Young jeezy flag question?

Young jeezy flag question? Topic: Young jeezy flag question?
June 16, 2019 / By Chelsea
Question: Can you buy a black and silver american flag like what jeezy talks about in his vid. I Put On? I think is idea behind it is pretty dam cool and right on with whats going on with our country. I guess i am looking for the actual flag not a patch or shirt or hoodie? Thats funny our country is broke and you want to unify under it as its failing..thats gonna solve a lot of problems. The only way things change is if people rise up against the system other than that everything else is just the status quo.
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Arline Arline | 3 days ago
Do you want the actual flag or do you want a piece of clothing with the black and white flag on it?
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Zed Zed
Yeah... what's going wrong with are country. Like defacing the most important national symbol we have, therefore further separating races and classes just so you can appear to be hip? How about you go hang your red, white, and blue like a true American. We need to unify, not separate so we can be part of a popular culture trend.
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Simon Simon
couldnt find the flag but found a hoodie http://clothing.cafepress.com/item/black-and-white-american-flag-hoodie/278178114
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