The future Mrs. X, Soon to be Mrs. X, Mrs. X to be, Mrs. xx/xx/08. What's up with this?

The future Mrs. X, Soon to be Mrs. X, Mrs. X to be, Mrs. xx/xx/08. What's up with this? Topic: The future Mrs. X, Soon to be Mrs. X, Mrs. X to be, Mrs. xx/xx/08. What's up with this?
June 20, 2019 / By Cicely
Question: A lot of women here have chosen the future marital status as their moniker here. I don't mean to offend any of them/you with my questions. I'm rather curious about that b/c it never would have occured to me to identify myself on a discussion board as "the future Mrs. S." *Are you guys positively delighted to be taking your husband's name? (I, Ms. X am on the fence about taking his name.) *When you had boyfriends in high school, did you dreamily write down your name with their last name? *Would you say you're more wrapped up in your wedding plans than the average bride? Just curious. Again, no offense meant. And did anyone here consider using anything about your wedding as your moniker, but decide against it? P.S. to Warrier: I'm an older bride who has had my name for over 40 years. I'm rather used to it. Gave up my last name for a couple years during my first marriage and had a hell of a time getting it back. Plus, it's a cool last name that IMO commerates my grandfather. And we will certainly not be having children. My fiance has no attachment to his last name. He could not care less whether I take it or not. Says it's just a name. But it is nice symbolism to share his name with him. And it's shorter than mine, although with more complicated letters to write in cursive, so it takes just as long to write. :-/ His taking my name is out of the question b/c he's a martial arts instructor with lots of former students scattered throughout the country who are always trying to get in touch with him.
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Best Answers: The future Mrs. X, Soon to be Mrs. X, Mrs. X to be, Mrs. xx/xx/08. What's up with this?

Ayeesha Ayeesha | 9 days ago
lol I know whatcha mean... I believe it's just out of excitement of the upcoming wedding and hopefully, married life.....and hopefully NOT because their self-worth is based on being some one's wife....... ...and it's probably the internet version of the doodles on the jacket cover's of hi-school books....which I never did BTW... I am married, happily so. But I measure my self worth by who I am as a person therefore I have a moniker independent of anyone and totally my own....sorta a tongue in cheek version of anonymous...lol, a-nony-mous... A Nonny Mouse hehe......and when one of my kids finally makes me a grandma I just might change that to A Nanna Mouse..... ..oh, and FYI I did take my hubby's last name when we wed, as I have no attachment to my ex's last name...I took back my maiden name and now use it as my middle name....so there Mr/Ms Thumbs down....Naa yah, naa yah, naa yah.....
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Abihail Abihail
I took my hubbys last name, there was no question about it for me. It is so much cooler than my unpronounce-able maiden name! I will admit to penning my name with my bf or crushes name.. all the way through college! And I was just as wrapped up in my wedding planning as any bride on here. I didnt start hanging out here until after I was married, but even if I had I wouldnt have chosen a moniker about the wedding.. I cant explain it but I cant choose a moniker about one thing. So I chose something that could mean anything.. or nothing!
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Sullivan Sullivan
I have actually changed my screenname on answers a few times. I chose the current one as I currently spend most of my time in the wedding section. It is starting to bore me so perhaps I'll move on to something else soon. I am happy at the prospect of taking my fiancee's last name. I never cared for mine...it's one that people can pronounce but not spell correctly or vice versa. Not to mention, the way my dad's been lately, I'd rather not have that association. Secondly, I did not dreamily write my name with a boyfriend's last name. I rarely tied myself to one guy for very long in school. I was also not one of those girls who had their entire wedding planned by the time they were 10. I think that is ridiculous. No...I'm not more wrapped up in my wedding plans than the average bride. I've actually slacked off quite a bit in the past couple of months while realizing I have a lot to do in the next 6. I think I answered your last question with my opening statement.
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Parker Parker
~I am very proud to take my husband-to-be's last name. ~I did not "dreamily write down" my name with boyfriend's last name's. ~I am definitely not more wrapped up into my wedding plans than average. I am just really excited. We've been talking about getting married for the past two years. I can't wait to start a family. I am not some silly little girl who doesn't understand that marriage takes a lot of work and commitment. I realize your position, but I will never understand why some women think that taking their man's last name equals to some sort of his "ownership" over her. That's just stupid.
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London London
Well, when I put down b2b 6/14/08 on my "source" I am just letting others know that I understand what they are going through and I'm giving advice that comes from my current wedding planning research. I love the idea of taking my fiance's name when I get married. It shows, to me, that our lives are coming into one. Yes, when I had bfs in HS, I wrote my name with one person's last name. Let's just say that didn't work out. However, being Mrs. X is not who I am, so i go with my own screen name, but I think it's cute sometimes.
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Jasper Jasper
I've never considered NOT taking my finace's last name. To me, a wedding is the ceremony that creates a new family, and a family has a name-one name. It simply never occurred to me to use Future Mrs. blahblahblah, as I find that a bit cute for my taste, but if someone whats that screen name, I couldn't care less.
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Gable Gable
i joined y! answers after i was married, but durring the planning of my wedding i did wear a hoodie around that said "soon to be mrs. T......." yes i was excited to get a new last name. i absolutly hate my maiden name partly because i hate my father and couldnt wait to get rid of it. i think just about every girl in high school wrote their name with their boyfriends or crushes last name everyone gets wrapped up in their wedding. i did and im sure you will too.
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Denis Denis
Interesting question. I haven't changed my posting name here and didn't even think of doing it. I am also not changing my name in real life. Both my fiance and I agree that that is best. Besides, my patients all know me as Dr...... and I would have hyphenated if he had wanted me to hyphenate, but his mother also encouraged me not to do that since she hyphenated and then went back to her maiden name. I think most of the women are just very excited to be getting married!
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