Senior Citizen needs help lowering property taxes?

Senior Citizen needs help lowering property taxes? Topic: Senior Citizen needs help lowering property taxes?
June 20, 2019 / By Chryssa
Question: I have an 85 yr old widow living next door to me. She is paying full price for her property taxes. I told her yesterday she qualifies for senior discount on her taxes. She went to city hall today, filled out all of her paperwork and will get credit NEXT year. Does anyone know how this credit can apply to THIS year, who I need to contact, etc. We live in Springfield, Illinois. Thank you for any help you can offer me.
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Avilon Avilon | 6 days ago
She is too late for the 2007 tax year to receive a credit. Most States have a certain cut off date and it is usually August/September of the year for the last year. In other words all info she gives will be in relation to 2008. Every state is different from what I'm reading. Ours is actually through the state assessments and taxation department. She can start now by getting her paperwork, forms, receipts and documents together. Here are some Do's and Dont's. Send a copy of things asked for, but do not divulge all personal info. Do send a copy of spouse death certificate. Do send a copy of last years property taxes. Do send a copy of bank statements if asked, but black out account info and they only need the year beginning amount and the year ending amount. Do send in copies or year end statements from Utilities, Hospitals, etc and if possible ask them to send her the statement if she only has bills and receipts, they can condense it to one statement. And file now. I filed and it took 3 months to get the info in the "way they wanted". It can be time consuming and nick picking in regards to their endless forms they berate you with to send, but it is worth it. Good luck! Bless you for being such a caring friend and neighbor.
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Abigall Abigall
as a question of certainty, in Missouri the senior electorate get great chew of their actual belongings belongings tax's returned. that's well worth it to confirm if the senior electorate at your state could have a similar. yet differently is to call the county assessors to precise your request. the two you hire a criminal expert to do this, or to seem in guy or woman in front of the concentrated board memebrs to cutting-edge your case.
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Storm Storm
Get in touch with AARP on her behalf. They may be able to tell you of organizations in your area who can help. Beulah.
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