virginity important?

virginity important? Topic: virginity important?
June 16, 2019 / By Chanelle
Question: im a filipina girl, very beautiful,but i have still no bf coz i dont want and i want to study first...im just curious well i asking to the point,was virginity still important???why in other country people most of all were not virgins and if still virgins then its a shame to them???why do most of all the girls want to give up themslves??and boys want it too??? hello people, dont u want ur virginity be a gift to ur husband or wife??well i am.... u know virginity is very important to me,u dont have to give up ur body just to show ur love ones that u very love them! hey u guys give me a GOOD OPINION or maybe ur experience??
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Anora Anora | 2 days ago
It depends where you live, your culture and religion. Mostly in the US no it is not important at all. As a matter of fact is a nauseance that get in the way. A boy virgin in the u.s. is actually considered inferior. Then again a girl who gets around too much is a bad thing. Well thats changing fast though. The truth of the matter is that people here just want the sex and care very little on the others person track record. Most think that the least they know the better as long as the other person doesn't have a venerial disease. The thinking is that people want a good sex partner. In order to be good a anything you have to practice. Ergo, by extension a virgin is not good in bed. Or so the thinking goes. Another thing is that relationships now a days are different. People are not afraid to get divorce anymore or even get marry. Most people will wait a long time to get married and not because of lack of mates. This then means that just because you are a virgin when you marry does it guarantees that the mariage will work. What usually happens is that you give up your virginity to some one. Youstay with them for a while and then the relationship doesn't work so they move on. Thats it. Yes it was special that first time but no more special than the first time you do anything else like the first hamburger you ate or the first roller coaster or the first shot of tequila. That is to say, it may be very important to you but it might be meaningless to anybody else. Now I'm not saying to go and give it up to the next guy you see. You have to do what you believe in. What I'm saying is that there are many believes out there and yours is just another one just like mine is just another opinion/belief. Waiting for the right person is just as valid as the person who think you should give it to a stranger. Sure the first one is safer but none are more correct because both cases can claim that it was the best desision they made as well as say that it was a nightmare. One thing is true though. If you don't feel comfortable with something or someone then don't do it. Also be very weary of anyone that forces you to go against your belief. Some people think very highly of virginity but I don't for one reason. If you knew the origin and purpose of virginity you can only conclude that is a very nasty and cruel thing. You see back in the day women where property. Marriages where either arrange from birth or sold. In order for a man to marry a woman he would have to give a dowry which usually included animals and other such goods. Maybe grains. A woman was a very costly commodity back in the days. Remember that back in the days mortality rate was high. If you made it to 40 you where the village elder. Having a healthy female meant that your gene line could continue. Yes, people back then did not neccesarily marry out of love. Not like they do now. A man had to pay so the logic here is that if a man is to pay he wants to how can I put it, buy a new item. Is like buying a new car. You want that car to have zero miles not 100. 100 miles in a car is low but still that is not a new car. Also, if a woman lost her virginity it could mean that she might be pregnant with another man. Taking care of a child means a lot of resources. It takes time and lots of mony to raise a child and back then things like food where not easy to come by. Thus, virginity was a good thing. So, there you have it, it was not about purity or morals but to raise the womans value. Thats what virginity really means. Its an insult really. To be more valuable because people are more willing to pay a higher dowry and not because they look at you for your skill, knowledge or other good things that a person can be measured for. Over time this meaning has changed a bit but that is its origin. So, go ahead and celebrate the fact that you are valued the same way we value other material possesions.
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Anora Originally Answered: losing my virginity.?
NO WAY! you are way to young to be having sex! think of the consequences. what if she gets pregnant? What if you give in, then she stops talking to you anyway? Seems she's already mad b/c you didn't have sex with her....do you really want to give yourself up under those circumstances? Wouldn't you rather lose your virginity to someone who respects you as a person and cares about your feelings than someone who wants to use you as a sex toy? you should have sex because you care about someone and respect them and mostly BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! Not b/c you feel guilty! Dump her and get someone more caring. If she's that easy, how many other guys has she used? Also, how would you have reacted if you'd say ok and her parents caught you?

Youkahainen Youkahainen
Virginity is a shame? Don't make me laugh. I am a virgin, by choice, and I am proud of it. If at all, you can be only ashamed of the s!uts and whores. But for decent respectable women, you are a nice girl. Don't lose it. Stay till marriage. I'll do the same!
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Shephatiah Shephatiah
Best advice..... Save your virginity for the right person! But don't read too much into the hype, sex isn't heaven or exstasy it is simply sex and there is nothing magical about losing your virginity. And you're absolutely right, you can show your special someone other ways then giving up your body.....ever heard of felatio?
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Norris Norris
well i like the way u think ... but i put it simple the world has changes & few obey God & traditions , so be loyal to ur husband & stay virgin coz i honestly won't get married to a girl whose not a virgin & many guys think the same
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Lambert Lambert
everyone has a choice... just cause they want to take their relationship to the next level does make us whores and sluts etc etc... this is who we are... you may beleive in remaining a virgin till your married.. well all the power to you but not everyone is like you and you cant knock us for what we do... there is nothing wrong with showing the guy / girl that we are with that we care and that we want to be intimate with them... i think you are a little bit young to be making this statement as well.. what are you 15.....
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Lambert Originally Answered: How old were you when you lost your virginity?
I regret it big time. I was WAYYYY too young!!!!!!!--14. How old was the person you had sex with?He was 18. Did your parents know that you were having sex?They found out=not pleased. Did they mind?Yes--they sure DID mind. Not pleased. Did you go on or have sex with a girl on birth control at what age? I'm a female...I went on to bc and continued with the sex=I was very foolish to do that. Do you personally feel that you should have waited?Definitely. If you did wait did you think it was difficult?not applicable. If you've been having sex for a while now does it seem like waiting 4 or 5 years wouldn't have hurt? Never would have hurt.I SHOULD have waited. For SURE. Finally if you are older and were capable of waiting, how do you feel about teenagers 16 and under having sex? I am older..44 now. now that I am older and wiser and speaking from experience, i feel that it can do great emotional damage doing something so intimate and screwing with ones emotions at such a young age...I recommend waiting -- a person has their whole adult life ahead of them and to rush is time and energy and emotions best spent enjoying ones youth...not getting into the headaches and drama of relationships...plus--focus on school work and your future.

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