Should my wife propose a new job description for herself or request discipline of one of her co-workers?

Should my wife propose a new job description for herself or request discipline of one of her co-workers? Topic: Should my wife propose a new job description for herself or request discipline of one of her co-workers?
June 26, 2019 / By Cindy
Question: My wife works for a small non-profit organization (under 100 employed) and is the "book keeper" there. Shortly after she was hired to be the book keeper, they were aware that the person handling the grants and the compliance of grant verbiage was quitting so they trained her to do the position. Unfortunately my wife was overlooked for the "grants manager" position and they never said why. I was speculating for her that it was because she was showing signs of inferiority and lack of job attachment (she was waiting for me to get a job so she could go back to being a stay at home mom), Anyways, they hired someone who doesn't even have accounting background but instead has experience dealing with grants; we'll call her Sam for the rest of this question (Sam is NOT her real name). When Sam was brought aboard, the previous Grants Manager was already quit from the company for about 3 weeks. Basically meaning that my wife could handle her own doing the Grants position but they hired Sam anyways. So Sam was now being trained to do her job by my wife. My wife wasn't thrilled about it because Sam seemed so incompetent to work in a setting where she had to deal with numbers. After my wife dug deeper into Sam's dark past, she found out that her experience working with Grants in the past wasn't direct but instead supervisory. So now my wife is PISSED. My wife feels like she was age discriminated against because she is 15 years or so younger than Sam. Like I said above, no one told my wife why she was looked over, I'm just assuming. Okay, so now it's been over a month and Sam is still asking my wife and various other people in the financial department how to do her job. She claims "this isn't what I was told my job was" and my wife and I concluded that she thought she was a "Manager" of people not a "Manager" of grant accounts. The reason we think this is because she keeps telling my wife what to do and volunteers to put her face on everything that they both hand their hands on (if they worked together on a report, oddly, my wife wouldn't get credit for it). Overall, my wife has trained Sam and wasted several hours of the company's times repeating what she had already told Sam but Sam was too lazy to do the work so instead "pen-whipped" grant modifications and grant allocations and my wife would have to correct Sam's work (wasting even more time). My wife is a very passive woman and would rather have low conflict than be happy in the work place so she just corrected it and then initialed where she had to make corrections so people knew it was my wife who did it right and not Sam. Here's another complicating part of it. The finance director that was overseeing both of them was fired around the same time Sam was hired. She wasn't doing her job and they thought that the operations manager (who oversees 30 other people) would do a better job. Well, the truth is, the operations manager is too busy and there needs to be someone who is in charge of the finance department that reports to the operations manager instead because if the operations manager wasn't able to sit in the office and see what's going on then she would take the word of whoever is doing the most work over the person who isn't and since Sam's name is on everything, Sam looks like she's doing more but really she's just taking credit for my wife's work. What I think needs to happen is my wife should propose to be the new finance director since she's responsible for training and is held accountable for when things "get behind" so if she's going to be responsible and accountable, why shouldn't she propose to be the new director? Or would you suggest that my wife talks more closely with the operations manager and lets her deal with it and then if the problems aren't solved have my wife go above the operations manager? @ mcq - I like your answer and I had a follow-up question to ask you but you blocked communication... If she's already doing the "finance director" job by default (like she was doing the grant manager job by default) then why can't she just ask for the position? She was private with the Stay At Home Mom thing but I'm sure the SAHM thing came up when she was asked what I was doing (I'm now a SAHD since I couldn't find work).
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Babs Babs | 7 days ago
1) She should stop fixing Sam's problems, because no one is going to realize how bad Sam is if your wife keeps intervening. Tell your wife to only do her job, and no one else's. 2) If the company knows your wife would rather be a stay at home mom, then she's never going to get promoted. Ever. She ruined that chance for herself by not keeping her private desires private. That's something you just don't advertise at work! That's not age discrimination, and you'd never be able to make a case of it. 3) Keep in mind, even if Sam gets fired, someone else is going to get put into that spot, and guess who is going to have to train them? The only real way to handle this is for your wife to go to her boss and tell them flat out that she's looking to make a career out of this and would like to be considered for promotions. She has to tell them she's not planning on leaving and wants to move up within the company. THEN when Sam gets fired for being incompetent, she has a chance.
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Babs Originally Answered: How should I propose a new job description for myself to my boss?
I've been in your position and your best bet is to put your arguments for the new position in writing. You will want to outline the current state of affairs and what the problems are that lead you to believe a training program should be instituted. Next, you will want to say how an on-site instructor is an effective and cost-efficient solution to these problems. Finally, you will want to explain how you can do both the job you have been hired for as well as the new position. This is a critical step as your employer is not going to be interested in the change if it means more work or expense for them. Basically, the argument you will have to make is that your position is either not required or that there are significant advantages to creating an engineering/teaching hybrid position that the company overall will be better off. Unfortunately, if your idea is going to result in the company creating a new position and then having to replace you in your old position then you probably aren't going to have much luck.
Babs Originally Answered: How should I propose a new job description for myself to my boss?
First of all, write out your proposal. Take your time and think through exactly what the program would entail -- and what it would cost. (i.e., would they be paying another employee to replace you, or would you do both jobs, would you have to buy supplies or create training manuals, etc.) Why is this cost insignificant when it comes to the benefits your company will reap from having an in-house training program? Will the trainees be more productive, better organized, or more effective at their jobs? Now. You say you think you would be "good" at it. Why? Do you have any special training, past history of leadership, education, or examples at this company that you could use to demonstrate your skills? Pick the top three. Add them to your proposal. Less than three would seem unqualified, more than three would seem like your begging. Once you have the proposal, personally deliever it to your boss. Ask if you can set up a meeting with him to discuss your ideas (15 minutes is a good length for the meeting) and set the date for a few days later. This will give him time to read your proposal, and time for you to demonstrate what a terrific job you're doing as an engineer. At the meeting, don't ramble. Get to the point -- you think this program will be a great asset to your company and would love to have the chance to make it work. If he's not willing to drop you as an engineer, respectfully ask if there is a certain reason for it, or if it's simply not possible at this time. Don't sound whiny or angry about it -- if he looks upset at the question, throw in something like "The reason I ask is because I want to my sure my performance with the company is at or above what you expected when you hired me." Supervisors love employees who take initiative, especially when it's not directly concerning their job. Definitely talk to him. And keep in mind that in this economy, it may not be finanicially possible. Don't take it personally!!!

Acheflour Acheflour
Let me see if I got this: Your wife was passed over for the grants manager position but you think she should request that they make her the finance director? That's NEVER going to happen. If they didn't want her to manage just the grants, why would they want her to run the entire financial department? So that isn't really an option. Your wife SHOULD talk with Sam's boss and explain the whole situation regarding Sam. Your wife should leave out the part about getting passed over. If she brings that up, it will sound like she's bitter and only complaining about Sam because she didn't get the job. **That's an 'office politics' type question. She may be doing the work that the director would do, but in the eyes of higher-ups she isn't 'qualified'. If they thought she was, she would have atleast gotten the grants position.
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Sylvester Sylvester
She needs to speak to the Operations Manager about her concerns if he is directly above her in the chain of command. Everything you stated needs to be written down and documented. If Sam is using your wife to conduct her job, this needs to be documented as well. I would start by having every conversation regarding Sam's work be communicated via e-mail...this way she has a paper trail and back-up when she approaches the operations manager regarding everything you just stated. I would begin by saying that it has been hard trying to fulfill the requirements of my position as well trying to nurse and coddle Sam through hers. Your wife needs to be more assertive...it is the best strength you can have on the job...or she can continued to be walked all over.
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