I cant stand my mom?

I cant stand my mom? Topic: I cant stand my mom?
June 16, 2019 / By Charmian
Question: i really want to move out of my house. my mom is always mad at me for the gayest things. like if im hungry and the only food we have is moldy food and i dont eat it she calls me a b**** and tells me to get the f*** out of her house. i cant stand her. she's always mad at me for stupid sh!t. i really cant stand to live here anymore. she's always yelling at me so all i do is go to the park and smoke pot. i cant move out im only 13
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Arista Arista | 9 days ago
If your mother is that abusive and doesn't provide you with enough food, you need to call social services and talk to them. They can place you in a foster home, which may solve your immediate problems. It would also have consequences for your mother, she would be investigated for child abuse and would have to work with the court to prove she can care for you properly. Another option would be to find a relative you could stay with - the teenage years are tough, and sometimes you just need to get away from your parent(s) to put things in perspective. If you don't have a relative, talk to a school counselor or the school nurse. You deserve to be treated better and being forced to eat moldy food and called names is considered abuse. Smoking pot doesn't solve your problems. Good luck to you.
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Arista Originally Answered: What does DCF Stand for ?
finally! Though, let me guess, you're going to ask this multiple times as well... your motus operatus... Department of Children and Families,according to Google, Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary and Bing (Yahoo! uses the same search engine). https://www.google.com/search?q=dcf&ie=u... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DCF http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.ph... http://www.bing.com/search?q=dcf&pc=MOZI&form=MOZSBR running a web-search on this website for "DCF" would have also probably given you some idea as to what it is. http://answers.yahoo.com/search/search_result;_ylt=Ao8I2Cz9IrP_B5Q6ZIGhFZLj1KIX;_ylv=3?type=2button&p=DCF Also, just for clarification, when a court says you have to do something, it's not a suggestion, unless you mistyped your details, "it says i have to do" does not equal "they suggested"

Zebinah Zebinah
Sounds like your mom and you are in a horrible dance of anger. Is she depressed? Avoid her. Do what you can to bring peace around the house then let it begin with you. How about some time when she is peaceful. sit down and take her hands and say. Mom we aren't getting along well, what can we do to make things better? Do you have famly or an adult you can go to? Maybe keep yourself more busy, get a babysitting job, go to a youth group at a church.....anything to get out. And when your smoking the pot you are prorbably escaping your problems like your mom does then you will repeat her life. I believe you see the problem and you don';t want to live like that.So , you make better choices than she has. Go to the library and read non stop. Get yourself a good education so that you can pull yourself out of the pits. You have a full life ahead of you and you can chose to repeat your mothers misserable life or you can make different choices. Get rid of the moldy food before your mother makes you eat it. Do everything you can to prevent stress. Your mom needs to change, but you can't change her, you can only change how you react to her. Right now you feel like you don't have any control over your own life. We all get that way now and again. Make a choice to have a good life. You have more positive energy in you than you ever realize.
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Silver Silver
Your going though a hard enough time as it is just being a teenager. I am sure your mom feels very frustrated seeing you having a hard time. She might not know how to reach out. I would ask how you can afford to smoke pot and not help to feed yourself? I worked at 13 and so can you. Maybe occuping your free time with something positive can help change the situation. Babysit, clean houses, or maybe mow some yards... Give your mom some space and maybe go to someone she likes and trusts and ask them to talk to her. Reaching how can be hard and sometimes really embaressing ... Sometimes the fear of the situation getting worse can prevent you from moving forward. I would really suggest reaching out to someone you feel will help your mom to get her anger under control, and to help you feel safe and comfortable in your home again. I ran away at 10 and kept running till I was almost 15 ended up in juvi and other kinds of homes... trust me you have a chance now to avoid that path. Good news is that after getting older and having children of my own my mother and I have reconciled and I have learned to appritiate the hard times she went though as a single mom. I really pray it gets better!
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Oliver Oliver
Did you ever talkin to you about it you know you can kill your self from that pot talk to someone about it mabe you can move into a shelter or to a relative's home but honey if you were smoking pot and I was your mother I would tell you to get the hell out of my house if you don't shape up cause your makin your self worthless with that pot your takin. Maybe your mother was messed up when she was younger and is trying to tell you even if it ain't the best way to get out of her home because she dosen't want you to end up like her. Talk to some one you know about this because is serious. Try and help your self better your self with food what ever it is but you really need to get off that pot I'm 13
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Laverne Laverne
why is the food moldy. this says alot about you and your mom. are both of you smoking pot or what. to get on your moms good side suggest you clean the frig out. 2. get a job and grocery shop and 3 if you do something like work or go to school something productive, no one well have time to yell at you because you want be there.
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Jaasau Jaasau
It sounds like your mom could use a trip to the park as well so she can chill the eff out and stop displacing her anger onto you. Have you tried talking to her and telling her how she makes you feel? I'm sure there are reasons for her actions and none of them have anything to do with you. If worse comes to worse go stay with a friend or relative until she can get her act together and start treating you with a little more respect.
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Fillin Fillin
tell her, in a nice way that she drives you to smoke. No offense to either of you but does she have any health issues? Mental issues? If not, have her tested (keep in mind that im serious and not being rude or anything like that) Im just saying maybe theres a reason why she over acts because even if she is going through things in other aspects of her life, she still shouldnt take it out on her child like that. But then again we only know one side of the story. Write her a letter about your feelings, I know it may seem corny but trying wouldnt hurt. Be very nice about it too and if she continues being rude ect. take her to the doctors. Good luck :)
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Danni Danni
hey...u sound frustated,kiddo..and so does ur mom...is ur mother a single mom? well...if not and if yes...my answer wouldn't really change...except that single moms really have it tough....not that it gives them the right to use four letter words at the drop of a hat!! well..coming to ur deciding not to live with her anymore...is it really justified? or u r just making lame excuses for doing wht u want to do...like smoking pot? thatz real bad..especially for you!!n ur mom being bad to you isn't reason enough for you to do that! i am sorry if i am being rude..but can u really live without her...n her money...n food that she provides(even if that is moldy,as u put it) think abt it n then decide...!!!!! but whatever u do...just take care...dont hurt urself n dont hurt ur mom too....after all she deserves better than that!!
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Danni Originally Answered: I can't stand my mum right now: please help?
Maybe shes not happy with her life. It seems people, when they are middle aged, tend to get emotional, especially women, knowing that they haven' accomplished all in life. She might feel like she needs to get something done. Ask her about what are her goals, what can she do to reach them. Sit down and talk to get it better. Maybe she's upset it with someone or something, try to solve the problem b4 it gets out of hand

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