good desktop computer?

good desktop computer? Topic: good desktop computer?
June 25, 2019 / By Chris
Question: my friend have a new desktop which have 950 gb i want a new desktop kind like that so if anyone know any good computer tell me i want 6 - 9 gb pretty good amount of hzt and ram to run games without lag like fallout new vegas thinking getting the windio verion because i broke my 360 ........
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Aubrie Aubrie | 5 days ago
First and most importantly, you should concentrate on doing your homework and paying attention in school instead of playing games. Learn the Alphabet and all the sounds each letter makes. Eventually you will be able to formulate coherent sentences with good grammar and punctuation so that you will be able to ask questions in public forums that people can fully understand. Please feel free to come back when you have completed Elementary School.
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Aubrie Originally Answered: Laptop or Desktop Computer?
Just go desktop, you can always buy a good/big desk and a swivel chair so you can have a lot of space. Desktops are better in price/performance ratio so and WoW runs better on desktop processors. So desktop. laptop will cost around 3x more the price if you want to game on it! Desktops also last around 5-6 years while laptops wear down at around 2-3 years max. My mom's laptop was a cheapo 400 dollar one and its already at its limit after a year or two. I'd like to say this, build it yourself or find a shop that can do it for you. For me, that place is microcenter. Why i'm saying this is because my parents have bought 4 comp's in the past 3 years and they all fail, and slow. I built mine for around 700 and i can run WoW, Crysis, COD modern warfare 2 at max settings with 60fps. WoW isnt very graphicly intensive unless put on max, but for future games you should be prepared. If you cant build it yourself or dont want to take the time to, ask another question concerning a desktop in your pricerange to play WoW or any other games at certain settings, for if you want to play Max your gonna need more power and people will suggest different things. You can contact me if you wish. Good luck Sincerely, Questin:P
Aubrie Originally Answered: Laptop or Desktop Computer?
looking at ur needs u should get a desktop, there will be soon games coming which ur current system wont b able to run, and with a desktop u can easily upgrade it, also laptop life is shorter then a desktop. just a tip if u get a desktop get a mother board which suports higher processor / ram as thereis limit on up to how much u can upgrad parts on it. gud luck

Abaigeal Abaigeal
I'm assuming you want one pre-built and don't want individual components (which is much cheaper, but you have to put the pieces together yourself). You didn't mention what your price range was, so it's hard to say exactly what you want. If you want a fairly cheap machine that can at least play games, look at the Dell XPS 8300- it's got a discrete graphics card, although it's not a great one, 4GB of RAM, a 1TB (1000GB) hard drive, and an Intel Core i5 processor.
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Spike Spike
http://computers.shop.ebay.com/i.html?_n... Basic search for the word "Gaming" in the computer section on eBay.com Or if you really want the no bull route you can just contact me and let me know how much you want to spend and I can put something together for you by next week on eBay
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Spike Originally Answered: Should I get a laptop or desktop computer?
Get the desktop unless you have a true and valid need for a laptop, say work or college homework that requires you to have a machine. You can also get alot more of a desktop machine for the cost of a laptop. Repairs and upgrades are cheaper on a desktop. I think that unless you already have a good desktop or totally need the laptop the best option is to get the new dell desktop, and get Xp if at all possible. Good luck

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