Can you just give me a few ideas, very short and simple.?

Can you just give me a few ideas, very short and simple.? Topic: Can you just give me a few ideas, very short and simple.?
June 20, 2019 / By Chasity
Question: Just need more ideas of positive qualities and attitudes people need in order to learn and study thanks in advance Also, how could I start off the introduction??
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Best Answers: Can you just give me a few ideas, very short and simple.?

Arleen Arleen | 10 days ago
Self aware, compassionate, selfless In the troubled times of today we face many problems from economic to criminal. However if everyone could try and be a little more...names of chosen attributes... i'm sure the world could be a much better place. It would be easier to write the rest of the paper if the attitudes you chose directly helped the problems you chose to list so for economic, say industriousness. then each paragraph would be, if everyone did this we could solve this problem. conc is a simple and so you see that despite facing ...list of problems... if everyone took a few steps towards becoming more...list of attitudes...the world would be a much better place
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Arleen Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP: could you please give me some short story ideas?
Just main character facing situation? Give me more specifics, u want it to relate to love? to chaos? to friendship struggle? life threatening kind? EDIT: kk no worries, I'm here to help :D her friend is going through eating disorder, it'd be nice to add in another side of the story too, not just her friend but her own, u can use one of these two cases: such as the main character also suffers eating disorder and seeing her friend going through this is a mirror reflection of herself, so throughout the process, she helps her and in every each helping stage, she self-realizes the importance of one's live, how to live a normal live, eating normally, value the important of life's healthiness, and learning ways to pursuit ways of what makes a person happy, all these self-realization stuff Another case could be where the main character's family member had suffered from eating disorder, (so if u know alot about eating disorder) you can write a few things on disorder fact that things that helped the main character's family member go thru it and successfully recover from eating disorder, so the main character w/ experience, is using what she learnt to help her friend to go through w/ it. The end situation can be all about self-realization, what main character learns from helping another person, you can add "loyalty" from friendship, "desires to help another person", or "what this society needs to do to help people w/ disorder", use the friend's eating disorder case to reflect on these 3 things. Anything u want me to add, feel free to use ur imagination and share it w/ me, so i can help u extend this story. EDIT: you can repay me by getting a good mark on this assignment ;) no need to repay me, what are korean songs buddies are for :D can i ask, what grade level of assignment is this? EDIT#2: Oh you from new zealand then icic! oh I love English class, it beats any class imo! naw its all cool, i can help ya w/ this but if u were to ask me about math i'll be like go away I'm not THAT Asian! ...and naw, no like BF, I hate any korean boy bands except big bang, btw big bang new song, what u think of it? :D EDIT#3: nono I'm from Canada. bahaha of cos the korean girls pfft they're bunch of attention needy fakers :o i can see y u hate them. English is awesome cos u get to learn shakespeares especially learning all those romantic tragic story plots i like i like! pffft of cos and i think lunch time should be extended to 2 hrs long so we can eat slower and taste the food better :D! I had 2 hours lunch b4 (cos that extra hour was supposed to be a class but I could choose to move it, 2 hrs ya heard, ARE U MAD GURL!) BAAAAHHAA, take taeyang! i'm taeYOUNG, I'm taeyang's better version! u can keep daesung too!! GD and TOP belongs to my friend Bree cos she loves them to death! and whatever that other 5th dude is, he can stay buried somewhere, no one wants him. FINAL EDIT: hey ya, sry i was away! back in time to say bye cola! gl on your assignment! and no! hockey sucks, basketball is my passion! and um enjoy ur valuable 45 mins lunch then poor cola haha :D i'm out, c ya!
Arleen Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP: could you please give me some short story ideas?
Why now not attempt to comprise ALL of the suggestions in those solutions!? So you've got acquired zombie-hunters, vampires, a person discovering an creativeness underneath a rock, laser-eye surgical procedure and a creepy postman. I'll throw in a porcupine. Whoah - I'D learn it!!
Arleen Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP: could you please give me some short story ideas?
