I checked my FAFSA Status and it says Processed?

I checked my FAFSA Status and it says Processed? Topic: I checked my FAFSA Status and it says Processed?
June 16, 2019 / By Christelle
Question: How long will it take to determine how much help I'll get? I applied for the 2008-2009 I submit it on 2-27-09 and it says it was processed on 3-05-09. What it is the next step? I applied for the 2008-2009 FAFSA, but I submitted on 2/27/09 and was prossesed on 3/5/09. is this correct or should I modify the application to 2009/2010
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Austyn Austyn | 4 days ago
Kryp: Once your FAFSA has been processed by the Department of Education, they will send out two important notices. One, called the Student Aid Report, will be mailed to you. The SAR will show you what Expected Family Contribution score was calculated from your FAFSA answers. If there is an asterisk next to your EFC score, that indicates that you were one of the 30% of all FAFSA applicants whose forms were randomly selected for verification. The other form, the ISIR (Institutional Student Information Report) gets sent to the school or schools that you indicated on your FAFSA application. That's important, because that's how your financial aid offer actually gets generated. When the financial aid office at your school receives your ISIR report, they will evaluate your EFC score to determine what forms of financial aid you are eligible to receive. They'll put together an individualized aid offer, just for you, and they'll tell you about that offer in an "aid offer letter". The aid offer letter will indicate what forms of aid they have available for you - how much they can offer - and what you will need to do to accept and receive that aid. Pay careful attention to the instructions, and respond as quickly as you can, because any delay in your response will delay the payment of your aid. In other words - right now, the ball is in the financial aid office's court. You can sit tight, and wait to receive the aid offer letter. That's when it will be your turn to take action again. Good luck - I hope that helped!
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Austyn Originally Answered: After my FAFSA application has been processed and all, is there anything more I need to do?
Yes, you need to contact your school and find out what else they need from you. Unless you have received an "Award Letter" from them, you still don't have a financial aid offer yet. Most schools have already sent them out to those who did their FAFSAs back in Feb and March.

Abbygail Abbygail
Well...you applied for the wrong year on your FASFA. This next year coming up should be processing aid for the aid year 2009-2010. You should go back and do the correct aid year for the year of 2009-2010 since 2008 is done and gone. That is my understanding anyways. Good luck! Add-- If you need aid for the Summer term then the old one you filled out will go for summer. If you're filling out the FAFSA for Fall 2009 beginning term then you will need to redo the FAFSA for the 2009-2010 term. Also, some schools require you sumbit an extra application which can be found at your school. However, this is typically for summer aid you may not need to so it's best to contact your financial aid dept. for additional questions on aid.
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Ste Ste
That's great, you will be receiving letter in the mail or a call if they need more information, they will let you know. Best to you!
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Ozzie Ozzie
You have to submit it to the school you are going to. They are the ones that determine how much you get.
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Ozzie Originally Answered: Where can I get my deer processed?
Back when I lived in Florida we used to have these things called phone books. They had a section called the yellow pages and there used to be listings of all sorts of businesses. I wonder if they still do that?

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