Help silencing inner dialogue while reading?

Help silencing inner dialogue while reading? Topic: Help silencing inner dialogue while reading?
June 25, 2019 / By Celestine
Question: Ok, Basically I'm trying to get better at speed reading. I found out that this can be acomplished by silencing inner dialogue. But How can I do this. Like what I mean is, If I cant think about the word in my mind or say it in my mind how am I supposed to figure out what it means. Like if i dont say the word in my head I have to say the definition to know what it means. How do you comprehend what your reading if you can't think about it. And I think I already learned how to silence the inner dialogue but every now and again while reading. My inner dialogue will say a word at random. Like a main point word. I thought that I was speed reading and managed to stop my inner dialogue but I noticed I didn't retain anything. Thats because I was just skimming the words and I wasn't comprehending them. How can I do this without inner Dialogue?
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Annitra Annitra | 5 days ago
Your infernal internal dialogue can be brought under control. You might, at this time, think that it doesn’t slow you down that much. I can assure you, unless you have control over it, it does. Some examples of how internal dialogue hamstrings you include: Reading speed is doubled if you don’t internally verbalise the words you are reading. You are able to reach a place of Flow much easier and your Flow states are extended (one of the most common interrupter of flow states is Internal Dialogue) It is often a common cause of insomnia. It impairs your learning by distracting you from the learning environment and by stuffing whatever the current topic is into what you already know (This is not what I consider learning). It often increases the stress you experience. It serves as a powerful de-motivator. How many times have you talked yourself out of something? There are many more examples of how your performance can improve once you stop talking to yourself. Internal dialogue has it’s place I want you to understand that. Unfortunately most of us over use our internal dialogue, at the wrong times and wrong places. I had breakfast the other day with friends who have an 8 month old child. I was awed by the silence in her (One of the common experiences that occurs when your internal dialogue is off, is that you can sense other people’s). She was simply there, watching, learning and experiencing the world. Of course, being 8 months old, she does not yet have the capability for any dialogue, let alone internal. And after reading Kathy Sierra I decided to build this list. So without further delay, here is a list of methods you can use to get control over this internal dialogue. When I remember or find more, I’ll add them to the list. If you have any of your own, please add them in the comments! Restate your internal dialogue immediately after hearing it. This brings your internal dialogue under your conscious control by breaking the pattern. Move the location of your internal dialogue into your voice box. Most people listen to their dialogue coming from a specific location. Often from the back of their head and off to one side. Move that location to where you physically speak from and it usually silences the chat. You can also extend on #2 by moving the voice to different locations for different effects. Some locations work great for motivating you, others for de-motivating. Experiment. Further on #2 and #3, you can externalise the voice. Set up a chair, and hear the voice coming from that chair. You can then have a proper conversation with it! Pick a personal mantra, then use it. “Shut the hell up” is one such mantra:-) Not really a method, but helps understanding. Who, when your internal dialogue is chattering away, are you speaking to? Using the 6-step reframing method from NLP. This method uses a signal system to set up with your unconscious mind that allows you to negotiate the times and places to turn on or off your internal alogue. Imagining a volume control knob. Turn up the volume of your internal dialogue, and turn it all the way down. If you have internal dialogue that you don’t like very much, changing the tone often helps. Turn the tone into the most seductive, most sensual voice you can imagine. How do you feel about it now? While rare, sometimes the voice we hear is actually another voice – a parent for example. In these cases, give the voice back to the original owner. Writing out the words your internal dialogue speaks often helps. Usually it runs out of things to say very quickly. With critical statements, you can also then write out counter examples stating how untrue or over generalised these statements are. Act. If there is something that you want to do, for example talking to a stranger, hesitation will ensure you talk yourself out of whatever action you considered. If you hear that voice, ignore it and act. Remember the silence. While you read this sentence, I want you to read it out loud. Half way through a word in a sentence, pause. You mind will, naturally, go on silent hold. Remember this ‘feeling’ and you can bring it back when you want by doing the same with your internal dialogue. With proper practice, you can keep that pause indefinitely. Wide peripheral vision. Imagine you are balancing an apple on the top of your head. Now move the apple about 2 inches back. Keep your attention on the apple. Now look at the world around you and notice your hands on the keyboard, the top of the monitor, the walls on your left and right and the other objects around you. Notice them all at the same time. Chances are your internal dialogue has quietened down.
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Yancey Yancey
I would LOL at the naïveté of this question, but it’s so painful (and true of all writers) that it can't be laughed at. Writing is about denial and fear. Fear that you are a talentless hack hiding your ineptitude from the world, terrified you will be discovered for the fake you are and denial that what you are writing doesn't matter anyway. Writers feel this every single day. Some days, the writing goes well, and you’ll think you’ve gotten past it. You haven’t. You’ve simply dodged that day’s bullet. Tomorrow may bring on the machine gun. Hang in there and get ready to get really screwed up. Writing is not for the faint of heart...it's bleeding on the page every day, from every pore, trying to communicate with inadequate language and even less ability emotions and treachery too big for words. It's getting beaten down and criticized by others who haven’t the slightest iota of a clue what it takes to do it well or how easily it is to do it badly. Worse, it’s beating yourself up for the exact same reasons. Makes you want to run to the computer and write more, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, believe me, writing isn’t for you. The desire to write is an obsession, an almost clinical illness with no cure. And for all your struggles, at the end of the day, what will you have? A very solitary, quiet life most likely, with few people who really “get” you. And you’ll have your story. It’s a good trade-off, for a writer. And you know what else? Despite everything—it’s the most fun I’ve ever had sitting still.
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