Should the husband make all the money?

Should the husband make all the money? Topic: Should the husband make all the money?
July 20, 2019 / By Charla
Question: My wife and I have had fights about money many times She used some of her savings when she moved in with me before we got married. She regrets having done so. She believes that a husband should make all the money to cover all the bills and that the wives money she earns is hers alone. Does anyone agree with her? Well we had one fight to many and now she wants a divorce.
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Arden Arden | 2 days ago
What's yours is hers and what's hers is hers? I don't think so. --- That doesn't wash in most legal jurisdictions. You have community property states where everything is joint, and more traditional states where what you get during the marriage is joint. In both cases, her income goes into the same pot as yours. So, she is legally wrong. But she is correct if she believes her savings (before marriage) were hers, and continue to be hers, just like any other property she had before the marriage. Again this doesn't wash in community property states. -=-=- Instead of trying to solve a problem, you seem to think the appropriate response is to argue, or hold grudges. Your marriage is doomed, unless you both want to fix it. -=-=- In the traditional model, the husband is the breadwinner AND controls all the money. He gives wifey a household spending allowance. -=-=- She can believe anything she wants. WHY in the world would you have not known this before she moved in with you?? Poor judgment on your part. Perhaps that is why she doesn't trust you. -=-= This is certainly NOT something to fight about. What kind of stupidity would lead you to believe you can change her expectations? Again, poor judgment. Fairness is in the mind. If you feel it is not fair and she feels it is fair, then either you agree to disagree or need to find someone who is more willing to comply with your expectations. Perhaps next time you will find out a bit about the woman before you marry her. There are plenty of books on marriage which list hundreds of questions you need to ask before committing to marriage. But doing that would require good judgment... -=-=- What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with the incompatibility. -=-=- But I suspect you asked the question, not to get advice, but to justify your stupid, destructive behavior. -=- Finances are extremely important. You really can't ignore them. Either get counseling, or get a divorce. How can you or she be happy in a relationship that is not moving towards the same goals? -=- A marriage is about balance. If she doesn't contribute financially then how is she not just a taker? Perhaps she does most of the chores around the house? Runs all the errands? Makes all appointments, does all paperwork and runs your household. IDK. Each marriage needs to find its own balance. By your description, she seems to be very selfish. But that is just your side. Most Americans need two paychecks to maintain their standard of living. So, either you and she can be happy on just your paycheck, or you need to reconsider why you got married.
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Zadok Zadok
SO? Give her the divorce, what do you care? She will see what the REAL world is like hopefully. No man gonna want a bloodsucker like her anyway. Life has hills and valleys, let's see what happens when the valley don't end for her. Have a stiff drink, find yourself a slut and have a happy night-for a change, I'm sure. If not, curl up into a ball and whine all night. Which sounds better?
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Sholto Sholto
I'm a little more of a traditionalist in that I do believe for my family that my husband should be able to support us financially... that being said when I work that money isn't mine to spend however, I spend it on him as well as me and put some in savings for us! Money is household money, when you marry its not mine and yours its ours! Everyone is different and has different ideals and things they want for their family. Some women don't believe men have to be the breadwinner and some men are stay at home dads.. It's all just depending.
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Oded Oded
Honestly, I wasn't born in America and where I am originally from, that is the case. Men take care of the family, provide financially for the family and don't let the woman pay for much of anything. Then again, the woman takes care of the home, cooking and cleaning, the chores in the house and the kids. The man does not help at all. Here in America, that is not the case. It's 50-50 and that is the American way of life, both financially and the running of the house hold. I've come to accept that and actually, it works for me. Ps... I still think American men are CHEAP!
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Larkin Larkin
It was right! in 1980s 21st century is more advanced where man and woman are of good capabilities. God gives women also power to help running family. Man was provider. Now Both are mutually providing! Time changes Concepts change! Money is money!
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