What's your take on this situation- Mom issue?

What's your take on this situation- Mom issue? Topic: What's your take on this situation- Mom issue?
July 20, 2019 / By Cheyanne
Question: My mom absolutely DESPISES my boyfriend. She has never even met him, and doesn't want to meet him, even though I've offered on multiple occasions. Since I told her my boyfriend and I are dating, the first day she made me give her my facebook password and my phone. She also grounded me (not because I have a boyfriend. I'm allowed to date, she never actually specified why I'm grounded she only said that I'm grounded and every time I bring it up she tells me to shut the hell up). She's on my facebook EVERY day now and goes through all my messages and IMs, sometimes IMs people, and facebook stalks random people (isn't that creepy? She's in her 40's and scouring the profiles of 15 year olds) The next day, she gave me my phone back after she had gone through all the texts from my boyfriend (nothing bad. they were all sweet things like you're beautiful and smart and sweet, and jokes, and texts about homework), and she said the texts were disgusting. She's texted my boyfriend before too, pretending to be me. Since then, she's barely been talking to me. Last night she asked me when I'm going to break up with my boyfriend. I told her I didn't know, becaue I"m not planning on it. Her response? "Well, how long do you think? Give me a rough idea here." She even told me outright today that she's going to be EXTREMELY nasty and/or ignore me until my boyfriend and I break up. Today, I phoned her because I'm supposed to phone her straight after school. Just as I was asking her a question, she hung up on me and wouldn't answer the next three of my calls. When she finally answered, she told me that she was going to be nasty. She doesn't like him because he "isn't attractive enough or white". Seriously. What's your take on this situation? My side: He's a sweet boy, he does well in school (he gets the best grades he can- low 90's and high 80's, and he actually tries in his work. he also texts me to remind me to do my homework so I get good grades too), he plays sports, he doesn't pressure me and he isnt mean, he treats me well, he buys me gifts, and he is polite. My mom's side: He isn't white, isn't attractive, and he lives in a town she doesn't like. Oh no, she's always a bigoted racist. The last time my boyfriend wasn't white she spent the entire day vomitting, crying, and calling up family members to tell them how much of a disgrace I am.
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Asia Asia | 8 days ago
My take on it? Unfortunately your mum seems to be a) racist and b) seriously immature and lacking in parenting skills. Still, she hasn't outright banned you from seeing him so that's something I suppose... .
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Zuph Zuph
From what you say, she sounds downright awful. Is there more to her side of the story? Something you're not mentioning? Or is she just bigoted and racist normally? **I not sure what to tell you lol.. having a mom like you describe is pretty unfortunate. I'm sure it's not a pleasure to live with someone so motivated by hate. I'm not normally an advocate for keeping things from your parents, but in your case what I personally would do is start a different FB account, but keep the old one open for her to ravage through it when she "feels it's necessary." And I'd also get a prepaid phone of my own, and keep it from her. Maybe this isn't the best advice, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and there's not much more to it. Also, don't take too much stock into her opinion. He sounds like a very nice boy :)
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Solly Solly
I wouldn't let this one go, especially if you and him r good together and he treats u right. who gives a **** what your mom thinks about him. she is a racist and a ***** and I would say to her I am sorry if you don't like him but I am not breaking up with him and that's final.
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