Math equation need help!?

Math equation need help!? Topic: Math equation need help!?
June 25, 2019 / By Charis
Question: here's the problem. Solve and graph the inequality. 5x > (-10) n stands for negative. Graph: <---n4--n3--n2--n1--0--1--2--3--4---> Ok now this is why it's hard. First of all this is supposed to be review, but i don't think I ever went over this last year.. Second, Theres supposed to be a line right under the less than sign. The reason I din't put it there is b/c theres no way to do that on my comp. Thank you Btw it's not summer for me school just started. :P
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Anthia Anthia | 7 days ago
5x ≤ -10 divide both sides by 5 x ≤ -2 so put a solid dot over the -2, and draw an arrow going to the left
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Anthia Originally Answered: Hey can someone help me with this math equation 2(5x+3)=3x-22?
2(5x+3)=3x-22 Start with multiplying 2 times 5x and +3( 10x +6= 3x-22 ) 10x +6= 3x-22 minus 3x from both sides 10x -3x = 7x 3x -3x 0 ( 7x+6 = -22 ) 7x+6 = -22 minus 6 from both sides +6 and -6 =0 -22 -6 =-28 (7x =-28) 7x =-28 divide both sides by 7 7x/7 = x -28/7 =4 (x=-4) answer is x=-4 It is nice to have someone do it for you, but you must learn how or fail the test! Good Luck!
Anthia Originally Answered: Hey can someone help me with this math equation 2(5x+3)=3x-22?
2(5x+3) becomes 10x+6 10x + 6 = 3x-22 (minus 3x to each side) 7x + 6 = -22 (minus 6 to each side) 7x = -28 (Divide both sides by 7) x = -4
Anthia Originally Answered: Hey can someone help me with this math equation 2(5x+3)=3x-22?
The idea is try and get all the Xs on the same side of the =, and all the numbers on the other, by doing the same thing to both sides. First, expand the brackets on the left. this will give you: 10x + 6 = 3x - 22 Then move all the x's to the left, by minusing 3x from both sides. this will give: 7x + 6 = -22 Now - 6 from both sides: 7x = -28 Finally divide both sides by 7 to find x: x = -4 Now check that it works by putting it into the initial equation. If you have a scientific calculator this will be easiest.

Zachary Zachary
Go look at purplemath.com, click on 'how do they really do this stuff'...great site... As for inequalities...here's the basic rules. You treat them just like a regular equation except if you divide by a neg number, then you 'flip' the inequality...and leave the = part of course if there is one. As for graphing, since this one comes out x equal to or greater than -2, just graph the vertical line x=-2 and indicate everything to the right of that line. ( I think hayharbr wrote the original down backwards, didn't he? so that answer is backward too)
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Zachary Originally Answered: Math equation help please?
thinking logically your left hand side will always be positive so in order for your right hand side to be positive as well the numerical value of V (that is the value of V excluding its sign) should be greater than the numerical value of Y. because once the modulus sign is removed both the values of V and Y would be positive and Right hand side can only be positive if V is greater than Y This case only exists in option D where |v| > |y| so D or E are your only possible answers putting in the values given in option D u get | -14 + 4 | = |-14| - |4| |-10| = 14 - 4 10 = 10 since both sides are equal the equation is satisfied and D is your answer alternatively you can use a trial and error method in this question for all options to work out the correct option hope this solves your problem :)
Zachary Originally Answered: Math equation help please?
|v+y| = | v | - | y | A) v = 2; y = 6 |8| = | 2| - | 6 | Not true B) v = –13; y = 14 |1| = 13- 14 Not true C) v = 7; y = –18 |-11| = | 7 | - | -18 | 11 = 7 - 18 Not true D) v = –14; y = 4 |-10| = | -14 | - | 4 | 10 = 14 - 4 True E) None of the above. So D

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