What should I major in?

What should I major in? Topic: What should I major in?
June 16, 2019 / By Celosia
Question: So it's the end of the my junior year and I need to start the college application process but I'm starting to second guess on my major choice. For the longest time I've always planned on majoring in pharmacy but I fear that the work may be too redundant or pharmacy school may be too difficult. I know that I would like to do something in the healthcare field, but it cannot be anything like a doctor because I automatically faint with the sight of blood. So far these are the math/science/ap courses I have taken and plan to take my senior year: Freshmen year: Bio, Algebra II Sophomore: Chem I, Geometry Junior: AP Chem, AP English, Spanish IV, Trigonometry & Elementary Functions (pre-calc) Senior: AP Bio, Calculus, AP English, AP Psychology If anyone has any experience of pharmacy school, can you please tell me about the level of difficulty? I know it's definately not a walk in a park, I just don't know if you have to be a genius to make it. As of now my gpa was somewhat butchered because of AP Chem in which I got a B+ (and I know that sounds bad but I had a very tough chem teacher and very few received A's, but she made the AP Chem test seem easy so that was a positive). So I believe my gpa lies around a 3.8. I don't have a problem doing a lot of work, it's just the intelligence part that scares me. If anyone has any other suggestions other than pharmacy that you feel may suit me, please tell! I love working with kids so I was thinking about specializing in pediatric pharmacy but once again I'm second guessing about pharmacy and I can't job shadow because legislation requires patients records to be kept private. Also, if pharmacy is recommended, what colleges are respectable to apply to. I live in Pittsburgh, so I know there's always Pitt and Duquesne, but any others? Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I'm just in such a need of advice because the guidance counselors at my school, well, they don't really give guidance except for where certain classrooms are!
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Annona Annona | 8 days ago
Pharmacy probably won't be *too* hard for you. Seems like you at least have the intellectual capability to do it. Pharmacy will be hard work, comparable with other professional schools like engineering, nursing, kinesiology, etc... when compared to the letters college.
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Annona Originally Answered: Help me choose a additional major and/or minor to compliment my BFA Acting Major?
Film or Film Theory. Trust me, it'll help you in the business. Also, most actors wind up doing tv, commercial, film or voice-over acting...p.s. they pay better than theater.
Annona Originally Answered: Help me choose a additional major and/or minor to compliment my BFA Acting Major?
I say computer science. I think it is important to have a solid back-up plan. Also, on a resume for acting, wouldn't a computer science degree be interesting? It could give you a perspective that other people in your field wouldn't have. But hey... you'll know what's right for you. Your life is organic; you don't just pick a path and get stuck on it. You can change your mind, your major, and your life. Have fun!
Annona Originally Answered: Help me choose a additional major and/or minor to compliment my BFA Acting Major?
I'd go with computer science becuase its a great way to make money after school while you moonlight in acting. If you can stomach it, english or literature are also good options. Lots of jobs can use a solid writer for PR or communications

Yehowah Yehowah
If you did well on your AP science exams then I can't see why you shouldn't tackle the science oriented curriculum of a pharmacy major. I think you can do it. 3.8 GPA is very impressive! :] Good job! My GPA is nowhere near that! Pharmacy is very difficult because there are not a lot of schools and one too many students to apply to the schools.
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Yehowah Originally Answered: Do you have to be very smart to be an finance or accounting major major?
I've know ex-cops retired on disability after brain injury from wrapping their patrol car around a tree doing yeoman accounting work. He didn't have the spark of intelligence that I recognize from A Math students. If you have an Art degree apply directly to an accounting firm after taking intermediate accounting. No need to get another degree. Auction houses and the books of art societies have to be audited just like rocket ship factories. After intermediate accounting pay for one of those CPA exam study courses and go for the certificate. The accounting firm will teach you "their way" of accounting once you have the basics. Finance is not for you unless you have taken calculus and have gotten a C or better in it. Not that calculus is needed for the job, just the mentality that is shown taking calculus. Accounting is the blue collar families way to break their children into the rank of "professional" worker. If accounting is too hard at your school, find an easier one. Get the knowledge you need to get a job. If you have a degree in art, you are a college graduate.
Yehowah Originally Answered: Do you have to be very smart to be an finance or accounting major major?
This may not be what you want to hear but sounds like you're chasing the money. After fourteen years of working the an industry that I don't like, but still doing it for the money. I can honestly say "find something you love doing". Now to answer your question... Accounting is much harder than Finance. Not only does it require more hours but you have to pass the CPA exam if you want to make any real money. Have you looked at Marketing? There are more jobs in Marketing with less experience required than Finance to reach the 80k to 100k mark. If you already have a degree in Art this could be a big help in the Marketing field. Think it over!!!

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