"Sex, drugs, and rock&roll".relevant in metal?

"Sex, drugs, and rock&roll".relevant in metal? Topic: "Sex, drugs, and rock&roll".relevant in metal?
July 20, 2019 / By Cheryl
Question: So I'm doing a research assignment for one of my classes (eventually, it'll be a paper), and I keep seeing "sex, drugs, and rock&roll" come up in relation to metal in scholarly articles. Honestly, though, I don't see the connection between these themes and metal (in general). It should be more like "death, Vikings, fire&blood", in my opinion. So how do you feel about this? Does "sex, drugs, rock&roll" acurately describe metal? *as a side note, I doubt we're talking about the same form of music (me and the authors of the articles), for I've heard Axl Rose mentioned like three times as an example.... And sorry to my R&P contacts since I haven't been on lately. Been bit preoccupied with school and Age of Mythology, lol. Hell, I can name off more songs that deal with necrophilia than I can with normal sex in metal. ShroudedOne the music I listen to is oftentimes unsigned. I remember looking at the website for one of the bands I listen to, and reading the quote "After our day jobs...." was when they got to make music, and that was why they were taking so long on putting up another album.
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Ashtaroth Ashtaroth | 6 days ago
Not at all relevant. This is a really annoying assumption that I encounter all too often. These people seem to be confusing metal with rock. off the top of my head, I can't think of a single song by a metal band I like that deals with sex, drugs, or rock'n'roll as is. (I can't argue about the necrophilia thing, though, lol.) When a rock band wants to write generic genre-lyrics, they right about sex, drugs, and rock (and relationships). When a metal band writes generic lyrics, depending on their subgenre they will most likely write about gore and death, Satanism, or epic viking battles. And like with any style of music, there are a lot of bands, and probably in the majority amongst my favorite artists, who write interesting poetetic, political, or personal lyrics (I promise you the alliteration was unintentional). The only genre of metal that writes about the aforementioned that I can think of (discounting hair metal and other such genres that are metal by name only) is thrash. I think the problem is that these reports are written by academians who don't really understand what metal is, and wouldn't understand that what metal is today has nothing to do with Guns and Roses or Mötley Crüe. Nor, in my opinion, does it have anything to do with the bands like Slipknot and Disturbed who make the airwaves. The people who study these things from an outsiders perspective think of the "heavy metal" bands that existed to make noise and rock out and be loud and rebellious, whereas what I think of when I think metal is more along the lines of complexity, tehcnicality, melody, a lack of musical boundries, and, of course, at times, unabashed beauty. It's rather like if someone someone who was really into, say, techno or post-rock asked you or me to do a study on it. We're so removed from that world of music that we wouldn't even know where to turn and would probably misunderstand the themes involved similarly.
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Zophai Zophai
Somewhat yes. All these elements have been used as lyrics in classic metal and especially glam metal. Take Judas Priest as an example. I don't know about drug but quite a bit of their 80s material consisted of lyrics about sex and rocknroll. But then there are quite a few metal bands who do drugs and have many songs about them. So, it is a bit relevant to metal, even if it is on a small scale. Does "sex, drugs, rock&roll" accurately describe metal? As in, the metal bands' lifestyle? In general, especially for the more extreme bands, I highly doubt it. I think most of them are highly involved in their music and aren't in it for the whole 'party rockstar' lifestyle. And the 'party rockstar' thing has pretty much vanished since the 90s so I don't think it describes rock that well either.
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Sodi Sodi
This goes back to the early days of Rock. Back in the 60's 70' & into the 80's, you could almost never have one, without the other two, for that was the lifestyle. Axl Rose was a big star quite a while ago, as the lead singer of Guns N Roses. Unfortunately, you will probably have to study 'music history' to fully learn and understand what it used to mean. Gone are the glory days of music, all that is left now are just people trying to make a buck for as little effort as possible. Bands were once made up of people who played their own instruments, wrote and sang their own songs, and used drugs and alcohol heavily to come up with more music. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, are two of the biggest who used the influence of drugs to create new music. Later on, came the hair metal, which was killed off by grunge, only to be unceremoniously replaced by the incessant ramblings and noise that we have today, labeled as 'hip hop', 'r&b' or what have you. Listen to the 'older' music. And keep this in mind: One day, some kid will be listening to the music you once loved, and passing it over, for being 'too old' and boring...
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Orval Orval
Well, I think that in most underground genres, those themes will be less common, but you have the addition of metal being strongly based on anger, lament, or similar emotions, leaving somewhat less space for "sex, drugs, and rock & roll". In place of the "sex", you will get a fair amount of stuff about failure of relationships, however (see Opeth, Arsis, Pig Destroyer, basically the entire genre of melodic metalcore). "Drugs, I think could be replaced by the concept of Ideology, whether it be Satanism in stereotypical black metal (which really really represents the idea of freedom in much the same way that drugs do), Paganism in Viking metal, or even ideas of enlightenment seen in bands like Cynic or Lykathea Aflame. the theme of "rock & roll" is what is really absent, because, in the classic idea of Rock, it would stem from the fact that bands could be so popular, and make such money from something very different from the standard concept of "work". This could be seen however, in the kind of "badaşs" theme seen in songs like Born Of Osiris's "Bow Down", which is, for the most part, saying, "I am more powerful than/superior to 'you'" I would say, however, that a band that I think could be seen as possessing the kind of mentality of which you are referring would be Children of Bodom.
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Lenard Lenard
The best death metal vocals are found on Morbid Angel's first two albums. I can't hardly think of any thrash or death bands with female vocalists, so if you're gonna limit yourself to that, then you're gonna be listening to about two bands. Maybe you don't like metal much. New Megadeth (the past 15 years) is garbage. Megadeth has about two good albums to their name, the last one being from 1991. The song you're referring to is trash and I wouldn't even call it thrash metal at all. So take that. The woman in Arch Enemy is okay, but that's because she sounds like a man anyway, and the band itself doesn't make good music. Why listen to some women's poor imitation of a man's growl? Music like that requires a masculine voice so ladies, if you're looking to take up death metal vocals, you'd better start smoking now. Even if you don't like the harsh male vocals, (not that the woman from Arch Enemy has an angelic voice) the music in bands like Suffocation, Pestilence, Death, etc. is so great that it more than makes up for the vocals (which just so happen to sound good).
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