Jehovah's Witnesses ! What do you think about the ?

Jehovah's Witnesses ! What do you think about the ? Topic: Jehovah's Witnesses ! What do you think about the ?
June 25, 2019 / By Cherise
Question: March 1 2014 daily text ?Become imitators of God. —Eph. 5:1. One way to imitate Jehovah is to adopt his viewpoint regarding matters. Jehovah hates sin, and so should we. Indeed, we ought to move as far away from wrongdoing as possible and not see how close we can get to it without being overcome by sin. For instance, we need to guard against succumbing to apostasy, a sin that would make us unfit to glorify God. (Deut. 13:6-9) Let us therefore have nothing to dowith apostates or anyone who claims to be a brother but who is dishonoring God. This should be the case even if he is a family member. (1 Cor. 5:11) We are not benefited by trying to refute the arguments of apostates or those who are critical of Jehovah’s organization. In fact, it is spiritually dangerous and improper to peruse their information, whether it appears in written form or it is found on the Internet.—Isa. 5:20; Matt. 7:6. w12 5/15 4:12, 13
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Ashlie Ashlie | 2 days ago
It's spot on Ronaldo. That's why we who answer questions here on YA need to be very choosy with who we deal with. We look for sincere truth seekers. It's quite easy to identify the apostates and those who just want to ridicule us. It would be good for us not even to bother answering their questions, as it accomplishes no good and just wastes our valuable time. All the best. Jay
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Ashlie Originally Answered: Why did Jehovah's Witnesses side with Hitler and the Nazi's in the 1934 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses?
Greetings, Supporters of religions which were blatantly guilty of supporting Hitler desperately attempt to twist the facts regarding Witnesses' actions. Especially do they do this by ripping what the JWs really said out of context and misrepresenting it. The context is that JWs support the principles of justice underlying the laws of many governments --such as the US Constitution. But, we do not support it when political factions such as Hitler's pervert those principles. But you don't have to take Witnesses' word that these people are twisting the facts. Here's a quote from a non-Witness Holocaust scholar who examined all the facts regarding the 1933/34 resolution and letter: "When the entire text of the Declaration of 25 June 1933 and the letter to Hitler are seen today in the context of the history of Jehovah's Witnesses during the period of National Socialism in Germany and the history of their religious resistance and their stand during the Holocaust, then the text does not present itself as an "antisemitic statement" or an attempt at "currying the favor" of Hitler. THESE ACCUSATIONS, STEMMING FROM PRESENT-DAY CHURCH CIRCLES, ARE DELIBERATE MANIPULATIONS AND FALSIFICATIONS OF HISTORY, SEEMINGLY MOTIVATED BY GUILT OVER THE CHURCHES' OWN INVOLVEMENT or lack or involvement in the persecutions."--Spiritual Resistance of Christian Conviction in Nazi Germany: The Case of the Jehovah's Witnesses, By Gabriele Yonan, Journal of Church and State Further, just look at the opening statement of Rutherford's letter: "This letter is both a friendly notification and a warning about things that will be of the utmost importance for your well-being...The warning goes out that all those who stand up against God and his Kingdom will be destroyed by the Lord in Armageddon. Your government has disregarded this warning." As noted by Gabriele Yonan, upon reading the Declaration Hitler exclaimed: "This brood must be exterminated from Germany." In her book Dr. Christine King concludes: "Only against the Witnesses was the government unsuccessful...The work [of preaching] went on and in 1945 the Jehovah's Witness movement was still alive, whilst National Socialism was not." She also points out: "NO COMPROMISES HAD BEEN MADE." (The Nazi State and the New Religions: Five Case Studies in Non-Conformity) Any claims that Witnesses supported Hitler's racism toward Jews is disproved by the facts. Notice some comments published in Judaism Today, Winter 1999-2000: "The tenets of the Witness faith represent a sharp departure from traditional 'Christian' antisemitism. Witness belief is characterized by a resolute belief in the brotherhood of man reminiscent of first-century Christianity. Notes historian John Weiss, 'The Witnesses were free of German racial nationalism.'...Their principled aversion to racism in general motivated their specific rejection of Nazi and church- inspired antisemitism." Now, does that sound like Rutherford and the resolution were supporting Hitler? So those who misrepresent what the resolution and letter actually stated are deliberately misrepresenting history. The following links will take you to an HONEST evaluation by non-Witness scholars" http://jehovah.to/gen/holocaust/yonanart... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration... http://www.baycrest.org/Spring%202001/ar... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Jehovah%27s_Witnesses_in_Nazi_Germany One very good book is "The German Churches under Hitler" by Ernst Christian Helmreich, Wayne State University Press, 1979 It chronicles in detail EVERY religion in Germany at the time. Here are some excerpts to support what has been said in answers here. "The Jehovah's Witnesses...were treated the most severely. They were given short shrift and no one spoke up in their behalf." ;287 "Witnesses never gave up bearing witness according to their concepts. The police summary of events of 1938 laments that in spite of orders for their dissolution, Jehovah's witnesses continued their activity." ;396 "the record shows that the Witnesses held true to their convictions. No one knows for certain, but it has been estimated that one to five thousand lost their lives in prison and concentration camps...They never ceased to carry on their missionary work, and their "witnessing" even brought conversions within the camp.". ;397 "Hitler, was brought up in the Catholic faith and until his death was never excommunicated from the church, listing himself to the very end in the party handbook as a Catholic." ;123 "Both Catholic and Protestant clergy did their duty to the state as they had done in past wars; there were no conscientious objectors." ;355 Clear statements by non-Witnesses scholars prove that the Witnesses were the ONLY ones who officially as a group refused to support Hitler. Yours, BAR-ANERGES

