Will this lense fit with a Nikon d5000?

Will this lense fit with a Nikon d5000? Topic: Will this lense fit with a Nikon d5000?
June 16, 2019 / By Christie
Question: will this lense http://www.digitalrev.com/product/sigma-... fit on the Nikon d5000. I am looking for a lens better than the stock lens that comes with it? If it does fit, in what ways is it better than the stock lens? I am very new to this, please make answers simple..I can't understand all this lens jargon...
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Avalon Avalon | 9 days ago
The Nikkor 18-55mm(VR or no VR) is not bad at all, so you might be trying to solve a problem by throwing money at it when it perhaps can be fixed with a small adjustment of your technique, allowing you to make better use of the lens that you own. Could you post a sample shot in which you find problems that you wish to fix by upgrading your lens? Edit: That lens which you linked to exists in versions for all major brands. This offer does not say which particular brand it is for, so i would assume that it's for Sigma's own DSLRs, not for Nikon. Either way, i don't think that it'd be an improvement over your current lens - both belong to the same price category.
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Avalon Originally Answered: Scratched eye / Pain in eye from contact lense, advise ?
Actually it only takes a few hours to maybe days for you eyes to heal from minor scratches. Have you changed solution recently? Might be allergic to the solution and its bothering you. Are you rinsing your contact lens properly? maybe there's lint on the contact lens when you put them on. Other then that, you should visit your eye care professional and have them take a look at your eyes.
Avalon Originally Answered: Scratched eye / Pain in eye from contact lense, advise ?
I work in an optometrist's office, and it really all depends on your prescription. For instance, do you wear bifocals, progressives, or are you astigmatic? A lot of people report contacts as not being comfortable. I have astigmatism, and if I try to wear contacts, it feels like I have a brick in my eye!!! I can see more clearly with glasses and only wear contacts on special occasions. Has your optometrist given you trial lenses (free to you)? If you are far or near sighted, I would recommend trying a contact called O2 Optix or Acuvue Oasys. If you have astigmatism, I would recommend trying Softlens 66 Toric, or Acuvue Toric. Hope I helped.

Abegayle Abegayle
It will fit if it has a Nikon mount. But, in my opinion, it will be a waste of money. The Nikon kits lens is of better quality than the Sigma. You can get magazine quality photos with the D5000 & kit lens if you take the time to learn how to use them. I should know, I've had photos published with these two.
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Sterling Sterling
not suitable. The D5000 will purely artwork totally with AF-S and AF-I (or equivalent third party) lenses. AF and AI-P lenses will purely provide motor vehicle-exposure and metering yet are instruction manual concentration lenses. AI/AI-S lenses will extra healthful yet won't artwork.
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Sterling Originally Answered: Trouble Nikon D80?
Guppy, I mean no offense, but I have no idea about your level of skill with your D80. I am assuming that you are talking about the actual image and not a problem with LCD brightness. You can check the image on your computer monitor. Oh. I assume that you are not talking about a problem with monitor brightness, either. Three things occur to me, other than a hardware problem. Check these out before you send your camera in for repair. First: Is your EV compensation set at 0.0? See page 54 in your manual for this adjustment. Second: Are you metering correctly? See page 52 of your manual for the different meter patterns. Try the Matrix meter for a dozen shots in "average" lighting. If they all come out bad, then call Nikon, as Ace has suggested. If they all come out pretty much okay, try another dozen shots using center-weighted metering and make the same evaluations. If these come out half and half, evaluate your metering technique. Third: See page 94 of your manual to determine whether you have changed the EV lock function of the shutter release button. Go back to the default setting of AE/AF lock and see if this solves your problem. Determine whether you want to reassign the EV lock function to the AE-L/AF-L button or leave it onthe shutter release button.

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