My mum won't let me get a puppy?

My mum won't let me get a puppy? Topic: My mum won't let me get a puppy?
June 16, 2019 / By Chanté
Question: Over the years we have had labs terriers bulldogs and the last dog we got was a pug, wen we got the pug my brother started to come out in a rash, because of the dog hair it's strange cus my bro has never got it before and we've had loads of dogs ? Pugs have prickly fur is that y?? I want to get a teacup chiwahwa but my mum said no because of my brothers allergy has anyone got any advise or a way of solving the problem?
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Anstace Anstace | 4 days ago
Your brother has allergies and there is nothing you can do about that. your mom can take him in to see what it is exactly that he is allergic to and they can put in him meds but that doesn't mean you should get a dog. Also there is no such thing as a "teacup" chihuahua or another other kind of dog. They are just poorly bred runts with health problems
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Anstace Originally Answered: Concerns About Puppy Mills and Buying A Puppy?
So glad you're doing your homework on this! First thing that came to mind when I read your statement... puppies are a lot of work! Are you ready for that? You say you don't have the energy to play with a dog. I think it would be a disservice to a puppy for you to bring one into your home. I hope that doesn't offend you. I just know that there are sooooo many wonderful adult and senior dogs out there that would make great companions for you. If you have a particular breed in mind you should check online for breeder-specific rescues. Google something like: lab rescue (your state). On the subject of avoiding mills, visiting is the only way of ensuring you're not dealing with one. I like the recommendation of another post here that you ask a friend to check it out. If that isn't possible, perhaps get in touch with a shelter or rescue near the breeder you've identified and ask if they: a) have any info on the breeder, b) have a volunteer who might be willing to check it out. But whoever visit the breeder MUST see the mother of the puppy and MUST see where she lives; not just be escorted to the living room and have the puppy brought in. If the breeder is USDA licensed, their inspection reports are available online. The site isn't terribly user friendly, however. But I'd be willing to help you navigate it or do the research and let you know what I find. Lots of puppy mill traps out there. So many disreputable breeders in it for the money. You can't be careful enough. I have an organization in Iowa that works on this issue here. We rank #2 after Missouri. We have breeders who have as many as 800-1000 adult dogs living in cages, pumping out puppies. You'd never know to meet the people. Some make as much as $1.5M annually off of selling puppies! Not only is supporting a mill a concern, I also talk to many people who end up with horrendous vet bills from sick puppies obtained thru mills. And unfortunately I haven't found that many vets are well versed or helpful on this subject; contrary to the suggestion in another post here. Check out our website to learn more. Contact me directly at [email protected] Good luck.

Zaccai Zaccai
Allergies can pop up at times, making no sense at all. I've had the same issue--being allergic to one cat or dog and not another. Because it's so unpredictable and because the symptoms can be very annoying and even life-threatening, your brother has to be careful. If you get a dog and he's allergic, you'll probably have to give it away and that is hard to do. Now that your brother is having symptoms, his allergy could get worse over time. He could develop asthma, which means he will have trouble breathing. Your mom is just protecting your brother's health--it's her job and I'm sure she'd do the same for you. On the other hand, a few dogs supposedly have less allergenic hair, but it all depends on the person. Did you mom make sure the pug wasn't using a shampoo or flea medicine that your brother could have been allergic to? Maybe the dog had something on it that the previous dogs didn't use. There are a lot of websites on allergies, so you might want to search for dog allergies and read about how we are allergic to them so it will make more sense.
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Sherlock Sherlock
Allergies, unfortunately, can strike at any age, even if you've already been exposed for years. I developed a severe allergy to dogs, cats, and other mammals, (especially rats) in the fourth grade despite having dogs all my life and going to play with the neighbors' cats and class rodents whenever I could. It took me seven years of allergy shots, but they are curable. I don't know if you still have other dogs, but until your brother's gone through at least enough shots that he can be around a dog without breaking out or hacking up a lung, I have to understand where your mom's coming from. Most of the time, pet allergies are caused by dander as well as fur, so you can't really get a true hypoallergenic breed. If you have or get a dog, you'd probably have to keep it outside and away from your brother and bathe it frequently, as well as washing your hands after playing and petting on it to keep down dander. (I say this having had a shedding Golden Retriever in the house for over half the time I had allergies and a Cocker outside before that, but my big thing was rats.) Encourage your brother to get shots and good luck to both of you!
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Norwood Norwood
An allergy can come out at any time. It's not the pug. It's not the pug's fur. Your mother can take your brother to an allergist and have him tested to see what the allergy is. It could be the dander, it could be the saliva, but if he has an allergy you can't change that. Nor can you force your mother to have an animal in the house especially if she's the one who pays for everything.
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Lance Lance
Prove to your mother that you brother Isn't allergic to dogs by getting him checked by your doctor. It could be just that specific breed or your right and its the prickly fur. Write a short paper explaining why a dog is beneficial and to not jump to conclusions by saying your brother is allergic. Don't forgot to stay responsible, get good grades, and help around the house because you don't want your behavior to ruin the oppurtunity of getting your dog.
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Lance Originally Answered: i want to get a puppy but I want to do it the right way.?
Hi Lucy, I think it's WONDERFUL that you want to adopt and that you are trying to do all your homework before getting a dog. But, I'm kinda unclear of how we can help you. Both Schipperkes and Corgis can be super vocal, so living in an apartment doesn't always work with these breeds. But, if you can train them properly and give them a TON of exercise/activity on a daily basis, this can help with the barking. A tired dog is a good dog. I say that you keep looking at http://www.petfinder.com and when you see a dog that looks interesting, research the breed further. http://www.akc.org is a good place to start, but then click on their "National Breed Club" link for each breed. You'll really have to take into account the amount of time you have to work any dog, along with grooming requirements, prey drive, and size requirements. http://www.akc.org/breeds/rescue.cfm#M is a list of purebred rescue groups. Remember that with many of these groups, all their dogs are not always listed on their pages. I know that with several of the groups we work with, some of the most desirable dogs never show up on petfinder or on the rescue's website. They come in, get UTD on shots, get a temperament test, and go to a home that has an approved application already in. Basically, what I'm saying is that if you like those 3 breeds and are familiar with the breeds personally (not just via reading), then get an application in with the rescue groups. Jump through their hoops (reference checks, home checks, vet checks, etc) and e-mail them every few weeks or every month to stay in their mind. I've actually found that the best apartment dogs are rescued Greyhounds. Not Whippets, not Italian Greyhounds, but retired track Greyhounds. A long walk daily is about all they need for exercise. They tend to be pretty healthy, aside from some joint issues, are usually pretty quiet, and can handle being home for awhile each day. The biggest concern would be your cat - Greys have a prey drive and even the safest Greyhound can one day decide to snatch kitty. Ensuring that they are in separate rooms when they can't be supervised will remove that danger. GL!

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