im 24 years old and didnt have sex?

im 24 years old and didnt have sex? Topic: im 24 years old and didnt have sex?
June 25, 2019 / By Cissy
Question: im 24 years old guy but not ugly i look nice all girls tell me that and i m well educated but i m soo shay person didnt even touch a girl in my hall life even if i sit with them and it damage me a lot bcz as a humen i need it as air and food but i m soo shay tell how to solve this problem
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Bailie Bailie | 10 days ago
1 thumb up 4 u. at least u brave enough to ask. if u r working, do something that u good at, or pick a hobby or activities that u u can easily manage to boost your confidence. also check out : http://www.shypassions.com/, it's an online dating for shy singles. at least u don't have yo meet face to face 1st.. don't be too worry about your age & sex. concentrate to be a nice & confident (not arrogant) person who is at peace with himself 1st. remember u got to know yourself, where u stand b4 you jump into a relationship. hope this is helpful, peace, man
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If you've done failry decent work in the past, its shouldn't really matter, but you think they would make you do the homework rather than detentionlmao. So you could atleast see what you missed..

Adallina Adallina
Once you start dating, the sexual advances should come naturally. Do you have a close friend who is a girl? Sometimes, when there is no commitment guarantees, a close friend of the opposite sex can help you with sex, so that you can get a little experience. It doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck.
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Taffy Taffy
daddy themes? call me up babe! rofl. on a more beneficial severe note, i have seen this variety of ingredient earlier a mushy lady,14, courting someone in early - mid 20's. you're a concepts too youthful to entice close what LOVE surely is, right this moment its merely your thoughts and estrogen fluctuating because of puberty. there's a tale of a mushy, yet earnest Zen scholar who approached his instructor, and requested the draw close, "If I paintings very complicated and diligently, how lengthy will it take for me to locate Zen? The draw close theory about this, then replied, "Ten years . ." ?the scholar then stated, "yet what if I paintings very, very complicated and quite note myself to study quick — How lengthy then?" replied the draw close, "nicely, two decades." "yet, if i quite, quite paintings at it, how lengthy then?" requested the scholar. "Thirty years," replied the draw close. "yet, i do no longer understand," stated the dissatisfied scholar. "At each and every time that I say i visit paintings more beneficial sturdy, you assert it is going to take me longer. Why do you assert that?" ?replied the draw close, "once you've one eye on the objective, you in worry-free words have one eye on the direction." Drop this dude and pass **** some one your man or woman age. a minimum of you'll make another youngster your age satisfied, quite than an previous dude who's maximum probable to split with you through cheatin on you. he's gonna locate yet another lady authentic quickly. For all you recognize he has a chick on the area you do not study. you at the prompt are not continually with him each and every evening.
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Pekahiah Pekahiah
it is not a problem the problem is the way you think.being a virgin is OK but being a shy to girls have advantages and disadvantages.look for real girls who may help you cause it is the real partner you need.someone who you can trust and may help you to have more confidence in life.
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Lovel Lovel
y are ur spelling r so so bad? its ok dear u still 'virgin' at age 24.. just find the right one and marry her..i'm sure u'll be able to have sex, without d shy feeling..huh..?
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Jaylyn Jaylyn
I can't help you here, I 18 and i haven't had sex yet either.. i can't really laugh, but i do have intrests in other females, and ...
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Galilee Galilee
build your confidence and go meet a girl that you like. if not there's always prostitutes and i don't think you want that.
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I had the same experience; however, when I was interviewed for the current position, I didn't say that I didn't like my old job. I mentioned that after spending some time in that job, learning the nature of the job, I decided that this was not what I was looking for to start my career. To correct my judgment in choosing a job, I told them that I did some research for the new position, the nature of business of the company, the location, etc., before applying for the job. However, I mentioned that the experience I gained from my previous position is valuable and could enrich my contribution to the new position. You were right when you said firmly that you believe this new job will give you the chance to broaden you career prospect and personal development. Well, that will give them a sense of "superiority." Of course,the most important thing is to get ready for the interview, display your personal integrity, professional and academic qualifications. Reading references before interview doesn't really hurt either. Does it make sense to you?

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