Are you liking the new season of house?

Are you liking the new season of house? Topic: Are you liking the new season of house?
June 16, 2019 / By Cheri
Question: anyone else loving house. i was missing cameron and co, but now he has left mayfield im gonna miss his room mate, i hope he gets out and visits house. loved his fake story about his mums, mum last night (not sure if i can write it on here) anyone else shocked at last season and kutners death, i thought he was great in it, but now he is off to the white house. whats in store for house now, i wonder?
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Ash Ash | 8 days ago
Hi, Where I am we have moved on much further. Kutner's death was tragic but I think the abruptness not only comes from his White House assignment but the unpredictability of suicide and the hole that it leaves in those who are left to deal with it. It is a powerful message and a reality that there are seemingly so few outward signs of Kutner's unhappiness and that there are almost no answers. I loved his character and think that the other two interns aren't nearly as intriguing without him so the following season pretty much proves that. I also don't think that bringing the old team back together is going to solve the problem. Cameron, Chase and Foreman are different characters now. They are older and wiser so taking House at face value without Challenge doesn't seem wise. Considering Foreman is House's boss (once again) they dynamic doesn't work for me. So hopefully they will find a trio of actors who can successfully carry the torch.
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Zeph Zeph
Every year, the writers make the House character more and more pompous. I thought last year the episodes were getting pretty lame (with the exception of the episodes about Kutner's suicide and the return the return of Amber). Was hoping to see an improvement this year, but so far it doesn't look like much better. The best season was two years ago, when House was interviewing replacements for Cameron, Chase and Forman. I have been a huge fan of this program, but sadly I think they've run out of ideas.
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Sky Sky
Here where I live, we are currently stuck in between a couple of seasons. It really jumps from show to show which really bothers me. I'm a big fan of House MD though. I read online Kutner died, a shame. I really liked the character.
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Oran Oran
Yes,I am. I don't like what Chase did in the last episode. Crazy! Yeah,that was sad when Kutner died. I hope they find out more about what happened. It just seemed so strange.
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Leeroy Leeroy
Yes, I do. I'm happy that his former crew is back together. I'm also happy that the writers finally have him recovering from his vicodin addiction....bad influence on people who think it's ok to have that kind of addiction and be responsible for other people's lives.
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