Fear of Public Speaking?

Fear of Public Speaking? Topic: Fear of Public Speaking?
June 20, 2019 / By Christobel
Question: I have a horrible fear of public speaking and it is a required course in college. I was in it last semester and after skipping two speeches I ended up dropping out. I know I have to overcome this fear but the problem is that I really dont want to. I would rather drop out of college than go in front of everyone. What is wrong with me? How can I not only find the strength to go through with it but also find a way to WANT to find the strength to do it?
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Avery Avery | 3 days ago
Hey, I totally understand what you're saying. I was in the same situation before. I grew out of it and it took some time for sure. The main thing to realize is take it one day at a time. First and foremost of what I did was socialize and talk to people alot. It would not only improve my social communications with them, but also helped me to make friends in classes and discuss homework, assignment, and help each other in study notes. So in the end, the more I got to know each classmate, the more I benefitted overall in being a better and productive student as well as vastly remove my fear of public speaking. Try it! It'll work for you. Trust me, its worth a try. You might even come back and thank me on here. Hope this helps.
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Avery Originally Answered: How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?
Practice in front of a mirror.Take some deep cleansing breaths and when you speak in front of people,a little trick that people do is to picture them all naked.Believe or not a lot of people use this technique.The best way of overcoming fear is tackling it head on.When you've practiced your speech,perform it for your parents.I think you really will do fine,try and relax and have some self confidence in yourself.Hope this helps you out.
Avery Originally Answered: How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?
I know it's corny to say, but it takes practice to overcome fear. I am going through the same thing, I hate public speaking. It just takes practice and just getting through it to overcome it. I think everyone has some degree of fear of public speaking, and noone ever fully overcomes that fear. A small part of that fear is always there. It's just being comfortable enough up there to get through it.

Abiah Abiah
I kinda dont like it either but I did it anyways. There is nothing terrible that can happen during your speech! trust me! whatever you are telling yourself is so not true..its just fear with negative things that you are telling yourself. If you think about it ... what are you doing when other people speak? no matter where you are.. even in a movie.. you are usually thinking about other crap in your life. People are not paying that much attention to you. You have to face fears and maybe you should talk to the instructor of the class to help you come to terms with the fear. Have you done speeches before?? I mean how can you go to college without doing a speech at some point in high school. you have made it through that/those speech(es) and you can make it through all the ones that you will have to do. Plus, in college they dont make you talk for that long. Dont beat yourself up..you will find a way to get though it..you just have to figure out how ;)
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Stew Stew
i no it is embarrasing but just read your speech think about the ending how its going to be over soon.
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Stew Originally Answered: How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?
I'm the same way. Super scared of public speaking. But occasionally I have to speak for presentations and stuff in class so I have to get use to it. It's not good to hold the paper in front of your face if you need to read off something, so what I do is I either look to the very back of the room or to a place where there is no one and speak. That way my eyes are to the audience, but I don't have to stare at any particular faces. And sometimes I practice in front of my friends or someone I am comfortable with. And they can give you tips of what you can do better based on what they see you doing. Remember to have confidence and speak up clearly. If for some reason you mess up, just continue and try again. Everyone gets nervous sometimes, try your best and I'm sure you'll do fine. That's basically what I do. Well good luck next Wednesday!

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