Please real answers help me.!?

Please real answers help me.!? Topic: Please real answers help me.!?
June 20, 2019 / By Christal
Question: If there are no legal barriers for taking and posting candid photos. are there any ethical barriers? can ethics be legislated? why or why not?
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Best Answers: Please real answers help me.!?

Aureole Aureole | 2 days ago
Wow, you really can't take your ethics class essay questions to yahoo answers and expect somebody to write the damn thing for you.
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I am not sure any of these answers will help in time for your game. The first thing I would suggest is talking with your coach. See what the coach thinks should be done first. If you do things without talking with the coach first, they will think you are trying to run the team. And you may find yourself on the bench or even off the team. Invite the team to show up early or stay late for practice. Some may be able to show up for one or the other. See if you have dedicated players or just recreational players. If no one wants to make an extra effort, you may be in for some trouble. If the two above do not work, just work on encouraging your team mates. If they do something well, high five them. If they mess up, encourage them to do better the next time. Do not say anything negative to any of your team or it will be worse. Be positive. Winning is great, but it is not the most important thing in the world. Your volleyball teammates can become your friends. Over the next several months, you will spend more time with them than you will spend with your family or friends. Do not push them so hard that they will hate you. Good luck. This will not be a easy problem to solve. Your teammates have to WANT to get better. If they are just there because their parents want them to be there, you will be in trouble.

Abbigayle Abbigayle
I think the ethical thing to do when posting candid photos of other people is to make sure you inform them of your intentions...letting people see photos of them in certain situations might actually be damaging so it is the right thing to do...or you can blurr out the face so they cannot be identified....that is the right thing to do...how would you feel if it were you on the other end? I don't know about our ethics being legislated??? I'm sure they try to but it would all depend...some things are plainly wrong and others are 'grey.' I hope that helps. I would recommend you use your best judgement when posting candid photos of others.
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Stanford Stanford
Ethics are purely optional, but it does make you stand out if you adhere to them. How do you define a candid photo? Someone in a compromising pose? A funny moment? Usually a professional organization representing a certain profession will have ethics guidelines which its members are supposed to follow. Otherwise, please define or make up your own rules! If someone finds your published picture of a public personality too candid and takes you to court, well, you know who crossed the line then.
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Owen Owen
There are rights to privacy laws, libel and defamation, as well as cyberbullying legislation taken to dissuade online stalkers and harassers from causing harm to another person. From a photographers standpoint however, if you are a public sidewalk or public location however and you snap a photo on public property I believe (but cannot guarantee-youd have to research it) that it is not illegal.
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Levi Levi
there is ethics barriers. but they should not be legislated. the government shouldn't protect us from ourselves.
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Levi Originally Answered: Get real answers from millions of real people.?
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