Scorpio with Aries moon.should i just give up on being normal?

Scorpio with Aries moon.should i just give up on being normal? Topic: Scorpio with Aries moon.should i just give up on being normal?
June 25, 2019 / By Chanel
Question: I'm a scorpio with my moon in aries (taurus rising). I got really into astrology lately and i feel a little frustrated at myself. I've always known myself VERY well inside.I relate to ALL the scorpio traits. I am starting to realize that so many things that i DO contradict each other(not so much thinking)! I just wonder if anyone out there has known someone who is a scorpio with moon in aries that i could learn something from. I feel like i'm constantly doing things that i know to be kinda wrong but i just do whatever i want and then over think it later!Its like i want to feel bad, but that kinda feels good.Either i care SO much or Not at all and it seems random. Also, looking for a guy is crazy! I'm annoyed with guys hitting on me superficially and it makes me want to hurt them for trying to trick me.When they are too nice i can't help but chew them up and spit them out. Then i only like guys who are bad for me or don't get obsessed with me! it drives me crazy. Would a aries with scorpio moon be good?????? I am SOOOOOO attracted to stupid aries its ridiculous.Why is that? How long is this gonna go on? Why can i see the problem but not the solution? I'm interesting in ANY helpful astrological advice or insight. I do want to understand myself even more and hopefully change the negative and still be me...
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Anonna Anonna | 1 day ago
You can change the negative and still maintain your positive attributes. Your attracted to aries because you have an aries moon, your moon rules your emotions and you may feel a natural connection with an aries. You sound like a typical scorpio lol regardless of your aries moon, I have a pisces moon and EVERYTHING you said applies to me. Scorpio's are honestly walking contradictions. In order to change the negative about yourself you really have to want to change, you have to be aware of your emotions, how your thinking, and your reactions. Before you do something you know is wrong, think about it, you have to do a lot of thinking and checking yourself. Also take into account somethings you really just can't change, the extremes of caring or not caring at all, you probably can't change. The being attracted to the wrong guys you can change. You see the problem yes, and you know the solution (because you do)...its just a matter of acting on the solution, if you sat down and thought about this stuff you could solve the problem, but I feel like you arent. Remember not to over-analyze things. Change doesn't happen over night, you have to constantly work on it, you may slip up, but check yourself. I've felt the same way you have and I've made a lot of progress as far as holding grudges, temper, and understanding others points of view. What your asking goes beyond astrology, it has more to do with psychology.
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Anonna Originally Answered: How long do Scorpio men wait to let you in (Aries female)?
Yikes! I'm a Scorpio too and I can tell you this.... he's making an excuse. And he's getting laid once a week.
Anonna Originally Answered: How long do Scorpio men wait to let you in (Aries female)?
One of my best relationships was with an aries. I also have quite a few friends who are aries. Being a scorpio female myself and having a lot of fire in my chart i think creates that deep bond with aries folk. I found my relationship with him very intense and passionate (almost at times soffocating), yes, a scorpio felt soffocated! Lol. Instead of making a move on him you could suggest going out on a group date, suggest that you all go out to a movie or for a few drinks (if your old enough lol. Then you can observe what hes like with you more closely and away from the normal work environment. He seems interested, but how much and in what, i dont know id need more info. Good luck! :)
Anonna Originally Answered: How long do Scorpio men wait to let you in (Aries female)?
As an ARIES Woman I tell you this. Date someone else. I'm not telling you to sleep with someone else, but be open to date someone else. If you read up on Scorpio's and Aries they DO NOT MATCH, sexually yeah, but that is it. If you spend a lot of time with him you will see why you do not match. ALmost every Scorpio person irritated me while I dated them, very successful men, very successful but very dumb in common sense and just things said, which is our Strong point. If you date someone else, you won't be constantly thinking of just him, and you can't be available for anytime he feels like seeing you, but he will realize something is up, and may try to commit more.... It's almost like they smell another man around... Yes like a [email protected] lol By the way unless you guys are official Scorpio's Sexual libido is strong, and if your not seeing him that much, um he is seeing other's.. Sorry. Date a Leo their your absolutely perfect match

Yorath Yorath
i had a friend who got her chart done..many charts will be filled with contradictions and over time as you become self aware you will know how these contradictions play out in your life...anyway she looked at her chart, decided to celebrate the good things she found, and as for the bad she vowed to never to those things again, thinking about alternative ways and solutions on how to behave...the result? she isn't living her chart, she's learning from it and being a better person than what the chart says she is... you just listed a lot of stuff you see in yourself you want to change...well...look to all the wise people in your life, ask them for better ways to handle tings, look at your chart as well...as you gather all this info, put it into practice...make cheat notes in short form close at and...learn how you act or react, and make a plan how to handle things better and stick to it...and stop beating yourself up for not getting it perfect..it takes practice...and if you screw up, be the big person and apologize... you will do fine...recognizing the problems is most of the battle, and you admit to stuff you want ot change...that is huge... get your chart done... www.alabe.com is a good one...get others ...google "free astrology chart" and do them at multiple sites ps: you are attracted to Aries because they remind you of your rising sign...
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Yorath Originally Answered: Whats a Sagittarius, with moon Capricorn and rising Aries like?
The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a vigorous thinker who is capable of rising to a high position through the strength and originality of mind and expression. We probably don't have to worry too much about your self-esteem; it is naturally strong and a key feature of your success. This is a very practical and executive combination. It blends the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm, foresight, and directness of manner common with Sagittarius, and the ambition, shrewdness, realism and practicability of Capricorn. This is great for dealing in business affairs. Mental prudence or instinctive cautiousness enable you to keep expansive plans or ideas on a practical or realistic basis. Good foresight lets you chart the way things turn out and intuitively understand the future course of business. Viewed as practical, realistic and ambitious, you garner a good deal of responsibility. Personal integrity is a strong point in your nature and this help you build a flawless reputation. While the Capricorn Moon will never let you lose sight of your goals, the Sagittarius Sun want more than just power and is ever seeking happiness and personal satisfaction in the job well done. While its almost certain business will be the center of your attention, other interests will be important, as well. Cultural associations such as music and art can have decided appeal. You are highly executive, and definitely an executive with outstanding balance.
Yorath Originally Answered: Whats a Sagittarius, with moon Capricorn and rising Aries like?
If you were to think of your Sun sign as your soul -- your inner personality and potential -- and your Moon sign as your heart -- your emotional core -- then you could say that your Rising sign is your physical self or the face you present to the world. The sun (to integrate) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant) You value freedom and tolerance more than anything else. You follow your own way (active), but you can change to suit others (adaptable). When necessary, you can be forceful (fire). You have a dual nature (centaur), being in touch with your animal nature as well as your far seeing human nature (I see). The Moon (to react to) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved) Your ability to start new things (cardinal) may be governed (passive) by your emotions (Moon, react to) and you might not feel good unless you are being practical (earth) and holding back your feelings (reserved). You may find that what you are doing is not what you really want (passive), but you will probably carry on anyway (fixed), doing what you have always done (react to) because it has given you the material wherewithal to live well (prudent). Rising Sign is Aries (energetic and urgent). Whether you like it or not, people always look to you to get things started, to lead the charge, and to say the things that no one else dares to say. You seem confident and blunt -- and like an easy puzzle to put together. People think they understand your motivations. On the negative side, you might appear too intense and forward -- even self-absorbed. Don't be surprised if others expect you to respond jealously in love. That is the Aries way, and for all the world, you look like an Aries! Love & Blessings Milly

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