Can you help me with my math?

Can you help me with my math? Topic: Can you help me with my math?
June 16, 2019 / By Charissa
Question: Old silver coins contain 90% silver. Silver solder contains 63% silver. If you wanted to make 200 kilograms of an alloy containing 81% silver, how many kilograms of old coins and how many kilograms of silver solder could you melt together to do this?
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Antonette Antonette | 9 days ago
Ahhh, ye olde % problem that most teachers are unable to clearly explain. Call x the kg's of old coins you need and y the kg's of silver solder. Then the total kg's must add up to 200, so the first equation is x+y = 200 Next, there are x*0.90 kg of silver in the old coins and y*0.63 kg of silver in the silver solder. So, the total amount of silver is 0.90x +0.63y. This must be 81% of the total mass, i.e. 0.81*200. So, your second equation is 0.9x+0.63y = 162 You solve for x and y. Simple enough?
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Zack Zack
Let silver = x and silver solder =y since x+y must =200, therefore x =200 -y .90(x) +.63y =.81(200) .90(200 -y) +.63y =.81(200) lets rid fraction by multiplying all by 100 90(200-y) +63y = 81(200) 18000-90y +63y = 16200 1800 = 27y 66.67 =y =kg of silver solder coins 200 -66.67 = x =133.33 = kg of 90% silver coins
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Shimei Shimei
x := the weight of silver coins y := the weight of silver solder x+y = 200 90x+63y = 200*81 multiply the first equation by 63 and subtract it from the second 27x = 200*(81-63) = 3600 x = 133.3 kg y = 66.7 kg
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Obed-Edom Obed-Edom
Let x kg of coins be mixed with y kg of solder. x+y=200 In x kg coins, solver=9x/10 kg. In y kg solder, silver=63/100 kg. 9x/10+63x/100=81/100(x+y) or, (90x+63y)/100=81/100*200 or, (90x+63y)/100=162 or, 90x+63y=16200 90x+90y=18000 27y=1800 y=200/3=66.66 x=200-200/3=(600-200)/3=400/3=133.33 133.33 kg of coins are to be mixed with 66.66 kg of solder. Hope this helps!!!
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