I have a terrible life?

I have a terrible life? Topic: I have a terrible life?
June 20, 2019 / By Chantale
Question: My mom told me she had a 4 year scholarship and a 3.9 gpa, but she didn't stay in college. So the reason we are in poverty is because of her. Or it could be me. My mother is great though. Her records are clean she tries to provide for me but my sorry *** step dad keeps bringing her down. I'm just pissed that I'm probably not going to college because we cant afford it. Also my step dad threatened me for "Acting too grown" I'm 15 and I want to go to ******* college but when I ask "Am I going to college?" I get yelled at. I hate my life. I make good grades and just get yelled at. I get in to BETA Club at school, and get yelled at. If I do anything I get yelled at. I've had suicidal thoughts ever since I was 10 and starts cutting at 13, but it's never going to solve my problems. What should I do?
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Ansonia Ansonia | 3 days ago
I think we all have suicidal thoughts but that is seriously a mistake. What awaits us on the other side of death? It would be so sad to die and then find out in the afterlife that you made a mistake. Don't do it. YOu're young and have your whole life ahead of you. Have you talked to your mum about these feelings? You shouldn't hide these issues from her. She loves you and she can't help you if she doesn't know what's going on with you. Your stepdad is verbally abusing you. You NEED to tell someone about this. If he's threatening you and yelling that's verbal abuse and you need to tell a counselor. Very few people can afford to pay out of pocket. I worked my way through school because my parents told me they wouldn't help me out. My mom would have but she was seriously ill and hospitalized and my dad didn't pay for my college. I worked at a Belk store and paid my tuition myself. Seriously though I worked about 50 hours a week and I got very burned out to the point that it affected my health. Loans or scholarships are an option. Don't you have good grades? You could easily get a scholarship. Talk to a counselor. Do some research about careers and choose some that interest you and talk to people. Find out what credentials will lead to jobs. A lot of degrees unfortunately aren't marketable these days. I majored in Spanish and Biology and I couldn't get a job straight out of college so I went back for teaching credentials. It really sucks... back in the '90s if you had a college degree you were set up for a middle class lifestyle, in the '70s and '80s, they practically handed you a job if you had a degree but times have changed. It's important to get something marketable.
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Ansonia Originally Answered: My friend is ditching me and my life is so terrible for me right now, please help!?
hey first stop worrying. i know it easier to type than to actually stop worrying in such a situation. but please dont be sad. now try to solve each one of ur problems one by one. first abt ur friend; dont even call her a friend. jus fuhget her. yes, she spoilt ur trust but its ok. u will be finding better friends. in future dont be friend centered. i mean be a friend thats it. sisters r differnet. i mean dont trust ppl too much. and forgive her. she is probably jealous of u in some way. now, u just stay away from her. and dont expect ppl to believe her forever. they will know the truth very soon and stop believinng her. u may feel its impossible but thats what actually happens in real life. and i can understand how bad u might be feeling coz of the divorce stuff and all. but brush it aside. try to divert urself. after all difficult times r not forever. maybe from tomorrow u may have ur happy days, who can tell? life is full of problems. u must cope up , struggle and come out successfully. i believe u can do that. dont get upset. believe me, happy times are not too far. i wish u goodluck wholeheartedly.
Ansonia Originally Answered: My friend is ditching me and my life is so terrible for me right now, please help!?
I'm so sorry. I understand completly, I have crohn's disease, and majpr anxiety. My best friends all hate for no reason, my boyfriend broke up with me...nothing is going right. I also am thinking of doing independent study, to get away. But part of doesn't want to miss like the highschool experience, although some people its totalllyyy stupid! I mean, just the little things...but all in all i think i would be happier homeschooling. Anyways, I think you just need to stay strong. Sadly, you can't change the people around you in the snap of a fingers. Just get through day by day. And know that it is not your fault! If you ever need to talk you can email me.

Zabdi Zabdi
Talk to somebody and be assertive but not aggressive. Don't let an idiot father like this being you down. Call the police if he gets physical and whatever you do, i suggest martial arts, cardio, or yoga to relieve stress. The next time your step father verbally abuses your mom, walk in to the room with an emotionless expression on your face. Keep a good posture and look him in the eyes then deepen your tone and say, "You, do NOT yell at my mother in her own home." She should have made him sign a contract that states if she wants to leave him, he has 48 hours to leave the house.
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Sheridan Sheridan
shoot for scholar ships, go to a 2 yr college first gets grants if you can and work your way through it may be hard but you CAN do it.You sound intelligent so do not let anything stand in your way hon.
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Sheridan Originally Answered: I feel terrible and I can't seem to do anything. what can I do?
Hi zoombug -- I emailed you but it came back to me -- I just found out. I will try again -- I don't want you to think I didn't keep my word -- I definitely didn't forget about you. I'll email you tomorrow. Hang tight until then. Just do a little bit at a time -- it's easy to get overwhelmed when you have so much to do -- just type one page of your paper, and then tomorrow another. Get some rest tonight -- when I have a hard time getting to sleep, I count backwards from 100 -- on each exhale I slowly say the number -- it usually works for me. Don't worry-- you're not doomed to a life of burger-flipping yet.

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