Hi. I am a junior. Do I have a chance (75% or better) of getting into these colleges?

Hi. I am a junior. Do I have a chance (75% or better) of getting into these colleges? Topic: Hi. I am a junior. Do I have a chance (75% or better) of getting into these colleges?
July 20, 2019 / By Chevonne
Question: Hi. I wanted to know if I could get into UCLA, U of Chicago, UC San Diego, U of Washington St. Louis, Brown, U of Pennsylvania? Foolproff? I am going to be a junior in high school in a fortnight, and I wanted to seek some opinions about my chances. So, here it goes.... 9th grade English 9th Speech B+ English 9th Writing A English 9th Literature A+ World Studies A+ both semesters Formal Geometry A (Sem 1) B (Sem 2) Honors Earth Science A (Sem 1) A+ (Sem 2) CADD 1 B+ CADD 2 B- Computer Concepts I A- Computer Concepts II A 10th grade AP US History A both semester AP Biology A both semester AP Psychology A+ both semester Honors English 10 A+ both semester Advanced Algebra 2 A- (1st semester) A (2nd semester) 3-D Art A+ Health A+ Woods Materials B As a junior I, this semester i have taken: AP Chemistry A AP Language and Composition A AP European History A+ Sociology (next semester..but A, probably...) Pre Calculus (Next semester) Trigonometry A- Child Development A+ Parenting A+ Spanish I A+ (I am a little behind...I don't know if i need foreign language to graduate since i three (including English) languages already) For 12th grade, I am taking... AP physics AP Literature and Composition AP US Government AP Calculus Statistics ( or AP) AP Art History (Should I? ) Spanish II Are 11 ap classes good? My extra curricular.... 2 summers of volunteering at the Public Library (round 105 hours so far) started Volunteering at the major hospital here in my town (so far...around 16 hours) from September,each week I took the AP exams and got a 5 on all three that i took for my sophormre year. I am 100 % confident I will get a 5 on AP Euro, AP Lang and Comp, AP US Government, and AP Lang and Comp. I am quite confident that I will get a 5 on AP Chem. Physics and Calc, however, I can't say for certain. School: Speech Club (last year, I went to all states!) Science Olympiad SHEPH (Students Helping to Eliminate Poverty and Hunger) I plan to appy to become a leader this year Key Club (39+ hours volunteered, including hospital hours) ESL Partner Program (you teach english to new foreigns students) Story County Youth Philanthropy Group, Board of Directors (this is major....we give out 5000 dollars to the community non profit organizations as grants.) I am in The National Society of High School Scholars (I plan to apply to NHS this year) No sports, no instruments I am hard working and I am a planner My school is very competitive, but I would say I rank in the 20th percent or higher My gpa, unweighted, is 3.87777 So,.....what do you think???? Should I do more??? I am a little paranoid about getting into a good school at this point, and I will try everything! My PSAT score was 1730...math 430! Writing and Reading both 650! HORRIBLE, i Know, but i practiced a lot this summer and it will hopefully improve! However, i just go my score report back for PSAT, and I got a 1950! that is the 95th percentile. Is that good, decent at least? I know I don't qualify for the national merit scholarship program, and I know I will be crying out my heart about that, but I wanted to know what an ideal score would be for each of the colleges that i mentioned. IS there hope for me? i would like to mention that I speak and write fluently in Nepalese and Hindi. I have had a lot of travel experiences (Australia, CA, TX). i was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal and at 10 years old we moved to Australia, then to USA. I also skipped a grade in Australia - I skipped 5th grade and went straight to 6th grade. I mention this to know if there is any advantage in skipping grades? I mean, i am a year younger than 99.9 % of my classmates, even sophomores are older than me. I just wondered if colleges are impressed, that's all. What should I talk about in a college essay? I want to go as Pre-med, and become either a) a anesthesiologist, b) a cardiac surgeon or c) a neurosurgeon. What are your thoughts? What college that I mentioned would best fit my ideals? Sorry its so long :)
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Ashton Ashton | 7 days ago
You have good credentials and I would think should be able to get into at least some of the colleges you listed. If you go to the link below you can look up the colleges you mentioned to see how your PSAT scores compare to the midrange SAT scores for those schools. Note that the Peterson's page uses just the math+verbal parts of the SAT, not the writing section. I don't know how colleges will react to your having skipped a grade. I did 2nd and 3rd in one year, and I don't think that had any impact either way by the time I started college. Your choice of what to write about in a college essay should reflect your life, your interests, your ambitions, etc. No one can decide that except you. The college you attend as an undergraduate need not be prestigious, although prestige does not hurt. However, to get into medical school you must get high grades (as close to 4.0 as possible) and do well on the MCAT, while also getting clinical experience, research experience, volunteer experience, teaching experience, leadership experience, etc. So you do not want to go to a school that is so demanding that you cannot get A's, particularly in science courses. Nor do you want to go to an undemanding school that does not teach you what you need to know to get a high score on the MCAT.
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Ashton Originally Answered: If I do better 2nd semester of my Junior year, will colleges appreciate that?
You are definitely not screwed. In fact, if you get 4.0 for all semesters from now on, colleges will really appreciate your work ethic and your change of attitude towards education. You can also talk about this in your application essay, so don't give up!
Ashton Originally Answered: If I do better 2nd semester of my Junior year, will colleges appreciate that?
Your GPA is still ok, I don't know how your school converts percentages into the 4.0 scale so I can't say exactly what it would be. Unless you're aiming for top schools/Ivy league, you should be fine. Upward trend in grades is definitely appreciated by colleges. Just do well on your SATs.

Zubin Zubin
Lol im not going to read all this but your grades sound superb! Those colleges will be impressed but please dont slack your senior year because that is one of the main years they will focus on. Also try taking ACT and look at the requirements for ACT and SAT scores for those colleges. Your PSAT score is nothing to worry about because it is not even the real one, just study more for the real one and try taking it twice. You really have nothing to worry about, just dont give up. And all AP classes are good, but if you can try taking a college course for credit if they let you do that at your school. College courses in high school help better prepare you for the transition to college. Sounds to me like you have great study habits if you have those grades so your pretty much set. Good luck!
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Sol Sol
u have some colleges that are Ivy like U Penn, so u r ACT or SAT scores, GPA, and class rank matter. u r extracurricular activities matter too
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Sol Originally Answered: Do colleges look at your first semester junior year grades?
The degree of thouroughness with which they evaluate your grades will vary from school to school, but the MOST important thing is your cumulative GPA - this gives them the best overall impression of your academic performance. Every semester will go on your transcript, but keep in mind that the admissions selection process will vary greatly from school to school - some schools put more weight on your essay (though there are schools that don't even require an essay), some on your scores (SATs, grades), and some on your extracurricular involvement (clubs, service, community activities). The best thing to do if you really have your heart set on a particular school is to check out there website and see what their admissions requirements are, or call their admissions office and speak with someone who can tell you what they are looking for. Hope I helped and best of luck!

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