Why I'm failing Calculus 3?

Why I'm failing Calculus 3? Topic: Why I'm failing Calculus 3?
June 16, 2019 / By Chalice
Question: I just took my second exam and I fail again 35/100. I even study hard problem by problem, but I still managed to score a low grade. I fail my first exam with a 40/100. Now, its a halfway mark and I'm in spring break. I"m planning to review over my first two exam and try to master it as much I could, but I just don't understand why I'm keep failing. I did my homework, ask questions, and do the problems over again, yet I couldn't get over the 3-D in calculus. What's should I do? I can't drop out of my class because I'm transferring next fall and dropping out that class would be a rescinding from my acceptance.
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Annora Annora | 9 days ago
i used to fail at almost every mathematics test i took. then i got this pretty useful advice. The questions can forever be changing and different each time, but the foundations, the concepts will always be constant. mathematical questions are created around the basic concepts. so what i would advice you to do, is to study the core concepts. if your school provides you with notes, look up the first page, there should be something like a lesson objective(s). As long you fully understand the basic concepts, and along with the knowledge of how the question vary and relate back to the foundations. i doubt you'll be failing anymore test. =)
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Annora Originally Answered: Failing AP calculus this semester. still should apply to UC? Or straight to CC?
Yes, still apply. It'll never hurt to try. The UC's see this every year where seniors slack off a little but still accept students. I'd work on my SAT a little though. I recommend that if you don't get into a top 4 or 5 UC, go to CC and then transfer. It's a waste of money to pay all that money and attend a lower tier UC. I hope you have a legitimate reason for failing calculus. You might be able to incorporate that into your personal statement Good luck!
Annora Originally Answered: Failing AP calculus this semester. still should apply to UC? Or straight to CC?
i've got self belief the provisions of your admission states it incredibly is nice to guard a three.0 GPA and not get a D or F in an A-G direction. If AP Calculus isn't lined as your A-G direction, which ability you took 3 years of math until eventually now Calculus, then it is not appropriate and that they gained't rescind your admission. yet while your D grade makes your GPA under a three.0 (not sure if unweighted or weighted), then that's a undertaking. if so, you may desire to call the admissions workplace. I heard many situations the place UC Davis does not care. "I had a chum who referred to as the U.S. Admissions workplace because of the fact she have been given a D in AP Physics and that they instructed her they might rescind her. She called UC Davis and u.s. and that they reported they does not evaluate it and nevertheless settle for her in any case. It incredibly relies upon on the college, yet i think of u.s. is between the colleges that's greater stringent on the standards. call the admissions workplace to substantiate this." desire this facilitates.

York York
I don't know where you are in the class, but I think you've probably done vector valued functions and partial derivatives. You still have multiple integration and vector fields to do. It isn't going to get easier. If your grade is based mostly on tests (it probably is) then you are going to have to get high Bs or As on your remaining tests to keep a C. It is doable, but if you are having problems understanding 3-space, you should get help from your teacher immediately. If you do fail it, I would see if the class is offered in the summer.
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Shelumiel Shelumiel
Let me tell you why you couldn't get through the triple integrals over a solid region in space. Your professor didn't teach you what type of equation is related to what type of 3D graphs. You need to read that chapter by yourself. That's the only way to make through all the disgusting integrals.
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Shelumiel Originally Answered: Topics relating to Differential calculus for an AP Calculus Research Paper?
Here's an Astronomy topic: Kepler's Laws. These are three laws of planetary motion that Kepler observed using empirical evidence before Newton stated his universal gravitation law. But then you can use Calculus to show that the three laws actually can be derived from Newton's law. This will allow you to throw in some philosophy of science if you wish, and the application of Calculus is very apparent. Edit: You can also look through this list of equations on wikipedia for ones you find interesting. Where there are equations in science, you can often find calculus. By the way, why are you limited to sciences starting with letters A-E?

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