How the Holocaust happened?

How the Holocaust happened? Topic: How the Holocaust happened?
June 16, 2019 / By Chelsey
Question: We are doing an Essay and I need !!MAJOR help!! "How could the Holocaust have happened?" In this essay, I need a description on how the Holocaust happened, and what steps can be taken to prevent it in the future.
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Aryana Aryana | 4 days ago
In a nutshell, antisemitism and racism were known in Germany and many other places before Hitler came to power. Before WW II Germany was going through difficult times. Hitler was able to blame the Jewish people and use them as a scapegoat, blaming Germany's problems on them. Ironically, there were rumors that Hitler was part Jewish. He wrote a book detailing his insane ideas called, "Mein Kampf." I don't think that the German people took him seriously at first. He was a charismatic speaker, and was able to convince many, but not all Germans that he could solve their problems. Very few people, I think, would have believed that a modern country could have descended into such a murderous downward spiral. Many heroic people, including Germans, fought and died to stop the Nazis, and to help those who were persecuted. I think the key to stopping it from ever happening again is to always research any candidate for office before we elect him or her, and not to decide using criteria such as what they look like, rumors, or some vague feelings we may have about them, and to never be afraid to disagree with them, when they are wrong. We should find out if what they are telling us is true, using reliable sources and facts, not rumors. We should also practice tolerance, and never use a group of innocent people as a scapegoat for our problems, whether it is Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, gay people, or any other group. Since you cannot use my ideas and interpretations as a source for your essay, you can practice the methods of research you will need to not only write the essay on the Holocaust, but to know how to help prevent it from ever happening again. The information you need is all over, in the library, on the internet, and there are some videos made by survivors, which you can probably find at your library. Good luck.
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Aryana Originally Answered: help on the holocaust please?
The Zionists were responsible for a deal with the devil, the Transfer Agreement. Pre-war, the Zionists agreed to stop a Jewish-led boycott of Hitler's Germany which had threatened to stop him in his tracks, in exchange for a large sum of money and the release of 60,000 Jews. Had they not made that deal, the Holocaust would not have happened.

Zedekiah Zedekiah
It did NOT occur. Sharon S, you are a LIAR, you did not scent some thing. The JEWS declared WAR on Germany on March twenty fourth, 1933; all Hitler did used to be salary the conflict the JEWS requested for, they usually misplaced. Nazi Germany did NOT kill six million jews, the International Red Cross placed the dying rely at the entire attention camps mixed at a bit of over 271000 during the whole conflict! Most of the ones toward the top as Germany might not feed them, many died from hunger and sickness, but Germany nonetheless allowed help to be despatched to the camps by means of the IRC. The US killed extra blameless civilians than Germany did with 2 atomic blasts on Japan in lower than per week! World Jewry on the time used to be best 14 million, the suggestion that Hitler might have killed practically part of the entire jews on this planet is ludicrous. Additionally, NO proof exists to aid those outlandish claims. Where are the alleged six million our bodies? That's alot of our bodies, displacing alot of mass that no person appears to be in a position to uncover. Eyewitness testimony from Holohoax survivors differs among jews and different political prisoners, with the jewish "reminiscences" being essentially the most outlandish and terrible, and essentially the most effortlessly established to be fake. Google "holocaust denial", and get the TRUTH. Why do they perpetuate the lie? Power and cash. The jews have a announcing: "There's no industry like Shoah industry", Shoah being the jewish phrase for holocaust. Perpetuating the lie garners sympathy and cash, so much certainly within the type of "Holocaust" reparations, of which few "survivors", if any, acquire. Don't think the tripe the jew-managed govt run faculties train you. Think for your self, and query. Remember, historical past is written by means of the victors.
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Sinclair Sinclair
After world war 1 germany had heavy sanctions placed on it while a new government took over called the weimar republic which was mostly filled by people who were jewish. with the circumstances leading up to world war 2 hitler and other germans felt that the jews were responsible for their troubles so they became the scapegoat and hitler tried to kill them all by sending them to concentration and extermination camps
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Onam Onam
The way Germany was treated after WWI led to the rise of hitler who felt challeneged by the Jews and many other races and religions so decided that killing them off would be the quickest and easiest way. hope i helped =] xoxo
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Onam Originally Answered: Was the holocaust pre- determined?
The problem with arguing that the Holocaust was a pre-determined (or deterministic) event is that you would have to explain why it occurred when it did, as opposed to earlier. There had been anti-Semitism in Germany and most of the rest of Europe for ages -- so why did was its virulence determined to become so powerful in the 1930s-40s? Likewise, you would also have to argue that the rise of the Nazis was a deterministic event, since it was Nazi ideology that made the Holocaust a reality. Your structuralist theory can be described as a 'soft determinism': that while the specifics are not pre-determined, broad historical forces in play assured that something like Nazism and the Holocaust would occur. The closest argument I've encountered to this is recent historiography would be perhaps Niall Ferguson's "War of the World" -- which interprets WWII as part of a century of conflict over racial-social definition in the face of emerging globalization. In his view, German anti-Semitism became virulent once German Jews had become quite assimilated and began intermarrying with German Christians in large numbers -- thus becoming a threat to traditional German ethnic social identity. I think a much stronger case can be made for a historically contingent interpretation, grounded within the structural historical context. There were numerous contingent moments that could have made history turn out differently without the Holocaust happening -- Germany could have won WWI; the French and British could have gone to war more meaningfully against Germany sooner; Hindenberg's government could have chosen not to open the door to the Nazi take-over; Hitler's scheme to replace the heads of the German armed forces with himself could have failed, leaving him only partially in power. Any of these alternative events are plausible and would have affected the ability of the Nazis to carry out the Final Solution. Or even a counterfactual offered by Andrew Roberts in his recent "Storm of War": if Hitler had died or been assassinated early in the war, the pragmatic military General Staff could have taken over and run a more effective overall strategic that certainly wouldn't have included wasting resources on death camps. However, a place for historical context surely needs to be made. The Holocaust -- mass murder of milliions of Jews and other demographic populations despised by the Nazis on an industrial scale -- could have occurred only after the early 1900s. The Holocaust required the coming together of several factors that only fit Germany in the first half of the 1900s: virulent anti-Semitism, authoritarian militaristic government, and a fully industrialized economy. So the Holocaust did not "have" to occur as a determined historical event -- but it only could have occurred in the German context of those 3 factors.

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