i need help picking a topic.?

i need help picking a topic.? Topic: i need help picking a topic.?
July 20, 2019 / By Chonsie
Question: so for my english class, we have to write an "argument" paper w. like internal citations and stuff, and i have to finalize my topic by tonight. so yesterday, i picked out 3 topics that i would want to do: death penalty euthanasia gay marriage. I showed these to my teacher, and she said that they were all too big & that i need to be more specific. like it cant be "should gay marraige be allowed" so pleaseeeeee! help! today in class she showed us a sample paper, and the topic was: From family to family guy: how television has changed American society. and she said that like she said that television HAS changed society, and she backed it up. so we have to do something like that. im so confused!
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Aubrey Aubrey | 4 days ago
*sigh* You couldn't, perhaps, find an issue that you personally care about and which hasn't been done to death? You've picked the three most overdone position topics possible. Believe me, I help students with these papers and it's like there are no other possible paper topics in existence as far as they are concerned. Assuming you must inflict these topics on your long-suffering teacher, then I would point out to you that "euthanasia" is not a position, which is what your teacher is asking for. You are being asked to take a stand on an issue and justify it....which means you actually have to *take a position* on some aspect of the issue. This: "Gay Marriage" Is not a position. It's an issue, and it implies no particular stance on any aspect of the issue. You might be for it entirely. You might be against it entirely. You might be for domestic partnership benefits but not in favor of full marriage. You might be in favor of allowing individual states to decide and against amending the constitution. Your argument topic needs to state the issue and what, specifically, you are for or against: "The constitution should not be amended to prohibit gay marriage." "The death penalty does not serve as an effective deterrent of violent crimes." "Euthanasia is a legal and ethical slippery slope, and should be unilaterally illegal." In order to form a valid position topic, you do actually need to do some preliminary reading and research on the topic. Then decide exactly what you are going to argue for, and state it in clear and specific terms.
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Abaigael Abaigael
i could continuously inspire pupils to %. a undertaking/subject do no longer forget that meets specific standards for them as somebody. case in point: #3) Are you mushy talking touching directly to the subject remember? #2) is this subject remember something you talk approximately frequently besides? And for #a million) evaluate the purpose audience!!! you have an purpose audience of seventh grade pupils. What concerns or occupies the suggestions of seventh graders? i could wager stuff like I indexed decrease than. a. college lunch selections b. spending funds! c. outfits! d. e. f. g. h. i. j. ok. ok, now you fill in -d- by -ok-, and that i wager, very promptly, you would be wanting been able to %. something you could shield truthfully as nicely as talk approximately publicly, that may not basically make it concern-free on your self, yet in addition contain and allure your purpose audience contributors' strategies of questioning. in particular, have relaxing!
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Spencer Spencer
do something on the death penalty if you support it, title it "If You Kill Us, We Will Kill You Back"
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Spencer Originally Answered: Help picking a topic to write about?
Dont you love those teachers? What a piece. Why don't you pick one US/North American animal or two, on the endangered species list, something big, like the bison, and compare its situation to one animal, equally as large, already extinct? That way you can use your old rejected paper, and apply your observations to a specific animal.

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