What should i get my godson ?

What should i get my godson ? Topic: What should i get my godson ?
June 16, 2019 / By Cher
Question: i have recently been asked to be the godmother for a friend of mines baby but im not sure what to get for the shower . in Italian tradition supossedly you buy a cross necklace but i would like to get something similar mabey a bracelet for the shower any suggestions ?
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Asceline Asceline | 6 days ago
How about a silver cup with the baby's name and the Christening date engraved upon it?? This would be the gift at the actual christening. If you are attending a baby shower...just get a regular baby shower gift like everyone else. Godparents don't really gift the special gift until the actual christening...usually, anyway. Ideas for a babyshower gift: Diaper cake (custom built with all those little neccesities) A journal where mom can write letters to her baby An Infant Massage Kit Registry Items Hope that, maybe, helped!!
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Zeke Zeke
a bracelet or a necklace for a boy. I would go with the cross necklace if it is a tradition. Maybe a savings bond on the side as well.
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Skidbladnir Skidbladnir
you can get him somethin that their parents are not going to forgat like a crib or something that when he grow up they'll say your crib got it you aunt ...
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