Just installed a police siren on my bike, how do i eliminate feedback?

Just installed a police siren on my bike, how do i eliminate feedback? Topic: Just installed a police siren on my bike, how do i eliminate feedback?
June 16, 2019 / By Christin
Question: I added a 50 watt siren in the middle of my bike. When i hold the microphone to talk through ( its a PA system also ) i keep getting a ton of feedback. My siren on the bike is pointing forward, and the mic isnt facing its direction. I dont know how to get rid of the annoying feedback. The cop horn and siren sounds work fine, its just talking through it will make it go crazy.
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Avalona Avalona | 10 days ago
Now that Jeffro has the legal side covered pretty well , here's the answer. Make sure the PA mic is behind the speaker, since this is in the middle of the bike, it sound likes you're getting feed back because the mic is picking up the sound from the speaker. Moving the speaker forward, or using the PA dismounted behind the bike should solve this problem. Good luck and hope this helps.
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Abelia Abelia
Its illegal to posses law enforcement equipment such as lights and sirens for vehicles that travel on any public highway unless authorized by the proper authority such the police chief/fire chief. A bicycle must adhere to the laws as well and its operator can be cited for any violation, such as failure to stop at place required, i.e. stop sign. Suggestion would be to take it off, possession of such items is usually a class 2 misdemeanor.
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Steve Steve
Yeah, that is unlawful. Putting sirens or lighting to your motorcycle isn't noticeable as simply tricking out your trip however as impersonating the Police. In the states as I can suppose within the UK it is a prison. Save your self the challenge.
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