What do you think of these lyrics?

What do you think of these lyrics? Topic: What do you think of these lyrics?
June 16, 2019 / By Celinda
Question: Coming Down Raindrops, fall onto the piece of land Picked some up And poured it into sand Just to see It all go away M&M’s, falling from the sky Sounds like paradise Just go and roll the dice See if you could win twice The credits come down The show is over Give up now That kid is done for (Chorus) Like airplanes in the sky Like leaves flowing by Like that guy getting high What goes up… Must come down (Singer)-Yeah, yeah (Chorus)-Must come down (Singer)-Yeah, yeah (Chorus)-What goes up… Must come down (Note: there isn't much to add to this one...my friend and I wrote this one when we were doing our homework, all the words on here appeared at least once on our math homework:D So if you have any ideas what we should do for music, much applied, we were thinking something cheerful or runny, either way works, again, much applied(:)
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Annmarie Annmarie | 7 days ago
did u right this song or u got it from somewhere well its great like Ur writing a poem of Ur love that's a great start
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Annmarie Originally Answered: Song lyrics needed to be writing HELP!need some ideas for lyrics?
You can go to an online thesaurus to find words that mean work. And you can go to a online rhyming dictionary in order to find words that rhyme with word. Keep in mind that not every word has to rhyme with another, so remember to focus on the message and feeling your trying to get across rather then rhyming. I also suggest writing down things/emotions you could feel while working, and what surrounds you when you work and incorporate all of that. For example, feelings you could experience while working could include tiredness, exhausted, weary or bored. Goodluck
Annmarie Originally Answered: Song lyrics needed to be writing HELP!need some ideas for lyrics?
this has used up so much time i'm nearly out of my mind all i ever get to do is work until all my bones start to hurt and it seems i forgot how to play cause i wouldn't dare to procrasinate and i think i lost my imagination as my fun goes through evaporation chorus: but thats just the way it goes in this place if you don't work than its a disgrace he who does not work doesn't eat so i hope you don't mind staying on your feet you never get a second to sit down there is no time to clown around don't waste time socializing you might as well start optimizing because there is no time to cry if you really wanna survive you got to work no one expects you to perk sorry its late and thats all i got i hope it was useful though.

Yarwood Yarwood
sure, it is approximately the evil of guy. except, i particularly doubt that the satan had something to do with the dying of jesus, the one hundred years warfare, the russian revolution, the blitzkrieg in international warfare two, both kennedy assassinations, or the individuals killed at the hippie path. so it have got to all were guy's doing. it is a cool historical past lesson regardless that.
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Shelomi Shelomi
I think it's okay. It needs to be edited just a little. Plus I don't like the way you said "Like airplanes in the sky" maybe because it reminded me of B.o.B and Hayley William's song "Airplanes"?
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Shelomi Originally Answered: Some Lyrics ! DO u know any good lyrics like that ?
critical acclaim by avenged sevenfold http://artists.letssingit.com/avenged-sevenfold-lyrics-critical-acclaim-jd8cb57

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