Okay Aisha, I know I am again being a disturbance between you two, but here's an idea- The guy aspires to be a soldier, his parents want him to be an engineer. When he is 17, he meets a girl and she becomes his girlfriend. A year later, he is still fighting with his parents for an admission in a military college. Having 3 years wasted and 2 attempts of suicide, he finally gets his wish fulfilled. On a condition, where he must never ever falter from any kind of mission he is given to. During this time, his contact with the girl keeps fading and finally she breaks up with him due to his negligence on her due to his busy lifestyle. Three years pass, there is no contact between both of them. The guy's mom decides to have his son married. There is much debating between her and his father, but in the end he decides that his son should have a life partner. The son is shocked upon hearing this news and initially refuses, but later when his mother asks him to do it for his sake, he agrees reluctantly saying that he will come when he gets a leave. As luck would have it, he was in a high post by now and therefore, the military authorities would call him every now and then for different issues, whether to ask for help or just commandeer the troops. Finally, upon getting a leave for a month, he goes back to his parents and they meet the bride's parents. Having everything planned, they decide the wedding day. The boy is full of nostalgic memories. He feels bad about his ex-lover since he didn't regard her as too important. He is unable to sleep for nights altogether, but finally accepts the truth with a heavy heart. One day, on the night just before the wedding next day, he gets a phone call from a covert group of operatives on a mission that requires his urgent involvement. He packs him some belongings and quickly sneaks out of the house, leaving a note for his parents conveying the information. 5 hours later, it is morning and the sun is shining brightly, yet the guy is worried being inside another territory behind the enemy lines. They are required to rescue some hostages that have been captured by some terrorists who demand the president in return, but since trusting them isn't wise-he is asked to rescue them SECRETLY without gaining enemy attention. Meanwhile, the boy's parents are awake and after reading the note, they both get angry seeing their son's irresponsible attitude. Anyways, the enemies quickly outnumber the guy and his comrades and they kill all but he and his friend. The two somehow manage to go into a hiding area away from the enemy eyes in the same compound. The guy is badly wounded in his leg, and therefore cannot run. His friend tries to find out where are the hostages kept and succeeds in knowing the location exactly (by following enemy guards and tracking their movements etc.) the two quietly make it to the room next to the hostages, but as usual, the hostages were heavy guarded by mines and guards. The defense chairman suggested blowing up the terrorist compound, not knowing that his own soldiers are there. The guy's friend is good at disarming traps and hence volunteers to him him, however, gets shot in the head by a sniper. The guy is now alone-he finally learns that it is a DO OR DIE situation. Somehow, he reaches the hostages after killing the guards around them. Surprisingly, he finds that many of the hostages are already killed and only 4-6 remain AND among them is the girl he once loved! The two exchange a moment of love and tears, before finally moving out. The guy contacts his radio but there is no response; after a while however, he gets in contact with the bombing team sent to neutralize the situation. He pleads with them to take them out and upon some careful negotiation, succeeds. The group unfortunately runs into a mine field and only the guy and the girl survive, both injured but now the guy cannot walk either, the girl has severe injuries but she survives anyway. In the end, the evac team comes to pick them up-the guy asks the girl to go first, she agrees but with fear. The guy next tries to climb the rope from the helicopter but is shot down badly by a group of snipers. The girl witnesses that agony, yet they fly out. 76 hours later, the girl and the guy's parents are still in shock that their son isn't there anymore..they plan to arrange for some kind of ceremony at a church so to help his soul seek peace. A year pass, and the girl is searching one day in one of her clothes, admist a pile of clothes, she finds the one she was wearing on the day the guy died, she found a note saying: "Even If I couldn't show it, I really loved you always, Wish me for a lover, you may never, But my love for you, will be forever and ever!" Hope that helps..
Arleen Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP: could you please give me some short story ideas?
You are transported to another dimension (you choose) and granted super powers (you choose).There you build on that.

Arleen Originally Answered: I feel like writing a short story? Can you give me some creative ideas? Thanks :)?
Venus, Mars, Cupid, Psyche, Apollo, Hades, Persephone. Sorry, I'm just slightly obsessed with the Greek gods. Otherwise: beautiful gardens, the colour pink, love/hate relationships, Heaven and Hell, sarcastic heroines, bickering, dancing, epic romances.
Arleen Originally Answered: I feel like writing a short story? Can you give me some creative ideas? Thanks :)?
Start your story by saying "I'm leaving" Be dramatic In a setting you've never been to before between 2 people with only 10 dialoge articles.
Arleen Originally Answered: I feel like writing a short story? Can you give me some creative ideas? Thanks :)?
If you can't think of an idea for a story, then there's no way in hell that you'll be able to write a decent story.

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