsible, because the only thing they see is that you are their child, and that you must be protected at all costs. While I'm no professional, I can say that from personal experience, sitting them down and having an honest talk with them is the best way to get things done. Tell them that you understand that they are only trying to look out for your best interest, but also that if they shelter you too much from the world, it will only come as a *huge* shock to you when you go out on your own. Good luck, and keep your head high!

Wystan Wystan
Wow, I can't say a lot about that because my parents are totally chill... just that you need to fix this ASAP! Like, as in a big serious talk, you two need counseling/therapy, cause it sounds like there are some serious trust issues happening here or something... seriously your missing out on so many good times! I'm not trying to rub it in or anything, just that 14-16 is the years you get to go crazy in high school, and learn about everything without the academic pressure you have in grade 11-12 for university prep. I'm 16 and my parents buy my booze/condoms and ****, they let me party, and have a good time. I of course have responsibilities, my grades have to stay up, chores to be done... and we both uphold our end of the deal, so everybody's happy. I think you and your parents should come up with some kind of middle ground here to, a deal you can both be satisfied with... I'm not sure how helpful that was, but I really hope you guys can work something out! Cause that sucks!
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Shealtiel Shealtiel
Talk to him! Tell him he is holding you back from doing simple teenage things! Tell him he is pushing you away. Just do good in school so you can get scholarships and go away for college! Btw I don't think the "one sleep over a week" is that bad! Tell him to make a facebook page and add yours that way you can get on facebook and he can watch you without watching you, btw where's your mom through all of this. I don't think your dad is a bad dad I think he is tooooo protective. Like I said just get really good grades so you can go away for college!!! Tell your dad that you miss you friends and want to be able to spend more time with them.
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Niven Niven
wow. you need to have a serious talk to your dad. If he wont listen to you tell someone to talk to him that he will listen to. Your not a baby, and you need to be able to go through the crazy times of being 15. Your missing out on your childhood dude. But, I must say, I'm sure hes not doing it to make you mad. I'm sure hes just overprotected because he loves you, so dont be mad at that. Just get him to lay off.
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Kori Kori
Sit down and like an adult, explain your views to your parents and ask that they trust you and have some faith in your judgments. Don't scream or get pissed or act childish. Be mature and open.
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Ingram Ingram
my dad is the exact same, even though i am 17, except he just doesn't let me do things with friends. I have the same problem, and I don't know what to do either, except wait until you can leave his house and never go near him again. That's my plan
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Ewain Ewain
All I can say is while you live in his house you must follow his rules. If you don't like it, get your own house, pay your own bills, and see how you like that. I know it seems over bearing (and frankly it is slightly overbearing) but he only wants to protect you and he cares about you. Just try to stick it out.
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Ewain Originally Answered: Paranoid Schizophrenia, Paranoid Personality Disorder? *LONG POST*?
I'm not qualified at all to give you advice, I really think only a doctor is. Or, of course, like you said, someone who is going through the same stuff. But I read a post just today where someone was recommending this supplement - EMPowerplus. They said it's a miracle. So out of curiosity I did some research on it and there's SO MUCH positive feedback/reviews about it! The most interesting and informative sites I found were this one - http://www.truehope.com/newsletter/editi... and this one - http://www.revolutionhealth.com/drugs-tr... Might be of interest to you. I can't advocate personally for it, but I felt like I should at least pass along the info so you can look into it for yourself. I'm so sorry you are going through this. There really aren't any mental disorders more troubling than Schizophrenia. It sounds like the stress of finishing up with school and having to get out into the world, unemployed was the turning point for you. Do you get regular therapy? The self-esteem issues that crop up when you're in it deep sound like something you may well be able to work through in therapy. It might help if you could alleviate that part of it anyway while you're working out your meds. I can't say I'd take anyone's advice from a message board on meds, balancing meds for Schizophrenia can be very tricky. BUT, if you find a psychiatrist that really knows their biz you can find great relief with the right combo of meds. Or you could try a more holistic approach if that doesn't seem to be working out. There are options, but I know it's scary going through trial and error when you're suffering so bad. Anyway, to your actual question..Sounds like maybe Schizoaffective Disorder or basic Paranoid Schizophrenia. Hard to know from just reading what you wrote and besides that I'm not a Dr. But if I had to guess, being a student of psychology, I'd say one of the two. I wish you all the best in your search for the right treatment. I wish I could be of more help. Warmest regards.

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