What should i do if i runaway from home?

What should i do if i runaway from home? Topic: What should i do if i runaway from home?
June 16, 2019 / By Christen
Question: I'm 17 this year, and l seriosly want to get out of my house because of my parents. They can be happy,but there's always that unsolving problem that my parents fight about. My mom get's drunk, and starts insulting his family. My father get's out of his mind and hits her, punches her, throws her,pushes her, and they're gonna start killing each other. Im tired of this, watching the two people i love killing themselves. This is a problem that can't be solved. She said she was going to stop insulting and my dad said then he would not hit her. But when there's alcohol, things change. And my mom loves alcohol, and she gets out of control. Its traumatizing watching parents kill. I want to get out of thehouse, i live in chile(south america) and i don't know where to go,what to do,but i know i want to leave. Please don't giveme advice of how my parents should change, b/c it's something they've tried long ago,but theproblem is always going to be unsolved,help me to what should i do when i leave I'm 17 l seriosly want to get out of my house because of my parents. They can be happy,but theres always that unsolving problem that my parents fight about. My mom get's drunk, and starts insulting his family. My father get's out of his mind and hits her, punches her, throws her,pushes her, and they're gonna start killing each other. Im tired of watching the two people i love killing themselves. She said she was going to stop insulting &my dad said then he would not hit her. But when theres alcohol,things change. Its traumatizing watching parents kill & have no brotherssis. I want 2 get out of thehouse, i live n chile(south america)and i dont know where to go,what to do,but i know i want to leave. Please don't giveme advice of how my parents should change, b/c its somethin they've tried long ago,but theproblem is always going to be unsolved,help me to what should i do when i leave. close ppl dont understand and just say that fighting sth usual, but theyve not livd wat i had. sorry...i put the same thing up there.. ive tried talking w friends but close ppl don't understand because they've not lived this and just say it's something usual and that its impossible for my parents to end up killing themselves. but u know, ive felt when anger controls over and one big hit can cause u death over a drunk woman. have no brother nor sister. all the family i can trust r out of chile. plus i dont have any close friend whose 21 nor 18 they all live w parents. i really have tried doing the best to unite them. i resently bought them a tv for their room and a game boy so they could have some time for their own. i bought it for their anniversary, but i recently got a call from where they were (beach for 3 nights) and i asked my dad if they've fight..and said yes...all i can imagine is my mother hurt violently lying somewhere insulting my dad..(im korean btw)
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Autumn Autumn | 5 days ago
I grew up in a house just like your, my dad would go out drinking and come in 2:00 AM and my mom would be sleeping he would yell up the stairs (GET UP AND FIX ME SOMETHING TO EAT YOU WHORE.)now my mom was the only one working and she had to get up AM to get us kids off to school.My dad would hit my mom so hard and choke her and keep hitting her over and over .This was at least 3 times a week and every weekend from the time I remembered myself being a live up until the day I turned. You have one more year can't you hold off until then.I just wanted to let you no your not alone. My sister and I had a friend, her parents threw her out of her house so my mom said she could come live with us,even though my dad would come home drunk anything was better then what she came from.When we would hear the door handle we would take off running up to our bedroom and lock the door and put on our music and go somewhere else in our minds.Are you close enough to any of your girl friends to see if you can stay with one of them for awhile.If you are going to go to college check into the exchange program.Maybe you can find someone who lives close to where you live and is renting rooms,the mane thing is to get you out and away from the two people that are destroying your young life before it has really started.What do you think they would do if you told them you were leaving because you can't stand living with the fighting any longer.? Try it they just might surprise you, I really hope everthing works out for you.
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Autumn Originally Answered: Where do I go when I runaway from home?
First off. I would examine what you are doing right away. Sometimes things look worse then they really are. Killing yourself is definitely. Not an option. If you're running away and you have a good reason then there are places that you can go to. A homeless shelter is the worsted place you can go. In Boston the have a program call Bridge over Troubled Water. Years ago people like you were just picked up by the police. What you need is a place where they will understand were you are coming from. The people in places like this have in many cases been through what you have. I would definitely call them before you decide to leave. That's Bridge over Troubled Water. They are located in Boston. The number is 1-617- 423-9575. They help with shelter and get you what you need. Even education. They also will not turn you in. They will have to let your family know that you are alright but they will not know where you are. It is a requirement if they are to help you.

