Sustainable lifestyles?

Sustainable lifestyles? Topic: Sustainable lifestyles?
June 16, 2019 / By Chelle
Question: I have been asked to do an essay on sustainable lifestyles, i dont really know what they are? Please help me! Thank you!!
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Arlie Arlie | 2 days ago
A sustainable lifestyle is one in which, if everyone did it, they could keep on doing it for hundreds or thousands of years. For example, driving gasoline-powered vehicles is not sustainable - at some time, we will run out of oil, and actually already are, as gas prices have gone up over the years, more than inflation. Having 6 children is not sustainable, if most of them are going to live. In our modern society, we usually talk about being more sustainable or less sustainable, not absolutely sustainable. Aboriginal people lived sustainably, but tended to get wiped out by invaders with non-sustainable technology. Being more sustainable can be easy or hard, depending on personality. Eating less or no meat is more sustainable, and not a sacrifice for some. Biking or walking to work or school, instead of driving, is also easy for some. Basically the idea is to waste less - food, water, energy. Google "sustainable living" or "green living" for more ideas.
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Arlie Originally Answered: Anybody on here ever been a mystery shopper for Lifestyles Solutions Inc?
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Arlie Originally Answered: Anybody on here ever been a mystery shopper for Lifestyles Solutions Inc?
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Zechariah Zechariah
A sustainable lifestyle is one where your life never changes. You never get a better job, you never get raises, you never get a better car or a better house. Things don't get worse but things also don't get better. If you believe that your personal future will be better than it is now then you do not believe in a sustainable lifestyle. What most people who say they believe in a sustainable lifestyle are really saying is that they want financial independence, they want their future secured. This could be achieved just as easily and perhaps more easily with a careful personal investment plan than it would be with a grid free home, backyard chickens and permaculture. Indeed the granola route requires financial resources to achieve.
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