What are some easy abdominal exercises?

What are some easy abdominal exercises? Topic: What are some easy abdominal exercises?
June 16, 2019 / By Cecily
Question: I'm so busy with my job, taking classes, my boyfriend and homework that I just don't have time to work out or whenever I do have time, I'm just so tired. I truly do wish to tone my stomach, but I just don't know any easy, simple ab workouts. Help anyone?
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Annice Annice | 1 day ago
http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercises.php?Real_New=%3C%3D+7&Name=&MainMuscle=Abdominals&Equip=BodyOnly&Isolation=&order=Name none of the excercises are hard or time consuming ....so all the best ..
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I started having severe lower abdominal pain a few months ago. It seemed like nothing could solve it. Then, I realized it was about 15 minutes after I ate, and sometimes it extended a few hours. It was terrible..I couldn't really move, and sleeping was nearly impossible. I went to the doctor, and they found out I have ulcers. ): Did they test you for ulcers?

Xan Xan
What I do while I'm watching TV is lie on my stomach, put my arms bent under me so I can lift myself up on just my forearms (wrist to elbow area) and on the tip of my toes so its almost like a push up but you hold yourself there for 10 seconds and repeat that 10 times for three reps. So you'd try and do 30 at 10 seconds each. It's hard to do at first but it really works! Also another one that works is lie on your back and put your legs up straight and cross them at the ankles and do crunches from one side to the next.
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Sheamus Sheamus
crunches. do like twenty of them before you take a shower everytime you shower. Its a slow process but believe me...after six months of it you'll get a toned stomach....or at least be able to feel the start of it. Also, any type of cardio involving twisting your upper body will help too.
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Noah Noah
Very simple. whatever you are doing sitting, standing walking, consider your posture. Hold you stomach muscles in without holding your breath and not so tight that it starts to hurt. This will tighten you muscles and eventually become habit. Oh and avoid getting pregnant, that doesn't do them any good at all!
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Kortney Kortney
plank.........hold a push up position for 20 sec-2 mins sounds easier than it is bicycle...where you're on your back your legs moving like your biking and you bring your opposing knees to elbow
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Kortney Originally Answered: Exercises for beginner drawers?
This is a really long question. There are lots and lots of different things that can improve your drawing. despite what many people say natural talent is only a tiny percentage of learning to draw. Alot of it is study and practice. Drawing is like problem solving. You just need to learn the basic skills to solve the problems of creating 3d Images from 2D shapes. Here are a few things to start out with. 1. Get a sketch book and some pens (various types to see what you like) Go somewhere, (anywhere, park, mall, subway, soccer field) Sketch from LIFE!!! This is the best exercise you can do by far. Do quick sketches of what people are doing, Don't worry about details or outlines, heck, use a crayon. Draw lots of gestures, are they sitting, standing, leaning. What leg are they resting their weight on, what way are their shoulders tilted, are they tall and thin, are they short and fat. you want to work quickly, while trying to incorporate as many things you know as you can. This will help with showing movement, proportions, mood, and general drawing. Don't worry if everything looks terrible at first, gotta start somewhere right!. Examples of gestures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carnivorous... www.i82.photobucket.com/albums/j263/Rh... http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjmcneil/24... 2. Practice Proportions just spending time practicing proportions is a good way to put them in your mind and eventually your sub-conscious. Find as much info as you can about proportions, there are 2 main systems, the head-system (a person is 8 heads high) and the 5 eye box system {(the one I prefer), the head is 5 eyes wide, from the top of the head to the pit of the neck is 2, 5 eye boxes) Find these and practice drawing from them. Memorize important land marks, the half way point of the body , how long are the arms, legs etc... There's lots of stuff out there to look up. 3. Learn perspective, 1,2,3 point, curvilinear and atmospheric. Start with 1 and work your way up. Perspective is essential to drawing anything. It helps create depth and realism in any image. Start out by drawing cubes cylinders and various other simple forms, and then start breaking more complex objects down, a bike is just a series of cylinders. A hand is a box with cylinders for fingers. 4. Anatomy. this one's kind of advanced but is essential. Practice drawing skeletons, this will help with your posing, and proportions. Then move onto drawing the muscles. If you know your bones and muscles you can draw a person doing absolutely anything. I always recommend life drawing to people because it's very challenging and you will learn so much. A wise woman once said to me there is no problem in drawing you will face, that you wont face in life drawing.

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