Abbygale Abbygale
You can't change them or make them change - you are right about that. You can ask for the cooperation of a friend, though. You can tell your parents that you are going to leave immediately when you see the alcohol come out and the punching starts. Your mother sounds like an alcoholic, it's true. But your dad is worse - he's using a beligerent alcoholic as a punching bag. It would scare anybody. Your parents may feel like they have some kind of protection in having you around while all this is going on. After all, you're a witness and maybe they think SOMEONE would stop it from getting too bad. That is too much responsibillity to lay on a 17 year old. That's why you should leave. And tell them that even if the police don't do anything, you will make the obbligatory call to the police when the abuse starts. You will have done your part, removed yourself, and left themselves to what they do best - which is knowingly torture each other. The thing is, they torture you with it too! So don't let them. They are being terrible parents at that time even if the rest of the time, they can be happy. You don't have to feel responsible You also don't have to run away. Keep some clean clothes and toiletries at your friend's house (and it is up to you whether you confide in his parents about this or not). Come home when things are back to a calm level and just hang in there until you are old enough to be on your own. That day will come - kids do grow up to be independent and have their own families some day. It will all happen for you too. In the meantime, your parents have to grow up too.
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Stef Stef
Im from Australia and I know if there was a case where a child/teenager was in danger, then human services would step in. I do know that also in Australia once you are 16 you are able to make your own choice pretty much. I can understand where you are coming from. My Mum and Dad use to fight constantly, over things that to me would seem childish. I mean my Mum would go at my Dad with a knife etc. To date they are still married and have been for 30+ years and I can say the knives are put away. Are you still in school? If so go and seek a school councillor and speak to them about your home life. The worst thing you can do is runaway, especially out on the streets its really not a place for anyone. If it is way to much for you and your are frightened of what may happen to you or your family. I guess the best thing for you to do is live with a family member that you trust and knows of the situation. Dont worry about how far they live away, cause its your life and to me it seems that you need a break from your parents. The Adult in your family, I feel, is you! You cant sort out your parents problems and nor should you. You are still only a baby and you have so much to learn. Sometimes parents can be selfish, believe me my sister has two children and I can say, they come last campared to everything else. But deep down they love you, and dont realise the hurt they are causing you. If you do decide to leave. Write a letter and explain to them how you feel. Suggest a counciler to them. If things are still bad. Perhaps they should go their separate ways. Harmony is better then disharmony. Anyway I feel for you and can only imagine what you are going through. May everything turn out right. Remember your not the one who needs to be the mediator. Its up to your Parents, to work things out. Good luck!
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Ozzy Ozzy
Try talking to them. Tell them that you are thinking of leaving because you can not stand the way they are treating each other. Tell your mom that she needs to seek help to help stop drinking. Maybe your dad would stop being abusive if she stopped drinking. Tell them that they also need to see a marriage counselor. If that doesn't work then leave if you must. Do you have family that you could possibly live with? A grandparent, an older sibling? You could get a job and maybe find yourself a room somewhere. You are probably in school so I hope that you will be able to finish that although you could get a GED. Have you tried talking to counselors at school, your minister, a teacher about what is happening in your home and how miserable and scared you are for your mother? Hope that you can get the results that you need.
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Ozzy Originally Answered: Help: I want to runaway?
OK, sounds like you need to bail out, and you have given it both some time and some thought. Your goal is to get out of your house to a safe place where you can again start to enjoy life. Only you can decide if you are in harms way. This is not easy. It depends a lot on where you live. I don't know where you live, but it would be useful to us if you told us what nation you are in, or even better what town. Then we may be able to give you direct suggestions of places to go. Your first move, if you are in the USA, is to make contact with your Children and Family Services agency in your town. What ever you do you will end up with them eventually so you might as well start out by making the first move and contacting them. At least then the contact will be on your terms and under your control, and not because you were picked up by the police and are in a situation out of your control. Without knowing where you live, I can only suggest some simple solutions. You have three or four options. 1) Contact the agency that is responsible for child welfare in where you live. You can probably go and talk to them anomalously with out your parents knowing you went to see them. Explain your situation and ask them for help. At first they will not be too keen. You probably have to go back and ask every week for a month or two before they get around to helping you. Don't just call on the phone, go in person if you can, and make them write up a report. Be honest with them. If your father has threatened you be truthful about it, but don't make stuff up. They are pros at seeing through stories. If you make stuff up they will not help you. 2) Ask a friends parents if you can go and live with them, in their house, and if they will protect you. I suggest you look for a family that tends to take in strays. For example a family that already has two children and two dogs. Go and ask the mother and father if you can live with them and if they will protect you. Explain that you are serious and living with them would be better than running away. (You may be able to still go to your old school, but it may be better if they can get you into a different one.) Children and family services may help you arrange this as a temp solution. 