Christians why ask illogical questions?

Christians why ask illogical questions? Topic: Christians why ask illogical questions?
June 16, 2019 / By Christy
Question: Put another way: do you think through the actual implications of your own questions. Let me give some examples to clarify: 1. Christian asks: How can you reject god? Since you don't know everything isn't it possible there is a god? So how can you be an atheist? Obvious answer: you reject all kinds of things (leprechauns, pegasi, zeus, quetzecoatl, vampires etc.) based on the same reasons we reject your god: lack of evidence. Has that answer REALLY never occured to you? 2. Christian: You seem SOME parts of the bible have been verified historically...doesn't that prove its true? obvious answer: ALL of the historical aspects of greek stories have been verified historically, does that mean Zeus is real? Much of the Dracula story is true, does that mean you believe in vampires (btw Vladimir Dracule's tomb is empty too!) Has that answer really never occured to you? My point is that it really seems you don't give much thought at all to your questions before you post them and I am curious as to why? Is the act of accepting things on faith (i.e. without evidence) eventually train your mind not to think critically? I am being serious, I did not mention IQ, I talked about critical thinking. PLEASE; THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION. Please a. Actually read the whole thing before answering. b. No rants for athiests or christians. Just an honest answer, please.
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Avice Avice | 4 days ago
It is true that many Christian and Atheist post question that have logical or philosophical flaws. Here are some of the flaws in yours. 1. The ability to reject something does not make it untrue. I happen to know why many reject God and would never poses such a question. The Bible clearly explains why God's message has been rejected. 2. What you say is true that historical verification can not translate directly to proof of the details of the event, but they do provide supporting evidence and drawing a parallel with Greek writings do not reduce the accuracy of the Bible. At worst the argument becomes a draw. Greek writing are not a good analogy which you take to much time to explain here. The fact is that you are trying to make an absolute statement that their is no evidence when you admit in your question that there is historical evidence that is verifiable. Any court of law would consider this evidence in determining the truth of argument. If you are really interested in the TRUTH, you should read the entire Bible trying not apply your prepositional thoughts to the text and then research the claims made with historical evidence and personal testimony.
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Avice Originally Answered: Am I being illogical about vaccinations for my daughter?
PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS! If I were you, I would not give your daughter any more shots. I believe God gave you an immune system and you should use it, even if you don't believe in a God you still have an immune system. I would get the DVD presented by Mary Tocco "Are Vaccines Safe". Most of the diseases that are supposed to be prevented by vaccines are very rare. Just to give an idea of what they put in vaccines, here is a list: Chick embryo, aborted baby lungs, horse blood, monkey kidney, RNA and DNA from various animals, etc. sounds great doesn't it? My parents gave me my vaccines, because they didn't know about the bad effects they bring, which the government keeps from you, because they make big money of them. My parents did not give my youngest brother his shots, since they signed papers saying it was against their religion. My brother is perfectly fine, I even think he looks more robust and healthy than other school children. There are several ways for you to refuse vaccines. One is by signing papers that say its against your religion. You don't even have to believe in a god; your religion can be keeping your body healthy, by not getting those dangerous vaccines. I would do some more research on this topic, a great site is www.marytocco.com this site will direct you to other sites and you can order her DVD about this danger. AND YES VACCINES DO CAUSE AUTISM THERE IS PROOF BECAUSE WHEN THEY GOT OUT SOME OF THE VACCINE DRUGS IN CHILDREN WHO HAVE AUTISM THEY GOT BETTER those other people who don't understand will say its just a coincidence yeah right a huge coincidence please don't listen to the majority, vaccines are bad, and majority isn't always right. make the RIGHT choice

Abigail Abigail
