How can solve Ecuador weather problems?

How can solve Ecuador weather problems? Topic: How can solve Ecuador weather problems?
June 25, 2019 / By Charlie
Question: In this year, Ecuador has a very terrible weather problem and I need to know that you can suggest us any solutions for it. Please!!!!
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Best Answers: How can solve Ecuador weather problems?

Ariel Ariel | 6 days ago
Few ways: 1-Pray to God... 2-Goberment try to relocate people that live around the river. 3-Goverment make walls and dawn to protect cities around the river. 4-If you leave around a river, buy a boat and few lifesavers.
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I don't think a single balloon can solve a real life problem, unless it's personal such as taking pictures you want to take. Also, if you really are trying to solve a real life problem with balloons, it's likely that you will first need to experiment with balloons for a while in order to make sure you figure out and resolve various problems related to whatever you are trying to achieve with them. Using a balloon for the first time almost NEVER does what you expected it to do. You learn things and make adjustments and eventually get something that does most of what you'd like. You say nothing about just how long your balloons are likely to stay aloft. Much of the important work these days involves getting towards 100 days or more of flight time. I'm not sure how you get wind speed from a balloon that is being carried by the wind. You might consider both a 3D gyro and a 3D accelerometer platform, though, just to see what comes of that. You will get integral errors, so you may also want to include a GPS unit -- make sure it will work at high altitudes (most cheap ones don't.) Moisture is a very good idea, as water content is a good indicator of when you leave the troposphere and arrive at the stratosphere (which is dry, almost by definition.) I'd like to see some kind of geiger counter -- better still some kind of scintillator that is capable of measuring some energies as well as events. That might lead to interesting questions. Important research might involve looking for cosmic ray electrons and their energies for the possibility of dark-matter particle annihilation events. Hard x-ray astronomy might be another possibility, depending on how high you can get. But dark matter research is hot today, so you might talk to someone specializing in that area to see if there are any ideas they might contribute. You might be able to help them out! Cripes, you might even work on methods just to keep the balloon aloft longer -- that would help solve some problems people could use!

Zebadiah Zebadiah
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Sibbe Sibbe
Mankind can not control the weather...and he has been trying since the dawn of time. In other words, people have been complaining about the weather since they could first talk. It's no worse than it's ever been and the earth has been going through warming and cooling periods long before man climbed out of the sea.
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Ofir Ofir
Que problemas? Weather is controlled by mother nature. It has been bad all around the world not just in Ecuador. It's what some are calling global warming...Humans can do their part by recycling, carpooling, and obiding by other global warming steps such as using hybrid vehicles.
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So you are his sister . He is 21 years old and obviously not under YOUR jurisdiction . What are your/his parents doing at this point .Tearing their hair out and generally feeling miserable about it ? That's about all you can do . Makes no difference as he is in love with this girl and no amount of talking can change his mind, I bet . So, be a good sister and step back and leave him be . You told him what you feel and now it is time to quit . It is her business to learn to speak English and not yours to learn Spanish . If she comes here she better be prepared and if she has any savvy at all no doubt will know how to communicate . If he were my son, he would have been raised to know that in or der for him to marry he would have to be employed and living on his own. There is absolutely no way he could dump a daughter-in-law on old mom and still be living at home. Get that fact across to your brother and mean it . The way you wrote the question it looks like he is doing everything a*** backwards . First a job, etc. marriage is at the very last end . If he still loves her ! Hope he listens , if not it's his life , he can ruin it any way he likes. Harsh but true .

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