how to do a public relations case study?

how to do a public relations case study? Topic: how to do a public relations case study?
June 20, 2019 / By Clair
Question: i am doing a case study on the alumni of a school but i dont know wat to do..what are the headings, what are the details. im lost help please.
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Baily Baily | 1 day ago
Good source provided by previous person. Here's a couple more: http://www.prfirms.org/resources/case_st... Click on the green "View Now" button at this link: http://jobfunctions.bnet.com/thankyou.as...
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Baily Originally Answered: Journalism/Public Relations or Business?
Since you find the business track boring, you can try taking some classes at the journalism department to spice up your academic life. You can switch majors if you feel really fired up for it, or else continue with business with a knowledge of how PR works. Any of the tracks you mentioned can work. It's more important to focus on your internships and other experiences. They stand out more on a resume. You can apply what you've learned in a journalism or marketing course to promote your favorite cause in the local media, for instance.
Baily Originally Answered: Journalism/Public Relations or Business?
Journalism is a dying field. Publications are closing left and right and thousands of journalists are being laid off and there is no money in blogging. Marketing majors are the least respected and lowest paid of all business graduates. But they can generally find a job. There are about 4 PR grads for every job in that field. You can get a job but the market is super competitive.

Adamina Adamina
Check the site for the Public Relations Society of America. It's the only national official PR organization.
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Tahath Tahath
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Tahath Originally Answered: What's the difference between public relations and propaganda?
Both by definition are what we nowadays call "spin" but the implication of the term propaganda is that it is portraying something false as true, but if your public relations team is doing that you could probably find a better one, because the best public relations spins the truth rather than spinning lies. Also, most people would call OTHER PEOPLE'S public relations propaganda, but their own propaganda public relations.

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