I am sure your point is valid for many Christians. I would also say an ignorant believer will still make it into Heaven because they still believed. On your first point. I give you full credit that is poorly formed on my brother or sisters part. I would state it this way and leave it at "Since you cannot disprove God nor do you know everything is it not possible that God could indeed exist?" (For the record those you mentioned could indeed exist I just trust in God over them.) Second point. I do not have statistics (five out of three statistics are made up on the spot anyways!) but, much of the Bible has stood up to scrutiny and are more valid documents than any other ancient text. I will further say the Bible has never been disproved. Many things were first seen in the Bible and only later proved by Archeology. Because of it's religious nature no one wishes to take it seriously because if they did they would have to wonder about the rest of it as well. Sodom and Gomorrah were only considered real after some cuneiform receipts were found bearing their names. I believe Pilate might have been thought fake until a single coin baring his image was found. You are right. Many do not give thought to their questions or answers or they choose to chide and ridicule. Others just do not have the formal training we have been blessed with or are not gifted in this regard, but they try to communicate as best they can and should be answered in kind. It is truly hard to judge ones intent by type and I have been guilty of insult and ridicule myself. What you and I need to do is answer the best we can and show flaws in arguments as we can and as kindly as we can. Oh, I was just thinking. It is rather funny but we serve an illogical God. His ways are beyond understanding. When you have something that is broke and refuses to work you throw it away . God does not. God does not hate knowledge and yet has no love for it either as the pursuit of it caused man to fall. Why choose to redeem through death? Why not simply destroy the wicked and be done with it? Why not prove to us his existence? God is love and yet there awaits for many a horrible punishment. No we cannot fathom all his ways and he is indeed illogical, but that is not important. He is right and holy and just and in the end his word is law and we can either believe or not.
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Stewart Stewart
The need to worship something is inborn in us. Witness tribes of humans cut off from any contact with others for centuries all worship something. Most Christians recognize the truth of the Bible in science, history, education, as an Operator's Manual for humans. Most Christians though only accept what they have been told is there. They have never searched for the facts themselves. So largely, they do not know what the true Bible doctrines are. They get a lot wrong doing that. Having lived their entire lives like that, is it any wonder why some statements do not make sense? I have no doubt about their sincerity in trying to believe. But it is like trying to take your first drivers test relying on a 10 ten old advisor instead of the state driver's manual. Yes you get advice, but you may end up on the wrong side of the road trying to climb a tree. Most take a look at any part of the world and realize there must have been a Creator. In your kitchen, even your toaster has a creator as does every appliance. Did your flat screwen TV come about by accident? Did you find it in a field somewhere? If life came about by accident, why can't the best scientists in the best labs create a single celled life form on purpose? People that you mention take it as a given that there is a God. Though they know little about Him, they can't conceive of someone who does not. It is like not believing in sand. Yes all parts of the Bible refering to history have been verified. What is different for the Bible is the prophecies. All of them have proved true. That is unlike any other book. 30, 300, 1000+ years between the writing and the fulfillment. They all came true exactly correct. One of my favorites is Babylon's destruction. 300 years before, the name of the King that would do it was recorded in prophecy. Isaiah 44:28; 45:1 calls him Cyrus. Cyrus did so 300 years later. It also told how he would conquer by diverting the two rivers that served as a moat protecting the city. Another is Jesus speaking about Jerusalem's 2nd destruction in Matthew 24. Verses 15-18 especially about escape for his followers is most important. The "disgusting thing" was the Roman army inside the Temple grounds. What no one can understand to this day is why did the Romans withdraw suddenly. It certainly was not to help the Jew, Jesus who died 38 years before. A few weeks later they came back and slaughtered every man, woman, and child in the land. Those who remembered Jesus' warning especially vs. 17-18 ran to the mountains. The most important thing was to go immediately. Not to pack. Bandits along the way did not bother them as they had nothing. Those who stopped to pack were all slaughtered by the bandits. Jesus died in 33CE while Jersusalem's destruction was around 70CE. Over 30 years between events. Now most Christians do not know these details because they have never been taught. Their clergy sees advantages in keeping them in the dark. That would not make them ignorant or dumb or delerious--necessarily. As John 3:19-21 says, most prefer the darkness to the light of truth. There is less to do that way. But there are some who do want the light of Bible truth and are willing to do the work with it. Critical thinking is a necessary tool to get this done. Clinical reasoning is another. Why to believe one thing when they have been taught something entirely different requires all skills they have.