Zia Zia
There are people in all walks of life who ''bend'' the rules or will see how much they can get away with, not breaking the law as such but making use of every loophole to do what may be ''just about legal,'' others just do what's wrong. Happily few are that way inclined; some are ''entertained'' by viewing. listening to o reading things Jehovah hates such as violence, sexual immorality and even pornography. As Jehovah's Witnesses, we want to keep well clear of all wrongdoing in any form. With regard to apostates, these are ones who at one time served Jehovah but no longer do so, they have turned against Jehovah and his people, they twist and distort what loyal worshippers really teach and believe; some ask questions aimed at either sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of people or drawing worshippers into futile arguments or discussions. I for one will not knowingly get drawn into such. Having contact with apostates as if they had done nothing wrong would make us sharers in thier sin, that includes family. They distort the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and they even lie about us and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. I for one avoid such ones like the proverbial plague, as soon as I become aware someone on this site is apostate or might be one, thier postings are not responded to. Apply all the counsel and advice given by the Faithful and Discreet Slave, stay close to Jehovah and obey the direction provided by him via his word, the literature such as the daily text and magazines and the congregation elders.
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Slade Slade
all above are safeguards for our own and the congregations spiritual health. brother or sisters conduct which is sinful could impede the spiritual progress of a congregation.
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Ormonde Ormonde
what a pity you never take note of what God said to isaiah in ch. 58. not turning your back on your own kin. verse 7
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Leland Leland
This text is excellent and I truly appreciated the reminders. I only view religious information from the official website: www.jw.org
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Leland Originally Answered: Jehovah's Witnesses?
How we worship: We have three meetings every week at which we recieve spiritual instruction and encouragement. In addition to those occassions, we also engage in a field ministry work. This is how we are most easily recognized. We go out from door-to-door and in other venues to preach about God and Christ. We do indeed celebrate weddings, anniversaries and funerals. Weddings are as joyous of a celebration for us as it is to someone of another faith. Weddings can either be performed in our Kingdom Halls (church building) or another hall or garden/beach, wherever. Funerals are held in some parts of the world, and in other places we have simply a memorial service. For example, I am from California, and here it is very unusual that someone is buried; most are cremated. So in this situation we generally just have a memorial service at the kingdom hall. The scriptures state in Genesis 8:21 "...the inclination of the heart of man is bad from his youth up." So humans are born sinful. This is because of inherited sin from our first parents, Adam and Eve. It is not because people want to be, they are simply born that way. However, the Bible was provided to give us instructions as to how to live our lives in a way pleasing to God. So we can fight against our sinful tendencies at least a little bit. I hope this helps you! If you need any more info please email me [email protected] :-)

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