3) Try asking your parents if you can live for a while with some of your relatives in a different town. Think up any excuse you can. Write to all your aunts and uncles and start sending letters. Soon they will get to know you and maybe one will offer to take you of your parents hands for a while. If you have your parents blessing this will work, but if not they may turn you back over to your father. 4) Find out who the agency for runaways is in your town or part of the country. Do some research and find a way to visit them to check the pace out. Talk to some of the other girls and make sure it would be a safe place for you. Find out what it's really like. Runaway shelters are not fun, they are often violent, and the kids there are for the most part not very happy or nice. This is a last resort option if Children and Family services could not help you. Shelters are much better than the streets, but it ain't home. 5) Just running away. This is a VERY dangerous option, and at your age will probably lead to rape and physical harm. It is very difficult for a thirteen year old girl to get a job and a safe place to live. It is also almost impossible to keep up your school work which will mean you will have very poor job opportunities for the rest of your life. This is not a good solution unless you have a couple of places worked out to run TO. Before you run, figure out where you are running to, and have a backup plan as well. Honestly, if you end up on the streets of a big city, you will probably be both addicted to drugs and working as a prostitute within a few months. Do not end up on the streets. Seek a shelter that houses teens. If you leave home, or are even thinking about it do some preparation first: a) Make sure you have a way to contact your friends, brothers and sisters through a mutual friend who will act as telephone relay. b) Prepare a pack with your identity papers and phone lists. Passport, school id card, health or medical card, any other card with your name or identity. I suggest you put them in a waterproof zip lock bag. c) Get some free web space and post your pone contact lists and your identity document information on the page so if they get stolen you can log on and get the data back. d) Do as much research before hand as you can, and have names, phone numbers, address and web sites written down. e) Have a list of all your relatives, names, address, emails and phone numbers in case you end up near them and have to ask for a favor, like borrowing money or spending a couple of nights sleeping on their couch. Your parents may not give them to you after you have gone and the contacts may be very useful later. Make a family tree, with all the contact information. Get the info from your parents by telling them it is a family preparedness project for school. f) Make three copies of everything, one printed out with you at all times, and one on the web where you can get to it by logging on to your free web page, and one stashed with a trusted friend. The set should include all your identity documents numbers and info, and if you can, digital images of the pages from your passport and other identity documents. (When you run away your money and identity docs are the first things they steal, other than your virginity.) Never give the documents to any body else for any reason. You can show them, they can make a photo copy, but never let any one else keep them. Note: You can tell your parents your photocopying your identity documents, or scanning them to digitalize them is part of a school preparedness project. g) Make sure you take your best walking pair of shoes, and stuff to make you look clean. Soap, shampoo, hair brush etc. You may be down and out but don't look it otherwise you may be picked up. I also suggest as much money as you can, changes of underwear and small pillow, the pillow makes life better. h) Make sure you have your library card, so you can get to use the computers in the public library, that way you can stay in touch with friends, find out what is happening, and research your options. i) Have two backpacks, one your main one and one for going around the town when your main one is stashed some place very safe. With just a small bag you will not look like a runaway. Keep your documents, contact lists, money, toothbrush and hair brush in the small bag and keep it with you ALL the time. Sleep with it. If they steal the big bag you can in time replace the stuff in that, but not the important stuff in the small bag so keep it with you at all time. j) Have your bag packed and ready to go. You never know just when you have to bail out and go. LAST, or FIRST - Try talking to your muslim fiends at school. Maybe they are having problems with their family too, maybe they too are losing faith. Look for the girls who are good at science or math, start talking to others at school about how you feel. I think you will find others who are in the same boat as you. Being a teen muslim girl can be very dangerous. For example:http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk... If you are in the USA and feel in danger or need help you can call one of the following: Abuse, Rape, Incest Hotline: 1- 800-656-HOPE Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD Covenant House Crisis Line: 1-800-999-9999 (Good one) Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE National Runaway Switchboard: 1-800-621-4000 (good one) National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE Peer Violence Hotline: 1-87-REPORT-IT Youth Depression Hotline: 1-800-HIT-HOME Young and Pregnant Hotline: 1-800-550-4900 If you are in the USA, print this list and keep it with you at all times. If your parents find the list just tell them it was given to you by school and that you are meant to give it to friends if they need help. If I know the country, city or zip code I can probably give your a much better idea of where you need to go for help or who you should call.

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