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Pallu Pallu
1) As a Christian who also is trained in science and who enjoys science, I would argue that there is much evidence that the universe has a design to it. I also have much in my personal life that speaks to evidence of a rational belief in God. I accept that it can be rational, based on a person's given set of assumptions and world view, to reject the reality of a "God". Can you accept that it is possible to have a rational belief in God? I think this is where I would argue with an atheist. Not on the bases of what he believes, but on the basis of trying to eliminate me as rational person if I do believe. (I also argue against Christians who do not give permission to non-Christians to believe what they want to. Way too many people are way too confident in their own perspective and perceptions. But I do think it is healthy and good to challenge a person's world view. I feel I have grown much by being challenged.) 2) You defined faith as accepting things without evidence. That is NOT how I define faith, and I don't think the Bible defines it that way either. In fact the Bible challenges people to test things, and see if they are true. Faith does go beyond evidence, but it does not ignore it. Each aspect of the bible that can be proved gives credibility to the parts that cannot be tested. Every confirmation that the bible has been translated correctly from reliable ancient texts gives it credibility. Is that not a reasonable and rational way to think? I can't prove to you that God exists. But I think I have a rational outlook and find evidence that is persuasive to me. There are also bits of evidence that are hard to reconcile. Many things that seemed irreconcilable in the past have be beautifully reconciled now. But there will always be new findings and discoveries that need to be reconciled. But this is just as I find science as well. There are lots of theories and axioms that we work with as the best we have for now. But there are lots if data that don't fit the present day theories. We keep working at it trying to harmonize what we find. We adjust and we reexamine. Many times what looked like a contradiction is resolved by a refinement of the theories. I don't reject the data because it doesn't fit my formula. I look for an explanation of why it doesn't. I refine my experimental approach. I discover the flaw in my process and then the data fits the theory. Or I find an additional component to the theory. Or a competing theory tends to explain the data better. But at present, we accept a huge amount of "scientific fact" based on a smattering of data, and often quite a bit of contradictory or hard to fit data. Is this faith? Seems like it to me. In fact I engineer transistors based on these "facts" even though the actual causes of some of t he reactions we can test at the nano-meter level and smaller are unknown. I have faith in what I can't see going on in these devices that are too small to see without an electron microscope. Is it irrational? I don't think so. I see a lot of people putting faith in psychotropic drugs to aid in depression etc. These drugs seem to help some people do nothing for others and make some suicidal is still a puzzle. The biochemistry of the brain is extremely difficult to test for cause and effect. And the placebo effect actually seems to have more causality of people reporting improvement than the drug itself. That doesn't seem to stop Doctors from prescribing them.
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Linton Linton
well, if it is a serious question, you phrased in incorrectly. or, perhaps no one takes you seriously. either way, your phraseology is skewed. there is no accuracy in the writings of the fictional accounts of zeus, dracula, cupid, purple people eater, Dr No, howdy doody, etc. you need to study the bible, and then study the historicity of it. every time the bible was contradicted by sciences of the time, or historians, the bible has been shown 100% CORRECT. not 50, 70 or 90% correct: ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CORRECT. got specific issues/ questions? post em. gramps
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Linton Originally Answered: Is "That is logical" or "That is illogical". a subjective statement?
If something were truly logical, then we'd all be able to agree upon it. In math, there are right and wrong answers. We do not have debates on whether or not the answer is 86008 or 86088. There is one right answer and sometimes no answer or sometimes two answers. But people agree on what the right answer is in math. That is why math is truly the most logical subject you can find. Science is mostly logical, but math wins. If something is based on reason, rather than emotions, that is also objective, not subjective. Taking an unbiased, impartial view on something. Let's say two friends, Amber and Stacy are fighting. Amber is upset because Stacy told her she needs to lose 20 lbs. Problem is, Stacy wasn't trying to be mean. Amber found out she is obese and has heart problems. Who is right? If you're objective, you are taking Stacy's side. Amber really does need to lose weight. You are not being mean by saying that. You are just stating the truth. That's being objective. You didn't do the most popular thing by telling Amber she's all right, but you were impartial and made the best judgment. ( Sorry if that's a bad example ) Politics is the best example of subjectivity where people say, "That's logical" or "That's illogical." Both political parties think they are right and logical when people tend to base opinions on VALUES and emotions in politics, not logic and reason. Most of the time, anyway.

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