Who is really better Lebron or KD?

Who is really better Lebron or KD? Topic: Who is really better Lebron or KD?
June 26, 2019 / By Cherokee
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Ashlyn Ashlyn | 4 days ago
LeBron is definitely the better "overall player". The one thing i'll give to Durant is that he is the better shooter. LeBron is way better at driving to the basket and performing a layup or dunk. LeBron is the best finisher in the game today. He's way more athletic than Durant is. Kevin Durant plays no where near as good of defense that LeBron plays. LeBron can cover almost every position on the floor if not every. LeBron as covered PG's to even Center's. He may not be able to guard them the entire game, but he can guard them. LeBron's ability to pass the ball significantly outshines Durant. Rebounding, I would still give the edge to LeBron. Although they both average near the same amount, LeBron can easily collect more rebounds when his team needs them, like if he is playing the PF position. LeBron is one of the best facilitators in the game today and he isn't even a PG. Right now Durant is in the top 3. But LeBron is #1
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Ashlyn Originally Answered: Lebron "It was just ONE GAME!"?
I think everyone's emphasizing game 5 as his potential breakout game (whatever that means) because of one thing: Sensing the moment. All the legendary players have this instinct (Jordan, Magic, Bird are recent examples), and some great players never obtain this. Clearly for one game, Lebron had it. I know Lebron trusts his teammates (too much according to the media), but Lebron's teammates clearly didn't have the confidence to win the game in the 4th quarter and overtime periods, especially on the road. Then three of his most important teammates in the series (Z, Gooden and Gibson) fouled out. So Lebron took it upon himself to win the game, while Detroit's defense basically allowed him to take over the game. So Lebron sensed the moment to take over the game when his team needed him most. We've been emphasizing Lebron's scoring, but did you see him play defense at the end of the game? That was tremendous. In one play in overtime, he stayed in front of Tayshaun Prince who ended up making a wild pass attempt that went to a Cav. That's not recorded as a steal, but that's a critical defensive play. Then he's guarding Billups and Hamilton at various points in the end of the game. He's becoming a more well-rounded player as the playoffs continue. Anyway, I can't see Lebron equaling the effort. He knows he'll need much more help from his teammates. If he wasn't zoned into game 5 last night, then last night's game would have turned into game 7 of last year's 2nd round matchup. Where the Cavs couldn't score in the second half as Detroit confused and loaded up on Lebron...

Zidkijah Zidkijah
I am a large KD fan and that i do agree that KD was robbed of an MVP final year. I also agree that durant used to be higher than LeBron at the age of 21. Durant was once and will always be the simpler shooter than LeBron. LeBron simply uses his tremendous body to run into the lane and leap and get fouled. How so much talent does that take? Durant can also be a better rebounder. Its difficult for him to get rebounds along with his skinny frame however he still will get almost eight a game. At the age of 21 Durant's safety is both equal or slightly the identical in comparison with LeBron's. LeBron has the most overrated protection within the game. Ohh he just will get those fancy chase down blocks. Huge deal. It still counts as one block. The fellow had dangerous peremter safeguard than and he nonetheless does. He received raped through Rondo and Rose within the playofs this year. Four years in the past he was a lot worse. The one capabilities LeBron has on Durant is passing and that's because of LeBron by no means taking part in with a true PG. Westbrook will quickly average around 9-10 assists which is best for a PG. Westbrook is the most important ballhandler and its HIS job to dish out the ball now not Durant. Durant has also proven some excellent passing over the FIBA World Championship. Durant plays higher efense and the primary thing. Durant is HELLA humble and is a better teammate than LeBron was once or will ever be. Durant at 21>LeBron at 21 supply it two years. Kevin Durant would be the high-quality basketball player on this planet. @Air Lameness....... Durant will get extra blocks at the age of 21....He plays better security than LeBron did at 21.He rebounds better than LeBron did at 21...He is a greater pure scorer and shooter than LeBron at 21. The only reason LeBron is as excellent as he is is considering the fact that of his athletic as hell body. Hell, if I had LeBron's physique right now i might be fricken just right too. The guy just drives to the rim and jumps so he either will get fouled OR individuals are frightened of his loopy body and just get out of his approach.Groups simply let LeBron jack up 3's nonetheless when you consider that he's nonetheless a foul shooter and bricks a ton of 3's every game. To not mention his surely BS travels which might be on no account called. EDIT: LeBron James needs the ball to get to the place he goes on the finish of each sport. Durant is aware of how to play off the ball. Westbrook is the Thunder's major ball-handler. A SF does now not must pass much when your PG will get 8 APG and is among the top up and coming guards within the league. About the scoring championship factor. It does not relatively subject. Durant and Carmelo are the best pure scorers in the world. It doesn't matter if they in no way win a scoring title again. They've any such good scoring sport. Equal with Kobe. He is an effective scorer. He has polished close to every part of his offensive sport. Profitable the scoring title in no way matters for humans like Durant and Kobe because we all know these guys are paid normally for their scoring potential.
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Sloane Sloane
LeBron is in his prime and is the cream of the crop. Durant is the future. but is still developing as an all-around basketball player.
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Orrin Orrin
Lebron his size He Will post durant and fade or dunk on him but kd is the future I'm not saying he sucks but that would happen
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Lemuel Lemuel
LeBron is easily better than KD BTW U don't need to hide your real question with a counterfeit one, it won't get deleted He's probably really in love. but yeah he's only 14 so smack him and ask him to play COD with you and tell him to stop being such a pansy
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Lemuel Originally Answered: All Hail King Lebron !?!?!?
There have been playoff games where people scored more points. There have also been games where people were very dominant over the other team. BUT NOBODY HAS EVER DONE WHAT LEBRON DID TONIGHT. He scored 29 of the teams last 30 points...Elias sports bureau and Marv Albert both called it "The Best personal performance in NBA playoff history". This is a big statement, because now it means that his performance tonight was better than Magic Johnson playing center in game six and scoring 42 points. (this is a big deal because Magic was not only a rookie, but was a point guard...playing center for the injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) Jordan? scored 63 againt Boston, but didn't score every point for the last 2 and 2/3's periods. Chamberlain? nope...scored 100, but not in the playoffs. Kobe? had some great playoff games. NOPE, tonight Lebron became impervious to all the moronic criticism that everyone has been slinging at him. Nobody's ever done this before...He is truly now KING JAMES.

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