Mechanics What Do You Think of Them?

Mechanics What Do You Think of Them? Topic: Mechanics What Do You Think of Them?
June 20, 2019 / By Charleen
Question: I was just wondering what does people think of those lovely people who work on our cars. Some of them are actually lovely and then there are others who do horrible things to your car and want to make you pay for it and get angry when you question them about the services that they have rendered. I have this one Bozo who has screwed my completely up. And yet he has tried to make me out to be the bad guy. I took my car to this mechanic in good faith and now I am going to have to buy another car because my computer is messed up in my car and everything has gone wrong with my car since he put the wrong computer in it and now he wants to yell and scream like a fool and tell me that he is doing nothing to fix my car. He told me that he has reached his limit of what he is going to do and all I went to him for is to see why I wasn't getting heat. What started out being a $100.00 job has turned into a $1700.00 one and he yells and screams and hollers every time I ask him how are he going to fix this mess. Please remember all I went to him for was a diagnostic to see why I wasn't getting heat! And I am very angry that I have been without a car for months trying to get this one fixed.
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Aretha Aretha | 3 days ago
I don't think the problem is mechanics in general, I think you have a problem with this particular fellow. Now the problem is not the car, it may not even be his mechanical work (though it's quite possible that is a problem), the problem is most definitely his interpersonal and communication skills; also possibly yours. How do you act/react to this guy? Are you yelling/screaming at him? Are you saying things to intentionally be hurtful/spiteful? It may make you feel better, and you may feel justified in acting that way but I can guarantee you that reacting in any way to an angry person will never, ever solve anything. Best thing you can do is remain calm and do not make accusations, true or false it will only serve to put the other person on the defensive, and many people get quite angry/violent on the defensive. What you need to do is to remain calm, do not use accusatory or derogatory language, just quite simply tell him that you cannot pay for services that were not rendered. You brought your car to this garage to have it fixed, and in addition to not being fixed, it has acquired new problems while in this garage's care. (I cannot emphasize enough the need to place the blame on the garage, and to de-personalize the problem - "it was not fixed" vs. "you didn't fix it" - it will help him remain calm, and it seems that both of your keeping your cool sounds like a good idea). Now the actual problem with your car, how was it not getting heat? You mean to say that it would not blow hot air at all, or that it would take a long time to heat up inside? Did you ever smell antifreeze inside the car? How long have you owned the car? If it takes a long time to heat up it could be the thermostat, possibly the heater core. If it doesn't heat up at all and you've not owned it a long time I'd suspect the coolant has been re-routed past the heater core due to a leak in it. If you smell coolant in the car it's a leaky heater core. Does air blow at all? You may have to replace the blower motor to get air movement. Did the mechanic wind up fixing the heat issue at all? Why did he put a new computer in? How do you know it was the wrong computer? Get him to put the old one back in if this is definitely the wrong one. Get this info. If he will not return the car to its original state and/or tries to charge you for not fixing your car, take him to small claims court. And my final bit of advice, learn as much as you can about how a car works so that you can diagnose it yourself, and, knowing a bit about cars will help keep you from getting scammed into buying/fixing things you do not need to.
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Aretha Originally Answered: Website for Gun mechanics?
First thing you do, friend, is start buying really good BOOKS. When I got started, many years ago, there was an English book available called "Pistols, Rifles and machine Guns". It is not available now. I suppose I'll have to sit down and write something to replace it. It discussed firearms in terms of mechanisms and always the 'why' of each mechanism as well as the 'what' and the 'how'. I learned a lot from that one. But it's no longer available. Start off with "Hatcher's Notebook" (Stackpole books, Harrisburg, PA) by Major-General Julian S. Hatcher. This is a book that you will refer to time and again throughout your whole life; it is that important. Hatcher was a marvellous lecturer and he was right at the heart of developments for a LONG time. It was Hatcher who discovered what was wrong with the 1903 Springfield and who ended up having a million of them scrapped. He knew, and worked with, such greats as John Pederson, John Garand, John Moses Browning, Sir Charles Ross, Soren Hansen Bang and many, many more. And always he tells you HOW and WHY. Ludwig Olson's great MAUSER BOLT RIFLES. Frank Barnes: Cartridges of the World. Realise that MILITARY rifles are the root and soul of all firearms development. There is ONE American writer who writes about foreign military rifles objectively. He is Gary James and he writes for GUNS & AMMO magazine, making it generally the ONLY American gun magazine I bother buying. The rest are what my good range-buddy of many years called them: "the Funny-papers". They sell advertising, not guns and whatever gun company buys the most ads this month gets the finest reviews.... or so it appears too often. Get on the internet. There are web-sites for just about everything, even many of the devoted to a particular firearm. There is one for the 1911 Colt pistol, another for Carcano rifles, the Russians have an excellent one (in English) about firearms. There is my own favourite, Canadian Gun Nutz (which even has a Juniors forum where you can meet and talk with people your own age who are just getting started) and there is milsurps dot com. Brownell's, the people who make gunsmithing tools, have an excellent website with discussion groups. The information is out there. Go get it. ..

Zak Zak
Look, there is not one mechanic in existence that does not have both a blushing success story and a howling failure. Depends on the POV of the person telling the story. Depends entirely on the mechanic themselves. One cannot judge a profession on the whole based on the good or bad acts of a few. You are dealing with people, not a career choice. I have sold parts for 21 years. There are mechanics I trust my family and friends car with and I send them the business. There are those at whom I would not throw my worst enemy's wheelbarrow for a Krylon paint job.
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Shylock Shylock
I always ask the right questions of a potential repair person and if they can answer me correctly and repectfully then I tend to trust them. If they answer me like a moron on meth. then I tend to not trust them and toodle on down the road somewhere else. Trouble is, the morons tend to out number the really good guys, so as a result I've done my own work as I figure if a moron can learn how to fix a car, then maybe I could too. Wow, it worked too, I'm now completely restoring five vintage automobiles at this moment!
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Odell Odell
If I was you and I went to have a diagnostic run on my car and then THEY did something that messed it up......I wouldn't pay a penny. If they didn't fix it or charged me more for their mistake i would file with the small claims court (I believe that's what its called) and sue for the damages and if necessary for the car to be replaced.
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Larrie Larrie
It may be best to start fresh with another source before you end up in the mental ward.Some things are out of our control,this is one.
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Larrie Originally Answered: To all truthful mechanics, do you?
I wouldn't lie but I know lots would.(but I could get it wrong) I know you are American by the terms you use so it may read a little weird me being English. If he told you you had a faulty radiator, that should have been it really. By changing the thermostat it's saying you had two faults, which is unlikely. Sometimes people don't really want to rip you off but because they are unsure of the fault, they cover themselves by changing cheap items at the same time as the expensive item to give them a better chance of solving your problem. You have to remember that some faults on cars are very difficult to diagnose in one go. How often are doctors wrong and then send you back for more tests. People accept that as the norm. But a mechanic who is unsure is instantly seen as a crook. P.S. How many tradesmen are on here right now giving advice for free, when the company we work for relies on paying customers to keep us in our jobs, (we're not all bad)

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