What activities are good for older children at a wedding?

What activities are good for older children at a wedding? Topic: What activities are good for older children at a wedding?
July 20, 2019 / By Cherice
Question: hi we are inviting children to our wedding and for the younger one we have made up activity bags to keep them busy during the meal and speeches but i dont know what to do for the older children so they dont feel left out and ideas?? here are the ages: 1, 5,5, and the older ones are 8, 9 and ten it not the fact that the older children cant sit though and behave its that their younger siblings will be getting little bags and they wont so i wondered if any one knew if i could get packs for older children.
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Ashlee Ashlee | 9 days ago
You make a good point. What you give to a 5 year old may not be what a 9 year old wants. Then again, anything my sister whom is 7 years younger than me got, I wanted too! (and vice versa!) If I were you, I would go out and have a look at what they are selling at toy shops or a kids arts and crafts, they tend to have the toys sorted out in ages and sexes. You could get a puzzle for the 5 year olds and then get a puzzle thats a little harder for the 8-9 year olds. Whatever you do make sure they are choke proof! If your creative and can be bothered, why not make your own find a word for the kids? You can make one with easy words such as Cat, Dog, Mum, Dad and so on. The older kids ones, well, the harder the better! I am not at the stage where I need to organise kids bags, however I will be making everything myself. Ideas I have are; Older kids - Questionaire's, where they have to find someone in the wedding party who has blonde hair, someone who has glasses, a baby. (This would be a great way of getting people to socialise, including parents) - Disposable camera, and with a note around the camera which says, "Dear Simon, as you are a special guest of our day, we would love for you to take some photos of the things that you are enjoying tonight" - Colouring books with crayons (no texters!!!! hehe) Younger kids - Lots of colouring books, again with crayons or pencils - A story book (perhaps something that is not out in local bookshops, internet is good for this) - Similar to colouring books, but you can make bookmarks and get them to colour them in. Sorry to blab on, I get so excited about this sort of stuff! (The ideas I have for Childrens birthday parties, don't get me started he he) I would definately give activity bags to anyone 14 and under... and have some spares, just in case the 15 and 16 year olds want! Have two types one for 6 and under and then the rest for older ones! Good luck, the fact that you care about these details is a very good sign for you! :) Have fun x
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Ashlee Originally Answered: Do you think parents have their children doing too many sports and activities?
I agree. Alot of parents have gone overboard on the activities. Maybe its putting their own wants onto their child. Or using the activity to get the kid out of the house. Or expecting too much. Or maybe they just have a listening problem, or push the kid too hard. Or maybe its none of those. This year my son will do cub scouts, soccer, and 2 days of karate per week. For him, its his activity level. If he's not busy, he's climbing the walls. He is physically incapable of sitting still for long without picking on a sister. So I keep him busy. Its winter and rainy alot where we live, so this is better for us than the playground (since its usually wet). My eldest girl does Girl Scouts, soccer, and gymnastics. In the elementary school years, I prefer them busy instead of watching tv or wanting to run around outside unsupervised. It gives our day structure after school, without being too much. Yes, most of my week is busy, but I'm a stay at home, so the house stays cleaned up. When 1 is busy, I'm interacting with my other 2 children. I'm horrible about not leaving the house in winter, so activities help us all get outside. Its also a great way to give them things to talk about, be proud of their sucesses, and to talk to Daddy about when he gets home. I make sure to not overlap things on the same day (unless its Scouts, where I drop off my child). And the kids love having friends to play with at each other's activities. It works, at least for my family! Some parents take it too far and overschedule, or let their child overschedule. Its all about balance. And for each child, that balance is different. Course load and homework are also important factors. I'll only let my child do 2 after school activities at once in high school. Maybe not even 2 at once if they are found to overlap. The prime concern should be the child, not cramming one more thing into their overstressed life.

Zephania Zephania
At my aunt's wedding, most of the kids from 1-12 were angels, so we didn't have any hard time. 8, 9 and 10? I wouldn't consider that older but okay, give them something like a quiet toy to play with. But really, 8,9 and 10 yr olds would still like goodie bags. PROMISE. Give em some. I'm 13 and when i read this, I was like, what?! Trust this answer, give them a goodie bag. When I was 9, if my sibling got something like a party favour, then I'd rip his limbs off so I could have it. You don't want them fighting.
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Skye Skye
You could add snakes and ladders, monopoly, checkers and other board games so they can play amongst each other. Disposable cameras on the table for them to take pictures for the evening is an excellent idea so they can be a part without being a nuisance. Have a few dolls and small cars for the younger ones to play with would also be good idea. Do they still have those view finder that little ones can look through and see different pictures? Hope this helps and good luck with your wedding reception.
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Orian Orian
How old is older? Most kids by age 8 should be more than mature enough to sit through a wedding. If they are old enough to understand a wedding I don't think you need to worry about them. And you definitely don"t want to offend them by implying they are little children. I always thought weddings were a bit long/boring when I was a kid but the food and the dancing were worth it.
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Lehi Lehi
Hi. For the older ones, you can get little electronic hand-held games, etc. They make lots of little hand held games that you can buy at Target, Walmart and even dollar stores that are not too expensive. I bought some for my grandson's classroom at Target that were only about $3/each.
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Jaden Jaden
You could make an activity bag for "older kids" with crosswords, find the word, etc and you could also include disposable cameras for them to take pics of each other!
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Finnegan Finnegan
colored pencils or markers, drawing pads, and Mad Libs books. I think it's very considerate. Not that the older ones can't behave themselves but it still is pretty dull for them to sit through all the stuff that is interesting to adults.
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Darien Darien
For me, short. an individual see, hair like jared leto's look too effortless and sometimes even greasy. Shortcuts are more fun to perform with and some sttles look better on them.
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Darien Originally Answered: LGBT: Do you see yourself having children when u older?
No, I would not have children. I am too independent of a person to handle the dependence of a child. People complain about not being able to adopt, because we shouldn't be banned from the ability to have children simply because we are gay. We should have equal rights to straight people as there is no data to back up that gays raise their children any differently. Also, there are many gay people out there that do want children or that do want to adopt and they can't because it's prohibited. Yahoo! Answers is not indicative of the entire gay community, especially since a lot of the answers in this section are teens. If 80-90% of gays in this section say they don't want kids, that doesn't mean 80-90% of the gay community actually feel this way. Creek and Jon- Ignorant much? Everything you said is baseless and factless. Studies have shown that children being raised in a home with two parents, regardless of gender has no impact on whether the parents are gay and straight. The children would also not grow up confused as you claim. If this was the case then straight people wouldn't be having gay children and gay parents would be having gay children 100% of the time, which is also not true. Sorry, but you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

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