Jehovah's witnesses- Door to door sales? "The end is near" Urgency marketing tactics?

Jehovah's witnesses- Door to door sales? "The end is near" Urgency marketing tactics? Topic: Jehovah's witnesses- Door to door sales? "The end is near" Urgency marketing tactics?
July 20, 2019 / By Cis
Question: Organized religion has been big business for centuries. New Age religions are spin offs of a popular product. They are popping up franchises. Someone is profiting big time on this. Why else feel the need to aggressively recruit.The "sheep" are frowned upon for asking too many questions, much like participants in a pyramid scheme. My mother was a Jehovah's witness for many years, we gave money to watch plenty of grand sales presentations but never once saw the congregation give back to the community. Where is all the money going?
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Bailee Bailee | 8 days ago
IT IS obvious that the work carried on by Jehovah’s Witnesses requires money. Building Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, branch offices, factories, and Bethel homes involves money, and more is needed to maintain them. Expenses are also incurred in publishing and distributing literature for Bible study. How is all of this financed? Unfounded speculations regarding this have been publicized by persons who oppose the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. But a review of the evidence supports the answer that the Witnesses themselves give. What is that? Most of the work is done by volunteers, who neither expect nor desire financial return for their services, and organizational expenses are met by voluntary donations. There are no emotional appeals for funds in their congregations or at their conventions. No collection plates are passed; no envelopes in which to put money are distributed; no letters of solicitation are sent to congregation members. Congregations never resort to bingo or raffles to raise funds. In 1990, because of highly publicized financial scandals in some of Christendom’s religions, coupled with an increasing tendency by governments to classify religious activity as a commercial enterprise, Jehovah’s Witnesses made some adjustments in their activity in order to avoid any misunderstanding. The Governing Body directed that in the United States, all literature that the Witnesses distribute—Bibles, as well as tracts, booklets, magazines, and bound books explaining the Bible—be provided to people on the sole precondition that they read it, no contribution being suggested. The activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses is in no way commercial, and this arrangement served to further differentiate them from religious groups that commercialize religion. Of course, most people are aware that it costs money to print such literature, and those who appreciate the service being performed by the Witnesses may want to donate something to help with the work. It is explained to such persons that the worldwide work of Bible education conducted by Jehovah’s Witnesses is supported by voluntary donations. Donations are gladly accepted, but they are not solicited. No financial profit is made by any members of the Governing Body, officers of its legal agencies, or other prominent persons associated with the organization as a result of the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Thus the organization carries on its work with complete dependence on the help that God gives. Without compulsion but as a real spiritual brotherhood that reaches into all parts of the earth, Jehovah’s Witnesses gladly use their resources to accomplish the work that Jehovah, their grand heavenly Father, has given them to do.
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Bailee Originally Answered: Has anyone out there worked for American Marketing & Publishing, LLC? or door to door sales?
Yes, I've worked at AMP for 2 and a half years, and what your recruiter is telling you is true. The work is best for people who are highly energetic and enthusiastic, and who are natural evangelists about something they love. The community directories are very successful for small businesses, but they do not sell themselves. The work is not for anyone who is less than fully committed to being successful and working hard to get it. The base is small, and is only there to help sales reps through the launch and the slow days when you can't get in front of business owners. The company keeps its promises and pays precisely according to the pay plan they outline. The company does promote from within. Five new district managers were just promoted based on their performance.. One is two years out of college and was our first hire in the state of Iowa. Two were hired with the expectation of building new markets in Cleveland, Ohio and Nashville, TN and they completed their first directory assignments. Two others have been with the company around a year and have proven that they enjoy building community and in coaching others. My direct dial is (312) 361-0944 and I'd be happy to discuss in person.

Ada Ada
Ok. Jehovah's Witneses have got the right idea. Go minister to people. A lil on the pushy side though...lol I've always believed that the only real, succesfull way to minister to someone, is to show them. Be a good person, exibit good Christian qualities, and maybe the person you want to get through to will want to know more. If not, that's their choice. Not a good one in my opinion, but theirs nonetheless. BTW, I just get annoyed with the fact that they always wake my but up to preach to a VERY Christian ME! lol Sheena
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Tad Tad
I don't believe that anyone who thinks they can save anyone else is on the right track. It is like one of Jesus' teachings: Come here I will take the speck out of your eye brother. Jesus called them hypocrites and told them to first take the log out of their own eyes before professing to be able to see the speck in their brothers. The meaning is clear, look at how you live your life before you go and tell someone else they are not doing or living the right way. Jesus instructed his disciples not to transfer themselves from house to house when preaching the word of the good news of God's kingdom, but to pick a house that welcomed them and to let those who wished to hear the word come to them. This is why I will not let them in anymore they are not following Jesus' teachings and when I asked them about this scripture and teaching the J witnesses just huff huffed it as a misinterpreted gospel. I told them I did not believe that as it was not a parable but instructions to the disciples on their conduct while proclaiming the word of God. They had no answer and am sure they think that they failed miserably in convincing me that they are right. You see you have to allow for what they believe, but you don't have to follow if you know in your heart that it is wrong you must then stop because you cannot change those who choose to not change and research what is for us to discover for ourselves in the Bible, for many will be decieved, it is prophecied and many are being led to slaughter. We are all responsible to come to our own belief and to stand by it. How come the vadican is so rich and there are so many starving people in the world, Jesus fed the hungry and clothed the poor, this is the mark of a true Christians, those who parade in robes of gold and silk are not of God, and they will have to answer for the empty bellies, not to us but to one who sees all that happens in the world, especially all that is said to happen in His name. I cannot stand to watch the riches and the power of the vadican as this is so not God's way at all. I am shameful of the whole thing and it makes me sick to my stomach to thing of all the money that is going in those coffers in the name of charity, when it is for the power of the already very rich distorted religion. How can you justify hiding pedophiles and child molesters. It is a disgrace, and only one that God knows the deepness of and Jesus will deal with it as His Father wills when His Father wills. I pray for peace, and love and God's grace to fill the earth so that no one needs be hungry or cold or in need of anything. Peace.
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Pearce Pearce
Where the money always goes to the top. Same way with Catholics, the church is rich with vast amounts of priceless art but at the same time feel the need to guilt-trip their congragations into giving them money to "support" them. Organized religion is a sham don't buy into it. You want a relationship with God then start one, you don't need a church to get that.
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Louie Louie
you need to ask the jehovahs witness church that.. I doubt if anyone can give you an answer here. that sounds like a financial report to me. and maybe a switching of faiths. ... asking questions is a good start. I would keep asking till you get a deserved answer( from the church its self... that sounds like a 60 minutes segment.......... hummmmmmm
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Jaylin Jaylin
Much like scandals that plague charities, someone is pocketing that money for their own selfish ends
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Gale Gale
Well if your at the new evangelical church in coral springs, apparrently the money is going to METH and GAY SEX.
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Gale Originally Answered: Jehovah's Witnesses, in your door-to-door ministries, do you ever encounter .?
I will answer your question honestly....I was a Witness for 22 years...I went door to door for 22 years and did some pioneering....I was so programmed, I can honestly say that in all that time, no one ever asked me a question that made me question what I was programmed to believe...ever.... I think back on that type of training,(brainwashing..or indoctrination if you prefer) and it gives me the shivers..... In my re-learning the gospel...I question EVERYTHING....I am a tough one on scriptural accuracy.

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