Who else thinks Obama's health care plan is a joke because it still prioritizes profit over public health?

Who else thinks Obama's health care plan is a joke because it still prioritizes profit over public health? Topic: Who else thinks Obama's health care plan is a joke because it still prioritizes profit over public health?
June 20, 2019 / By Christa
Question: tribeca - OR we could see the government plan weakened so it doesn't outcompete the private competitors which would cost the private companies money. According to Obama, profit seeking is an American tradition he wouldn't want to infringe on that tradition would he?
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Best Answers: Who else thinks Obama's health care plan is a joke because it still prioritizes profit over public health?

Audrey Audrey | 8 days ago
I agree that any plan which does not eliminate 3rd party profit makers who do nothing but shuffle paper, won't solve the problem.
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Audrey Originally Answered: Why do some neo-cons oppose such a good health care plan, despite Obama's call to fix health care ASAP?
I'm not sure whether you mean opponents in Congress or people commenting privately. This applies more to members of Congress, but could apply to anyone. Generally speaking, I don't expect opposition to any plan to be principled. When by a member of Congress, there is always a political power-seeking overtone. Their opposition might be as simple as because it is the other party promoting the plan. When in private debate, the opposition often simply comes from a desire to avoid admitting error at all costs. Yes, I have to guard myself against doing that. I hope that you do too. I oppose political plans to "fix" health care because they generally call for more political control. I believe that health care industries have encountered problems largely because of the influence of lobbyists on government regulatory management. Whether you agree with this hypothesis or not, I hope that you can see that the financial fortunes of so-called private health care firms does not contradict it. Accepting this hypothesis, I just don't see how more political control will solve anything. While some (but by no means not all) politicians may actually be motivated by good intentions, the push of their campaign supporters is very strong. We would do better to return health care industries back to voluntary markets. We would need to have a discussion about how to approach regulation without centralized political control. I will not start that discussion here. Anyway, I don't expect most people to oppose the plans for any of the reasons that I suggested here. More commonly, they are parroting party lines. Also, they are reacting against criticism that something in their society doesn't work right. I think that they take it personally. I mean, to suggest that health care in France might be better than it is in the U.S. is taken as a personal insult. This is not a good basis for honest debate. I fear that my position is lumped into this unthinking category. I do try to be thoughtful, and I hope that I was able to offer convincing arguments.

Abbie Abbie
I don't believe for a minute that Obama or Pelosi cares about anyone's health. It is a power grab. There are better ways to fix the problem. They don't want to fix the problem. If the public option is available, I may lose my health insurance. It is good health insurance and the public option will not cover me like my own policy does. I hope it does not pass. If so, I hope it can be repealed in 2010. However, government rarely gives back power.
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Stacy Stacy
The fact is we don't need a new health care plan. If the Presidents past and present put 2/3 of the money that goes to foreign aid countries into already existing free clinics and scholarships and endowment programs for more, physicians, no new legislation would be needed.
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Othniel Othniel
It is Just a little better then What Republicans would do . And He does acknowledge at least the need . But it does not seem to matter what Political party for one reason or the other - wealthy people are just disconnected from the rest of the population and only understand poverty theoretically it seems . At least wealthy Democrat's are capable of that if nothing more . And Republicans just don't care .
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Lesley Lesley
If Obama was serious he would direct American Medical Schools to increase the number of students that they train to become Physicians by about 5 times or more. We have an artificially created shortage of Physicians. The number of Physicians is strictly limited in The United States of America by severely limiting the number of spaces in Medical Schools This is done to prevent competition among Doctors and keep Doctor's wages high. The result is that we have many Physicians who are trained in inferior foreign medical schools who come to The United States of America to practice Medicine. Every year we turn away thinsof thousands of well qualified students from our Medical Schools because there are no places for them. If we had competition among DDoctors we would see a dramatic reduction in Doctor's fees and costs to patients. Also, one of the reasons that many people in The United States of America receive inadequate Medical Care is bbecauseof the artificially created shortage of Doctors, it is difficult for many people in The United States of America to even have access to a Physician.
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Jamie Jamie
It's kind of sad that he is agreeing to this compromise rather than establishing a true single-payer system. But I guess he's trying to be bipartisan and all.
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France France
The details of the plan haven't even been DECIDED yet. You might want to wait until there actually IS a plan before you start your bitter, ranting tirade.
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France Originally Answered: under Obama's health care plan, which businesses will have to buy their employees health insurance?
That situation is precisely why we need Universal Health Care. So that small businesses do not have to worry about providing health insurance for their employees.

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